Connor had watched his friends, his family, suffer and die. He was going to meet a girl, a girl he already thought he loved, but first he just had to be in a wedding but she showed up. She tricked him and she was going to kill them all. Connor had thought they were safe. There had been limos, pools, and huge houses, and sweet sound systems really really sweet sound systems. But, Connor didn't care about any of that. He didn't care that he was back in the 3 bedroom split-level ranch in Sunnydale. He didn't even care that there were monsters and magik again. He cared that he had dragged his friends into his world of lies.

In that world, he really knew he was making everything better. Connor knew, and that knowing hand been a lie. Now Connor was in Faith and Spike's room. Kennedy was there too. Kennedy cursed and demanded to go back to save a girl who couldn't be saved. She was doing this between gnashing and crying. Faith didn't cry. She never did anymore. Faith just got her faraway look.

"I did this to you guys," Faith said, "No matter what I keep hurting you."

"Um… it wasn't you," Connor said.

"Right," Kennedy said, "It was that bitch. Spike's ex. I don't care if it wasn't in this world. We should get the bitch. Kill her."

Spike said something to Kennedy. It was one of those comforting yet respectful things he was good at saying. Spike was good at saying things. Spike was good at saying things even after he went through something like seeing his sister get killed. Connor supposed he knew it hadn't been real. Spike was good at saying things and he was good at seeing through lies. Connor suspected that was why his father hated Spike.

"That wasn't a world, okay?" Faith said to Kennedy, "It was just…"

"A wish," Connor said.

Connor clenched his fists.

"I have to go kill something," he said.

He turned away from his three friends to down to get some weapons.

"Yeah," Faith said, "Go 'head. We understand."

"I'm pretty sure you don't," he said, "But, I'll tell you after."


There were nights Connor could get away. When he was done patrolling with Kennedy or it was Buffy's night. Faith made sure Buffy had her own patrolling nights and they all tiptoed around her. Connor knew better than to argue. He knew that Faith was letting Buffy live in the past.

That was when Connor went to the edge of town alone. It was where Sunnydale met the water and got rocky with cliffs. Connor found a hidden part of Sunnydale that never fully rose up out of the sinkhole and was hidden in a crack.

One of the hidden places was between the cliffs was a dwelling with open airy beds and bedrooms with East Indian décor. It was a demon enclave filled with hidden Wish bitch demons. Well, the bitch thing was a little harsh.

Wish demons were all women, and six of them lived there. It wasn't their fault they were all women. The head demon guy only asked women to become his demons. It was his thing.

These demons had broken away from him, and were hiding here. When Connor first heard of this place he busted in expecting to see his ex-girlfriend Reese Devero. She had been Faith's foster sister.

She had been the adopted daughter of Jack Devero, a Boston philanthropist. Spike had murdered Reese's father for what he did to Faith. What Jack had did to Faith he had also done to Reese.

So, Reese became a vengeance-wish demon. She had found Faith and met Connor. Reese had told Connor she loved him. Connor thought he loved her, but he had loved a bunch of lies, something he was used to loving.

It wasn't Reese's fault she was so good at lying. She had to do it so much to stay alive. Connor wasn't sure if Reese ever loved him but he knew she had loved Faith. Faith killed Reese for trying to kill Connor.

Only Reese had been so good at lying that Connor didn't believe she was really dead. He could smell her. Connor wanted to find Reese and tell her to stop torturing Faith by lying yet again.

Faith was okay, but after she killed Reese something in her changed. It took her a little longer to smile, and jump into the fray. It was something Spike coming back to her alive couldn't even change. So, Connor's plan was to find Reese and he'd get her to come back to Faith.

He'd get physical if he had to.

But, he didn't find Reese. Instead Connor found Venus, and got physical with her. He didn't hit her. That wouldn't be fair for so many reasons.

She was a Wish Demon but not a Vengeance Demon. She also had no arms. One was gone below the elbow and the other ended even higher. Venus was crazy old. She was also a Love-Wish-Demon.

Yep, she was that Venus; the one in The Louvre. Well, she wasn't the sculpture anymore, not for a long time. Her body looked the same in flesh as the stone sculpture even after the thousands of years. It was one of the many perks of being a Wish Demon.

Venus had told Connor all about Wish Demons and other things. You could find out a lot more from demons who liked to talk than you could from old texts, and you could find out even more from ones who liked to hook-up on the down low.

Venus liked fucking Connor and Connor liked fucking her. Each time you make a choice it opens up multiple worlds. It was quantum physics 101. Connor knew it was, but if he had known just what fucking Venus would do…he'd probably do it again.

Connor was getting a little cold. Maybe his soul was growing thin.

"I have a soft-spot for you," Venus said to him, "Oh Connor."

That was what she called him, Oh Connor, and sometimes Connor, Oh Connor. She was thousands of years old, so he'd give her a break for being pun-cheesy.

His head was in her lap and she was sitting up in bed naked. She took her stunted arm and brushed his long bangs out of his face.

"I've noticed," he said, "I think I have one for you too. Well, not a soft spot per-say, but—"

"Yes," she said, "I get the pun."

