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A young man, not much older than twenty-four, sat at a shiny black desk in his office. He looked out over the busy streets of Tokyo, and pressed a hand to his dark brown eyes, colored a light green with contacts. Wearily, he let himself fall back into his chair and lit a cigarette, a habit he'd picked up around nine years ago. He looked, unconcernedly, at the note his fiance had snuck into his briefcase. He could almost hear Shinjitsu's beautiful voice reading the words: 'Don't smoke, Ryu-chan! I know where you work! Have a 'good' time at work today, and remember, I love you!'.

Corny? Maybe. But it was still nice to hear from her. He closed his eyes and thought about Shinji, her beautiful blue-black hair cascading in its usual braid down her back. Her milk-pale skin, flawless and always shining with happiness. He smiled and put out his cigarette, taking out a piece of gum from his desk drawer. Popping it in his mouth, he chewed noisily and picked up his newspaper. The Satsuki file could wait. He was only the vice-president of a multi-million dollar company; he had tons of time to spare.

Yeah... right... He thought sarcastically. He glared at the nameplate on his desk: Ryuichi Yasuhiro, V.P. Even after nine years, he still preferred to be called Ryu. Sighing, his light eyes skimmed the headline on the front page: Young Man Commits Suicide in Downtown Tokyo. Ryu

winced. Apparently, a young guy drove his car into a building last night... suffered major head trauma... died as he was being rushed to the hospital...

Frowing, Ryu read the rest of the article. When he found the young man's name, he set the newspaper down quickly, and closed his eyes sadly.

Damn... Hikaru Kimihiro... age 23. Family members said he was never the same after a therapy session at the now abandoned mental facility, Aralia, owned by the late Nayamo Satoshi, who died of tuberculosis the previous year. Well, damn right he wasn't the same... the only girl he ever loved got shocked into an early grave. He thought morbidly, laying down the paper. Ryu scowled and chewed his gum more viciously, then made a snap decision; he rose from his leather chair and walked out the door, jabbing violently at the elevator buttons. He decided the elevator took too long, so he resigned himself to the stairs. As he walked out the door, his assistant, Rie, looked worriedly after him.

"Yasuhiro-san, we've got a meeting in an hour!" She called nervously. "Please, don't be late!"

"I won't!" He called back, waving his hand at her. She worried too much, that one did. Anyways, he was just going over to the café to get a coffee.... and not one of those cheap ones they dispensed in front of his office.

It's not like I can't afford gourmet coffee. My wife's a model and I'm a V.P.... overall, we really don't have to worry about money issues... He thought, laughing aloud and earning many strange looks from passerby. Crazily, he increased his step, until he was walking far too fast for the crowded streets. He felt the wind brush his face, and he thought sadly of Hikaru, who was lying dead in a body bag somewhere. Damn... that kid had promise... smartest fifteen year old I'd ever met... and he didn't even get to go anywhere with his life. In fact, I-

"Ah!" A girl's frightened squeal interrupted his thoughts, and he found himself looking down at a woman, about his age. She was wincing in pain, and her papers were spread around her. I must have ran into her... it's what I get for not paying attention... man, she's really good-looking... kind of looks like...

"I'm really, really sorry!" The woman apologized, standing quickly and bowing to Ryu, who raised an eyebrow. "I wasn't watching where I was going, and I guess I bumped into you, I'm really stupid that way, and sometimes I don't even-" Ryu held up a hand to stop her.

"My fault, don't worry." He reassured her, smiling. She returned his smile, and knelt to pick up her papers. He helped her, scrutinizing her constantly. Once the papers were all back in the folder, she stood and bowed again.

"Sorry about that. My name's Shouma Kagome!" She chirped happily.

Ryu dropped his briefcase.

"Wh-what?" He asked, his eyes huge. She stared at him strangely.

"Maybe you know my husband? He's a lawyer down here, somewhere.... Hojo Shouma?"

