If You

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"Excuse me, may I use the girls' room?" she asked politely. She called out in the middle of class, interrupting everyone in the middle of their work. The
teacher consented, gave her a pass, and she slipped out the door into the halls, tired of the boring work of Geometry class.

She wandered for a while, fatigue slipping into her brown eyes. "Why am I tired? It's only fifth period. Besides, lunch is next period..." Her thoughts
festered in her brain, she at first didn't notice the blonde fiddling with his locker down the hall. She approached him, leaning against the wall of small, slim
lockers. "Yamato?" she called him.

"Sora?" He looked up, startled, eliciting a giggle from the shorter brunette. "What are you doing out of class right now?" Her figure slumped against the
wall, she looked at him struggling with his dial.

"I was bored in math. There was a substitute, meaning we got busy work. I asked to go to the bathroom, but I'm obviously just wandering. What are you

"I 'forgot' a book in science. There's a sub also. I guess the flu's really going around now."

"Especially for the teachers."

"Yeah... So, my band's playing this Saturday at The Cove; you gonna be there?" The Cove was just a small teen coffee house that looked like your usual
java joint on the outside, but was supposed to look like a cave by the beach on the inside.

"No, I'm going to sit at home and sulk. Of course I'll be there!"

"I just wish one person wouldn't show up... That's another reason why I'm out here; I'm trying to get away from her." He shut his locker, content with the
fact that his book was really in his back in class.

"You don't mean... that Jun girl do you?" She now leaned with her back up against the lockers as he turned to face her.

It was confirmed. "Aww... poor Yamato, his greatest possession will probably be his downfall; girls..."

"Haha, very funny..."

Their friendly chit-chat was cut short when they heard someone talk in the halls. In the distance, he heard a familiar voice call his name. "Yamato!" the
voice whined, rather loudly too. Realizing who it was, fear jumped into his brain, panic manifested itself inside his body.

"Sora, you have to help me!" he suddenly pleaded, a little too desperately.

"What? Is that her?" She smirked at his expression.

"Yeah, you have to do something, quick!" She stifled a small snicker at the site of him.

(A/N: think of the way Yama's face looked when he saw Jun and she "asked him out" and when he "agreed." That's what he looks like here.)

"What do you want me to do?"

Yamato thought about all the girls that had stalked him, Jun being his biggest fan. He tried to think of ways to turn them off as fast as he could, but the
first thing that he thought of was... some sort of obstruction. "Hm... quick, pose as my girlfriend!"

"What? What's that supposed to mean?!" Sora was quite surprised by his response. Her face twisted in confusion, as his body slid up against hers.

"Just put your arms around me and start kissing me. Look, it's not that hard; I'll show you how it's done." He looked to the end of the hall and he could
just see Jun's head peek around the corner.

Before Sora could protest, she found Yamato's lips on hers. She was shocked, at first, but then went along with it, supposing that it wouldn't do any harm
just this one time. His hands came to her waist, wrapping around her back and pulling her closer in. Her hands, resting at the back of his neck, began to
play with his hair gently. She closed her eyes, thinking about the situation; here she was, Takenouchi Sora, kissing probably the most popular boy in
school, Ishida Yamato. Her very good friend was right next to her, making her heart pound. "Why is this happening..." she thought as his kisses continued
their assault. Their lips moved against each other in a dance that ended only a few seconds later.

As they separated, he released his grip on her, his hands resting at her hips. They looked into each others' eyes as though they really had shared a kiss
that only two lovers would share. Her breathing was shallow; she was out of breath. She stared into his eyes, they seemed to have her locked right

"Thanks," he said quietly, breaking the silence between them. "I'll see you at lunch..." As he turned to go back to his class, he stole a glance at Jun's face.
A look of complete and utter shock rested on her complexion. Tears threatened in her eyes. She turned stood there for a few seconds.

Sora, on the other hand, still rested on the lockers. She watched Yamato as he hurried back to his class down the hall. Just as he reached the door frame,
he turned to Sora and winked at her. She blushed, but smiled back. She then turned to get back to her math class, feeling that she had taken too much
time in the "bathroom." She passed by Jun, who was busy glaring daggers at her.

"God," Sora thought, "I hope this doesn't continue..."

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