Ch. 1

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Crimson blood splattered onto the once green grass of the field. The demon slayer stumbled back, surprised at the attack. A pained gasp escaped her throat as she fell into the soft grass. Kagura smirked and closed her fan with a sinister click. She stared at the slayer for a moment, enjoying the pain she had caused. Sango looked back at her, and Kagura's eyes almost looked remorseful. But it passed, and she stepped over the exterminator to take her place next to her 'master', Naraku. Sango tried to rise, but her side was still bleeding freely, and it showed no sign of stopping. She slumped back onto the grass and allowed her brown eyes to close.

"Sango!" Miroku yelled, abandoning his attack on Kanna and rushing over to her. Kanna stared at him for a moment, then decided he wasn't worth following. She turned her dark eyes back to the fight between InuYasha and Naraku. It was much more interesting then watching the monk mourn over his friend.

She would die soon, anyway, the demon slayer would. They all would, all of InuYasha's group, anyway. Including Kagura. Kanna knew that Naraku had found out about her betrayal, and to say the least, he was not happy.

"Damn it, Naraku!" InuYasha yelled, glancing at his fallen friend. He himself wanted to go check on her, but he knew better than to let down his guard. Naraku was a powerful opponent, and his Wind Scar wouldn't work too well on him, thanks to Kagura. If only Kagome was here... where the hell was she anyway? InuYasha didn't have much time to ponder this, as Naraku sent another wave of demons and miasma his way.

"You look tired, InuYasha!" Naraku called, a smirk decorating his face.

"Keep dreamin', you bastard!!" InuYasha yelled, glaring.

"Kagura! Attack him!" Naraku ordered. Kagura scowled at her master's back. How she hated him...she longed to attack him; to see her wind blades tear into his back. But she couldn't. Not while he had control of her heart, anyway. Without bothering to say the name of the attack, she waved her fan half heartedly and sent the blades flying toward InuYasha, who dodged them easily.

"You call that an attack?" He smirked. The hanyou raised his blade and sent his Wind Scar her way. She could have easily evaded it, but why bother? She lived a miserable half-life; she had to obey everything he said, everything he wanted. She could never be free. A cold look set in her red eyes as she allowed the Wind Scar to tear into her chest. The pain lasted for only a moment, and then she was dead, merely a memory in the fields of Japan.

"Fool!" Naraku screamed, his eyes wild. Without her, he couldn't control the Wind Scar. He kicked at the bloody mess that was once Kagura, earning a foot full of blood for his efforts. "Disgusting..." he muttered, then turned back to InuYasha, who was also surprised at Kagura's demise.

"Strange..." He murmured, then turned his golden eyes back to Naraku, ready to attack.

Whether it was his group that was murdered, or Naraku's, either way, today would be the final battle.

"H-Houshi-sama?" Sango cracked one of her eyes open and stared at him, wincing in pain as she did so. It hurt to move...

"It's okay, Sango-chan...I'm here.."

Sango smiled, despite the pain. He had never called her 'Sango-chan' before. It was nice.

"Are you uncomfortable?" Miroku asked. "Would it be dangerous to move you?"

She nodded. "Probably."

"Oh." He brushed back a lock of her hair, and let his hand rest on her face. She was cold.

"I'm having trouble breathing, Houshi-sama." She said meaningfully. He knew exactly what she meant.

I'm going to die soon, Houshi-sama. You're never going to see me again.

"It's gonna be okay,'ll be okay.." Miroku let a tear fall from his eye onto her cheek. She smiled again.

"Don't cry..." She tried to brush away his tears, but her arms felt like lead. "Houshi-sama, don't cry for me...please..."

"You want me to keep a dry eye when the only woman I ever loved is dying?" He asked. There was no point in being secretive. She was practically on her death bed, after all.

" you loved me?" She asked. Now her eyes were filling as well. "Out of all the girls you've ever...what's the term Kagome-chan uses? 'Hit on'? Out of all of them, you love me?"