"Y-yeah..." He said shakily, lying. She grinned.

He looks... familiar... Kagome thought, running a hand through her bluish-black hair. She squinted at him. His hair was pretty long, for a business man, down to his shoulders, but still very nice and neat. She noticed it was lighter at the ends. Must have had something bleached out... Her high-school mentality took over. He's actually pretty good looking...

"Shouma Hojo works in the building next to me...." He guessed. There were only two office buildings, and he was pretty sure a Shouma didn't work in his. She's gotten so pretty... not that she wasn't pretty when she was fifteen.. But now, my God... she's just gorgeous... she still looks almost exactly like Shinjitsu... does she really not remember me?

"He does? That's great, I was getting a little lost.... it's just down that way?" She pointed a delicate finger down the street, towards his office building. Her eyes drifted to a newspaper machine, which she sauntered over to, Ryu following her. Softly, in that same gentle manner she'd had as a teenager, Kagome picked up a newspaper and skimmed over it, sadly. "Some poor guy died in a car accident? That's so sad..."

"Yes... Hikaru Kimihiro... you've never heard of him?" He asked, cautiously. She squinted her eyes shut in concentration.

"The name doesn't ring a bell..."

"Of course it wouldn't."

She laughed. "What is that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing, nothing..." He said, charmingly, smiling at her. She flushed and smiled back. As soon as he caught her return smile, he wished he hadn't run into her. She's the same... a bit older, her hair's a bit shorter, but she's still that same, sweet girl I met so long ago...

Kagome stared at him. What was he thinking? Actually, the better question would be, what was she thinking? Here she was, a married woman, and she was having thoughts about this random guy she'd met off the street. He was probably a real snob. But why was he so familiar looking...?

Then, it hit her.

"I know you!" She exclaimed, startling Ryu out of his trance and very nearly sending him toppling to the ground. His light-blue eyes widened, until she expected they might fall from his face.

"You know me? Oh my God, I knew you'd remember me!" Ryu laughed, his eyes lighting up with the light he hadn't seen since he was sixteen years old. She smiled uncertainly.

"How do you remember me, though?"

"I never got shocked again!" He said, raising an eyebrow. "You've gotten a bit weird, Kagome-chan..."

She stiffened. "Um, I don't remember telling you that you could call me Kagome-chan..." She stared at him strangely. "I've never met you, but I knew you from a magazine article I read."

"What?" He took a step back, nearly falling over a stack of magazines.

"You're the guy marrying Shinjitsu Shiratori!" She said. Now it was her turn to raise an eyebrow at him. "My husband's best friend interviewed you two at your home in Tokyo? Remember?"

Ryu blinked. "Y-yeah... that's the only place you know me from?"

"Did you go to Sorai Highschool?"

"Yes..." Ryu lied, biting his lip. So she hadn't remembered him.

"That's probably why. You'd probably know me as Higurashi Kagome, then. I married Shouma Hojo!" She smiled. This guy is weird...why is he so excitable? Yet... I do feel like I know him personally, on some level. It's weird, but I don't want to see him go.

"Ah... Higurashi Kagome. I think I remember you...."


"Yeah...listen, I've got to go..." Ryu turned away from Kagome. If I have to be near her one minute longer, I'll probably go stick her finger in a power socket, just so she could remember who I am. And then that'd give me tons of legal problems... He thought sadly. Then, I'd also lose my job, and wouldn't make any money... although, Shinji makes enough money for both of us... you know, I could probably retire now if I wanted too... He shook his head; he was getting off track. "Good day, Shouma-san."

"No, wait!" Kagome grabbed Ryu by his arm. He stopped, surprised, and turned back to look at her.

"What's wrong?"

Why won't I let this guy leave? He's nothing special... sure, he's good looking, but so are fifty other guys residing in Tokyo... and so is my husband...and this guy is set to be married to the hottest model this side of Asia, not to mention the richest. Although I have been told I look just like her... She bit her lip, tasting blood. You know what this is called, Kagome? She chided herself. Adultery. That's what it's called when you try to steal another woman's husband. It's also called cheating...do you want to become like that?

