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The foursome was so engrossed in watching Xaphania disappear that they were surprised to realize that they had landed on what was the joining of their two worlds. Lyra was the first to speak.

"Does this mean, then, that your world and my world are now one and the same?" she asked Will.

Will's eyebrows knitted together, and he was deep in thought for a moment before replying.

"Yes, I think so. I'd always had a suspicion, ever since you told me about your world, that the two weren't really so different after all…that perhaps they'd split only very recently. A hundred years ago or so."

"Hm," replied Lyra. The group remained silent once again, thinking of what was to come.

"Well, we musn't stand here," Pan finally said. "Would you like us to tell you how it was that we came to meet?"

"Yes," Will replied immediately. "Please do."

"You know as we do," started Kirjava, "that we'd been thinking of one another, just as much as you and Lyra thought of each other. The only difference is, of course, that your bodies happen to be more solid than ours. No, don't give me that look, Will, it's true. You remember how when you went down to the depths of the dead, we could not cross that river? We, who are made entirely of soul, only have physical forms because we have been wrenched from you. Pan and Lyra were two entities from the time of Lyra's birth, as that is how things work in her world. However, in our world, Will, it is not so. You see, in our world, few people know of their daemons; they do not know they exist. You might not either, except that your soul was wrenched from you when you visited the dead, and that part of you became me. Since I was no longer a part of your body, I had to take on a physical form."

"What about Mary," Lyra asked.

"Ah, Mary," said Pan. "Mary is a special case. Her parents were both from our world. After her mother became pregnant with her, the couple accidentally crossed over to Will's world, where they became lost and disoriented. Her father was already ill from the effects of working in a factory all his life, and he died a month before Mary was born. Her mother, weakened by childbirth and the death of her husband, died two days after Mary's birth. Mary was raised in an orphanage and was never taught to see her daemon until she became older."

"I see," mused Lyra. "But that still doesn't answer how you two crossed the barrier between worlds."

"The same way the witches do," said Kirjava. "We send an essence of ourselves, then our physical forms follow."

"And how do you do that," asked Will.

"Focus," said Pan. "Think not of Lyra, but of the world she lives in. This is the problem. You two have been thinking of each other, and not of the other's world. Do you want to try?"

"Yes," Lyra and Will replied simultaneously.

"Then let us go to Cittagazze," said Kirjava. "You two go first, and we'll follow."

Lyra and Will laced their fingers together and focused on the previously specter-filled world. Lyra's mind filled with images of the people they had met there…including Will. Will with his determined eyes, strong chin, chiseled nose…Lyra pushed these thoughts out of her mind. Cittagazze. Land of the specters. City in the sky. And as these thoughts took over Lyra's consciousness, she felt her physical self growing fainter and fainter, the pressure of Will's hands on hers fading. Weightlessness took over and slowly ebbed away, until she began to feel herself again, tumbling without actually moving. Then finally Lyra felt the solidity of the ground, the warmth of Will's hand, firmly clutching hers. She opened her eyes. She was finally in Cittagazze.

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