"Obviously.." He too smiled, and leaned over to plant a kiss on her cold lips. She was fading fast.

"Well, that's nice to know. If it makes you feel any better, I love you too. Always have." Sango replied, trying not to let her eyes close. She knew if she did, she'd never open them again.

"I'll kill Naraku for you, Sango-chan..." He whispered. She nodded.

"You can use...Hiraikotsu...if you need it..." She said haltingly. It was getting harder for her to talk. "It's not just...throw it..." Sango laughed. Miroku had never heard her do so.

"I'll try. My Wind Tunnel isn't much use against them..." He admitted. He hated feeling so useless in battle.

"Tell...tell Kagome I said...good-bye..." She said quietly. Miroku nodded, once. Any second now...

"Sango..I'll miss you..." He said. Tears threatened to pour down his cheeks, but he wouldn't cry. She had asked him not to.

"I'll miss you too...I really love you..." She coughed, and red blood spurted out onto his hands. He remembered what Kaede-sama had told him.

"Once someone coughs up blood, its pretty much over for them. It's a sign of internal injuries..."

He'd never thought that it would apply to Sango. She was so strong...he looked down at her, only to find that her chest wasn't rising and falling anymore, and he bit back a sob.

She was dead.

"You're finished, Naraku!" InuYasha yelled. Naraku refused to let the pain show on his face. He knew damn well he was finished.

"Kanna!" He yelled for the small youkai, who rushed over to him. InuYasha panicked, slightly, but was far too stubborn to show Naraku his fear. Kanna's mirror could reflect any attack. He should know; she'd used it once to reflect his Wind Scar right back at him. It had scared him nearly to death, how powerful that attack was.

He'd barely come out of that experience alive. The only reason he's survived was probably for Kagome. Where was she?? What he needed to do was distract Naraku, but how could he do that? He glanced over at Sango again, surprised to see that Miroku was not there. Was she dead?

"Hey..." The familiar voice came from the other side of InuYasha. He spun quickly, only to find himself facing the monk, who was carrying Sango's boomerang.

"Why are you..?" He let the question end there. There was only one explanation.

"She's dead." Miroku said, shortly. His eyes were full of emotion, but he wouldn't let himself break down. InuYasha was about to say he was sorry, but there was no time. Naraku sent another wave of demons and wasps, which InuYasha fended off with his sword.

"Stop playing around, Naraku!" He yelled. Naraku's smirk returned, and his cold eyes grew even colder.

"Don't worry, will end soon..." Naraku threatened. The white-haired hanyou turned to the monk.

"Miroku...can you-?"

"I know what to do." Miroku replied, his eyes set and cold. He would avenge Sango. "It's time to see if this works..." He lifted the large boomerang and hurled it at Kanna.

"You fools!" Naraku laughed. He watched as Kanna worked to redirect the Hiraikotsu. In that split second-

"Wind Scar!" The cry came triumphantly as the powerful attack rushed toward Kanna, who could not deflect it. Her mirror was still full with the boomerang. The youkai's pathetic scream echoed in the fields as she suffered the same fate as her 'sister'. Hiraikotsu fell to the ground in splinters, and Miroku felt remorseful watching it. It was the only thing he had left of Sango.

"You..." Naraku was clearly trembling with anger and fear. InuYasha smirked.

"Who's the fool now, Naraku?" He laughed. Naraku raised his head and to InuYasha's surprise...he was smiling.

"I didn't think I'd have to do this, InuYasha..." He said, still smiling crazily. His long black hair floated around him as he prepared his final attack.. InuYasha raised his sword, and Miroku gripped the cloth of the Kazaana.

The three stared into each other's eyes, and attacked within a second of each other. The attacks whirled in the air, surprising them. Naraku sensed the danger, and turned to retreat, but he was too late.

He had been doomed from the moment he released his attack. A green-blue light shone from the center power, and then it spread out...

...killing everything within a ten mile radius.

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