"Do you... want to go grab a cup of coffee?" She asked slowly. His eyes widened even more, and she resisted the urge to run away as fast as she could.

Did she... just ask me on a date? But she's married... is it possible she remembers me? Is she just pretending that she doesn't? Or has she gotten into a habit of cheating on her husband, and I'm the latest guy?

Did I just ask him on a date? My God, what is wrong with me?? Hojo's been faithful for the five years we've been married, and here I am wanting to go for coffee with this guy!

Kagome stared at Ryu, her eyes locked onto his. She waited for her mouth to open and tell him she was kidding, that she was married happily and living comfortably in a nice house in northern Tokyo.

But the words didn't come. She stared at him, he stared at her. But neither of them looked away.

It'd be so easy... Ryu thought. So easy to just accept the offer and make her forget about her husband. Somewhere, deep inside she remembers me, and the more we're together, the more likely she will. All I have to do is open my mouth and say 'yes'.

Ryuichi opened his mouth to answer. She looked slightly nervous, and he winced at the thought of what he had to do. In a split second, he made a quick decision.

"Get lost." The brutal tone of his voice made Kagome snap her head up and stare at Ryu's face, hurt painted all over.

"E-Excuse me?" Kagome gasped, her brown eyes huge. Ryu wanted, more than anything, to laugh and joke it off, but he couldn't.

He didn't love her anymore. He had to keep telling himself that.

"Did you hear me the first time? Get lost!" He said strongly, not quite yelling. Knock it off, Ryu! Why the hell are you doing this?

Kagome's face hardened, and Ryu knew it was too late to brush anything off. "I didn't think corporate executives could be this rude." She said cooly. "If you're going to turn down a simple cup of coffee, well, that's your problem, isn't it?"

"Sure as hell, that's my problem!" He growled. She stared at him for one more second, her eyes still large and doe-like with pain and anger. Then, she turned on her heel and fled down the busy Tokyo street.

"Damn..." Ryu muttered, his eyes watering with.... well, he wasn't sure what. Angrily, he violently brushed his eyes on his sleeve and walked the rest of the way to the café in silence, his good mood gone. He ordered his usual black coffee and sat down at a small table. He drank slowly and read the newspaper, purposely skipping Hikaru's story.

After about twenty minutes, he sighed and dispensed of his coffee cup. He walked back to his table and sat down again, collecting his wits for the meeting he needed to attend in about thirty minutes. Sighing, he looked out the window at the passerby. It was odd to see how happy they could all be. He'd be willing to bet none of them had ever had to turn down the person they loved. It was for a good reason, though. He had to admit that. His eyes traveled over the many people, and landed on a man with light brown hair and laughing eyes. A young woman was standing next to the man, talking animatedly to him and laughing.

The woman was Kagome. Ryu followed her and the man (who was probably Shouma Hojo himself) as they walked by. He saw her eyes widen and flicker over to the window where he sat. She had already seen him; what was to gain by pretending he wasn't looking at her? Boldly, he stared at her, his gaze unwavering. She stared back, her face falling from its happy expression to one of great sadness. Her eyes glistened, and as suddenly as she'd looked at him, she looked away. Kagome quickened her pace, startling Hojo, and walked away from the café window. Ryu stared listlessly after her, until she was merely a blue jacket in the distance. Sighing, he trashed the newspaper and left the café.

After deserting her at Aralia, Ryuichi Yasuhiro had always felt he would be walking away from her. Walking away from that expression she got whenever she talked about InuYasha. No matter which was he was going, she always seemed to be going the opposite.

He had felt that figuratively. Now he was feeling it literally. Shaking off his sadness, like a dog shaking off water, Ryuichi walked back to his office building, the spring returning to his step and the smile creeping back on his face. She was happy now. She'd forget about him in due time. She was happy. And wasn't that all that mattered?

