A/N: Because I've been waiting so long for someone to write a girl!Blaise/Harry fanfic, I had to. And because I'm so bored. I didn't really have a lot of will power to make this. I sort of dragged myself to the computer and demanded myself to type, so it's not all that spiffy. I just had to get something up after not writing for... a year or two. The song is called 'Promise Ring' by Tremolo. On the 'How to Deal' soundtrack.

'Long ago, I drew a line into the sand, dreamt across and held your hand. Band of gold, protects us from the bitter tide that comes to wash away our words with time.'

He entwined his fingers with hers, touching each finger tip and each knuckle. His other hand rested on her stomach.

She lay between his legs, her back against his stomach, her head on his chest. There was a small grin playing on her lips as she gently stroked his thigh.

Harry kissed her head softly and went back to playing with her hands.

'Promises made under the rite of spring. Heavy under summer's sting.'

"We should get up," Blaise said quietly.

"No, not yet." Harry looked at her fingers and kissed them one at a time. They were the small touches and kisses that he loved. Blaise had shown him how easy it could be. She had taught him love, and he was eager to learn.

The crisp grass was cool beneath their toes, the shade from the tall tree was refreshing. Neither dared to move. Harry and Blaise sat for two hours doing absolutely nothing. They loved doing nothing.

A quiet breeze blew through her thick dark curls, blowing a soft flower petal through them. Harry slowly picked it out, letting it drift away back into the soft wind.

Before settling back down again, Harry took a look at his love, her eyes had slid closed enhancing the thickness of her dark lashes. Blaise's cheeks glowed a gentle pink from the cool air. Her rouge lips were parted and only slightly chapped. To him, she was the perfect woman.

"Why are you staring at me?" He looked up to meet cinnamon eyes watching him.

Harry let his fingers glide along her chin and slowly diminish the space between them. "Because you're beautiful, and you're mine," he whispered against her lips. Then, as he had done countless times before, Harry pressed his lips against hers capturing her mouth into a kiss.

Their kiss was slow and sweet. Blaise turned to the side and wrapped her one arm around his neck. Harry lay on the ground, a hand on her back and one tenderly running through her hair. He held her in his arms and lay on her back. Lying next to her, he broke the kiss fingers still lingering in her hair.

"Love labors through the night. It bleeds and never fights. And like a seed it lives because it dies."

"I love you," she whispered, nuzzling his neck. She looked at his hand to see the ring she gave him in their seventh year. 'I promise to always be yours and you promise to come back to me,' she had said. She waited for months, never losing faith in their love. Always knowing he would return to her. And then one day, he did and vowed never to leave her side again.

"I love you." Harry rubbed her pregnant stomach gently and kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes and tightened her hold on him never wanting to let go, just as she felt the day he returned.

As the sun began to set on their backyard, the two of them finally began to walk inside. There were no longer bitter memories of the past that they held in their minds, but dreams of the future and the more love their new child would bring.

"Love is more than what it seems. So I wear your promise ring."