Connor found it amusing as she rolled her eyes at his bad pun. He got up from her.

"Don't leave yet," she said, "Today is the day I want to give you something to take back to that Slayer you love."

"I don't love Faith," he said, "Not like that. What's with the sudden jealousy? Tell me. I thought we were keeping this casual."

Connor's favorite part of Venus was that if you asked her a direct question she couldn't lie. It was some curse another Demon put on her. He assumed they also took her arms. He rolled back to her.

"Tell me why are you jealous of her?"

He started kissing her tight but slightly fleshy belly and she laughed. Venus couldn't tell a lie, but she didn't have to tell the truth, but Connor had ways of making her answer.

"I am envious of a love so pure, and I don't want it to change anything so impure between us, but it must."

"My friends aren't that pure. You should meet them. You'd like them," he said into her thighs.

I don't want to ruin this. I don't want to meet all your friends. I already know them. When I look at you I can see into their souls too. Also, I don't need them asking: 'What is with the two-thousand year old demon with no arms? Why doesn't she get robot arms? How does she go to the bathroom?"

He picked his head up from her legs. He smiled. Venus, the two-thousand year old demon, was insecure about her disabilities.

"Trust me," he said, "They might not like that see-into-their-souls-thing but they'd be fine with the no arms and two-thousand years-old thing. They know I like them older, and they'll know you have arms enough for me."

She rolled out from under him and kissed him and pushed him on his back with longer her arm end.

"You like older women because you think they are the only ones that can know you. I see in your heart of heart's what you want."

"Really? Can you let me in on it?" he asked.

Venus did this. She pretended to sound like an oracle, but she wasn't. She was just really old and had worked with people a while, so she could see things. If you asked her directly she wouldn't lie about any of it. Connor shut his eyes as her flesh slid down his.

She kissed his thighs now.

"You want your family to have their true desires," she said between kisses, "The Slayer more than any of them."

"That's not what I was hoping you'd say with your mouth so close to my…Are you manipulating me?" he said as he closed his eyes to her touch.

"No," she said, "I just want you to make a loving wish for your family because it's so strong in you. It temps me to grant it. You tease me."

"Nice try, Venus," he said with a laugh.

He grabbed the back of her thick dark wavy ponytail that was streaked with blonde. She was nuzzling his crotch.

"Tell me," Connor said as his voice strained with pleasure.

"If I did make a wish," he asked, "would you do one of those twisted wishes? Like I wish for my friends to be in Heaven and they end up in some ironic Hell?"

She didn't answer for a while because her mouth was busy. Connor moaned. He knew she'd have to answer eventually. She took her mouth off of him.

"Like if you wish for your Slayer to have her true desire and it's her true desire is to die?" she said.

Connor pulled Venus up by her hair in one smooth motion, and she whined soft and ruefully and looked at him with big dark eyes.

"Exactly like that. You'd do that, wouldn't you?" he said.

"I'm not a vengeance demon, agapi mou. I'm for love. I'd do what I do, grant a wish, but what happens after that, I can't control. That is the thing about granting desires. Other's desires are always pushed down, and they have a way of… acting up."

She spoke these words demurely and thrust her breast forward as he held her by the hair. He pushed her down and pushed himself in her. She gave a sharp cry.

"You like that?" he said.

"Oh," she cried, "I can't lie. You've been taught well."

"Every one of you taught me something. Demons, even when you can't lie… You don't tell the truth."

He said this inside of her. He knew it didn't all come out right, but he got his point across as he moved her roughly.

"I'm telling …….. the truth. I-"

She said between hissing and moaning.

"Stop talking, and no one taught me this," he said as he flipped her over.

He took her from behind while she used arm nubbins and face to try to hold herself up on the mattress. She mewled into the wrinkled Indian print sheet. He angled her body so he could get as deep into her. He took her to the edge and then took himself out of her and flipped her on her back.

"I'm the demon but you're the monster. You tease me," she cried with her eyes shut as her hips bucked at him to try to get him back in.

"Like I don't know this isn't all one big tease to get me to wish something," he said.

He felt himself smile as she trembled under him. She ran her soft fleshy nubs down his chest.

"How bad do you want it, Venus? For me to make that wish?"

"More than I wanted anything in over a thousand years, but not more than I want you to fuck me," she said.

She cried out when he entered her slowly and deliberately with his same smile. The one he hadn't had on him in awhile.

Connor moved inside his Wish Demon lover and she came spurting and whispered in Greek as she hooked her stumped arms around his neck. He bit her neck hard enough to taste rich demon blood. Just a spot of it like powered cinnamon on top of a really good hot Chai.

As Connor twisted in Venus he tongued his bite. That made her shatter and scream again and again. If Connor had known it could ever be like this when he was with Cordelia he wouldn't have believed it.

"You still want me to do it. To make that wish, demon!" he grunted.

But, Connor wasn't that kid anymore. He believed a lot of things now. He knew what Cordelia had been, what Reese had been, and what Venus was. He knew because he wasn't that much different from them.