That was the last time Ryuichi Yasuhiro ever encountered Kagome Shouma.

After her experience on the street, with the man with the long dark hair, Kagome felt the need to talk to someone. But who? It wasn't like Hojo would understand. That was the only bad thing about him; he never, ever understood. Softly, Kagome opened the bottom drawer of her dresser, where she'd kept her old yellow backpack. Carefully, she pulled it out and stared at it. When she was fifteen, she'd had to go to a week-long day camp for her depression. She couldn't remember what she'd been depressed about, nor could she remember what the camp was like, but she did remember that she'd brought this backpack to it. And never opened it again. She supposed it was just bad memories, but what could really be hidden inside the backpack? Tentatively, Kagome unzipped the front pocket. A wristwatch and a few hairpins fell out, and she fingered them unconcernedly. She unzipped both the side pockets, revealing a few assorted pens and pencils and a phone number for a Midori Fujishima. Raising an eyebrow, Kagome opened the last pouch, revealing a dark blue sweater and a pleated school skirt. Rolling her eyes, Kagome felt around inside the large pocket, sure she'd missed something. Her hand fell on a small slip of paper, crinkled and torn with age. Slowly, she pulled the paper out and unfolded it. As soon as her eyes fell upon the drawing it contained, she dropped the paper and began to cry softly.

Four figures were contained on the paper; two girls and two boys, each with their own distinct markings. The first girl had a tough expression on her face, her hair pulled into a ponytail and a small white cat perched on her lap. The other girl wore a green and white school uniform with a soft, sweet look decorating her eyes. One of the boys donned a purple and black monk's robe, with a staff held lazily in his gloved hand. And lastly... the last boy, with a cocky and angry look in his golden eyes and two small cat (or were they dog?) ears on his head. Long ivory hair fell down his back, and the traditional anime anger mark decorated his head. He looked like the kind of person who got mad easily.... or so Kagome thought. She stared at the four through her tears, not quite sure why this picture had made her cry so hard. Something tugged at her brain, and she put her head in her hands, trying to make it go away. Whatever it was, she didn't want to remember. This she was sure of. Kagome crumpled the paper up and tossed it in her trash can, slamming the lid down with such power, the walls shook. On a second thought, she flipped open the lid and grabbed the paper, her legs carrying her downstairs to the fire place, where her husband had started a roaring fire around ten minutes ago. Violently, she threw the paper in the fire place. The drawing smoldered immediately and burned up, the four faces staring placidly at her. She sighed sadly and collapsed down into the sofa by the fireplace. Her husband looked at her with supreme concern.

"Kagome-chan? What on earth was that?" He asked, nodding at the paper, which was half eaten away by flames. The paper turned in on itself and crackled up, the ash spreading all over the floor of the pit. Kagome bit her lip to keep from crying out.

"Kagome...what was that paper?" Hojo prodded, nervously coming around the table to sit down by his wife on the sofa. She raised her eyes and looked at Hojo, blinking slowly.

"What was that?" She repeated, cracking a smile. "Nothing you need to worry about."

"How can I be sure I don't need to worry about it?" Hojo asked, blinking back at her.

"Well..." Kagome sighed and put her hand over her husband's. "Let's just say...."

"Say what?"

"Haven't you noticed that some things are better left forgotten?"

"I... I guess so..." Hojo replied, shrugging.

"I know so." Kagome said, sighing again and staring into the flames. "And that drawing is definitely one of them."

"What was it of?"

"I..." Kagome was startled by this question. "Some... video-game characters, I guess."


"I don't know what that picture was of..." She admitted, raising her head to meet her husband's gaze. "And I don't suppose I ever will."

On a lovely spring evening, Shouma Kagome suffered electric shock and crushed lungs from a power line falling on top of her car while she was driving home from her husband's work. She was admitted to a hospital where she died the following morning. The official date of death was April 11th, 2012.

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