Now Venus's legs trembled around him and she gave off more cries. He rolled her over and put her on top so he could smack her ass. Connor could hear some of the other Wish Demon women laughing outside of the room: The half-vampire was here pleasing Venus- that made him smack her hard again.

"Tell me the truth!" he said.

"You're real name is Connor O'Connor. Your father's full name… was Liam O'Connor…. He had it erased from most texts and put in fake names during a paranoid spell in St. Petersburg…and you are the best fuck I've had in two-thousand years."

She said this all to the rhythm he was fucking her. He finished in her loud and then stuck his hand deep in her wavy hair as her face was buried in her collarbone.

"Well, that got a little dark. You okay?" he asked.

He turned and looked up at the cavernous ceiling as he huffed out his breath and rubbed her ass mindlessly with his other hand.

"I'm here to gather up all that darkness and make it love," she said.

"Great," he said, "Can you gather up the darkness that my name is Connor O'Connor and, like, not tell anyone? Maybe I should wish to get Angel back for that."

"I'm not a vengeance demon, remember? I make only love wishes," she said.

She pushed up on her long stump and looked at him. Venus had a long aquiline nose and olive skin, but her eyes were black and upturned, so she didn't look much like Reese who had had round hazel eyes.

"Well, don't do it to me, or I'll have to kill you," he said.

He ran his mouth down her shoulder to her arm stump and kissed.

"Better have tried and failed, agapi mou, but not better in bed," Venus said. "The fact of the matter is I don't do anything. To quote a great artist of this time: 'You do it to yourself.'"

"My favorite Radiohead song and bullshit," he said, "That's the problem with truth and demons, magik, all of it. It's like they can't exist together, but without it all no one I know would be alive. I wish we could just live without all the bullshit until we needed it to survive again. It would be a temporary Heaven, I swear."

Connor was about to close his eyes and sleep when he saw his lover's face change into a burnt demonic mess. It would terrify any normal guy. He felt sleepy.

"That's new. See you can't tell a lie, but your still two-faced," he said and went to shut his eyes.

"Wish granted," she said and grinned.

"That doesn't count!" he sat up with a start.

She jumped off the bed as he tried to grab her and laughed.

"You bit…."

That's when the world slipped away and he was in a new one.

Connor's phone was all the magic he needed. As he looked at it, it revealed a body part of the woman he would soon meet. Nothing dirty and nothing revealing. She didn't want him to know what she looked like, it was only her mouth. But, it was magical and beautiful. Not that he'd ever use those words out loud. His friends would kick his ass, especially his former body guard.

His old body guard had been so strict. She'd never even let him respond to a text from a stranger let alone plot to meet one. Connor was glad his bodyguard retired.

"You're the bitch! Your beer isn't cold enough? I'm not your fucking barmaid."

But, retired or not Faith wouldn't take any shit. She'd take it least of all from a spoiled rock star, even if it was the star's pool Faith and Connor were poolside by.

"And yet, you worked at a bar," Spike said, "Good thing I took you away from all that."

"You didn't take me out of that. You didn't even know me. You were a drug crazed loon high on fame and everything else," Faith said.

"What I would have done to you back then," Spike Pratt said to Faith.

He scooped up her bikini clad body in one swoop. Skinny British rock stars were always stronger than they looked.

"You probably wouldn't be able to remember it," Faith said when she was done laughing, "And I would have done it to you first."

"Fair enough," Spike said and went over to the pool to toss her in the pool.

Faith shrieked and laughed in a way that made Connor smile. When he met her he didn't think she could even smile. Connor closed his eyes and laid back in the lounge chair he was in.

"Connor!" she cried, "Help me. Tell him if he does it you'll have your dad cut him off."

Connor briefly opened his eyes to see Faith's curved yet muscular body in Spike's arms. Her bronzed olive skin contrasted against Spike's pale lean chest. He saw Spike's chin tense into a jutting triangle.

"Oh that is it," he said.

"I think you can help yourself," Connor said.

He doubted Faith could hear him over his laughing and shrieking and splashing as Spike threw her in. She was able to pull him into the pool with him.

"You're lucky I love you," Spike said to Faith, "Marry me."

"What?" Faith said.

"You heard me," Spike said.

He was holding Faith in the pool now.

"It's Spike that can't help himself," Connor said, "Dude, you were supposed to wait until I left."

"Get out then," Spike said to Connor as he looked up at him from the pool, "Go back to your sheltered little rich kid life."

The words had no heat. In fact, Spike looked like he was pleading. Why couldn't he wait?

"Hey!" Faith snapped, "You wouldn't even have a life if Connor hadn't…"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Spike said, "I owe the boy everything. He convinced his rotter father to give me a second chance when I got clean. You keep forgetting I'm the one that did all the work and his dad was the one that took all the money. I knew his father when when he was a dirty user and- You know what? I don't care about any of that. If not for Connor I wouldn't have you. Now if he could kindly get out and go back to his life of ease so you can answer me."

"You didn't phrase it as a question," Faith said, "You can't order us around, Pratt. We don't work for you."

"Bye," Connor said, "I'm going back to my easy life."

To be continued….