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The feel of his breath against her ear was sending shivers down her spine. He must have felt it because he smirked and gently nibbled at her earlobe before answering.

"I can switch back from half-demon to human, but not to full demon. I didn't want to lose any part of myself so I did the only thing I could think of. Now I can go with you in your time if you want or you can stay here with me."

Kagome's eyes filled with tears again. She wrapped her arms around Inuyasha's neck and pressed her lips to his ear much like he had done to her. "It's all up to you where we stay. As long as I tell my family what's going on, I don't mind staying in either time period. Infact, I think I'd much rather stay in this one."

Inuyasha's eyes widened. "You mean it?"

She nodded. "Of course. Just like I said earlier, after the incident in the alley; I want to be with you here."

Kagome could feel his happiness flow into herself and smiled warmly. His arms around her made her feel so secure, so at home. How could she go back to a normal life after what had happened in this time period?

How could she go back and learn when all she'd be able to think about was her old life, the one she would have left behind if she went back to her own time? She wouldn't be able to, couldn't. She'd have no regrets staying in the past, with the exception that she'd miss her school friends. Maybe she'd even miss her regular life, but she'd never regret anything she had ever done.

"Tomorrow, we make plans with your mother."
Kagome nodded. "Of course."

The night had been spent wildly. Miroku, Inuyasha, Yume, Kouga, and even Shippo drank sake until Kagome reached over and snatched the bottle. It was hillarious to watch Shippo try and take the bottle back while teetering and yelling furious curses. After a few stern words, Shippo calmed down. Four minutes later, he passed out.

The village of demons, half-demons, and humans spent the whole night celebrating and honoring those who lived and those who died. Drinks were passed around, Miroku had to be tamed by a furious (yet equally drunk) Sango, Shippo lay unconcious near a tree, Kirara clucked and mewed happily, Yume and Kouga ran off while howling extaticly, and Inuyasha and Kagome fell asleep against one another near dawn. The festival went on without the ones who were missing.

When the sun finally rose, many of the villagers were either passed out or deep in sleep. No one wanted to wake, not even the children to romp and play, but Inuyasha and Kagome had to. The moment the sunlight touched Kagome's eyes, she groaned and sat up slowly. Her wound still hurt horribly, but Kaede had helped the pain. Her bond with Inuyasha helped her also.

Gently touching the black haired, human Inuyasha, Kagome whispered softly into his ear. "Wake up sleepy head, we have a mother to talk to."

Inuyasha growled more human like than threatening and tried to roll over on his side. Kagome tapped him and he peeked open an eye. "Alright, alright, I'm up." He growled, but a smile tugged at his lips.

Kagome caught the smile and playfully cuffed his shoulder. "The faster we get there, the faster we can get it over with and come back." She started to stretch deliciously, arching her back and throwing her arms as far above her head as they could go. When Inuyasha growled realistically, she grinned and turned back to him.
Inuyasha's wish had come true. He could switch from human to half-demon just by willing it. What Kagome was looking at now was a half-demon Inuyasha and he had a devious look in his eye. It made her grin.

When Kagome looked at him innocently, he growled and stood up, white hair dressing him like a cape. "Guess we should leave," He flashed her a toothy smile. "And after that, I have something to show you." He then scratched his head sheepishly. "That is, if I still have a head left."

Kagome smiled slightly, her hand inching towards her throbbing side. "Momma won't be that hard on you. You did save my life."

Before Inuyasha could answer, someone groaned at his feet. Inuyasha looked down and raised a brow. "Miroku? Sango?" He grinned evily at the sight of the two sake-induced hangover sufferers. "Had a...er...tough night?"

Sango's eyes snapped open and she caught sight of herself as well as the priests messed up robes. He was missing his outer robe, but his under was still on. On the other hand, Sango was wearing the missing outer robe. Beneath, she was as bare as a newborn.
"ACK!" She screeched, clutching the robes closer. "Wha...what happened Miroku?!"
Before Miroku could retort, a broken boomerrang slammed into his head. "Ah...ah...ah..."
Sango stuck her nose in the air. "I hope you enjoyed it, hentai, because it's not happening again."

From the crater his body had made, Miroku grinned. "That's not what you said last nig-"
Kagome winced slightly as the boomerrang came down with even more force than Sango had ever given it. She looked embarrassed and yet...there was a gleam in her eye. Despite the hangover and the constant smashings, Miroku continued to smile.

"Don't worry Sango. Nothing happened. You puked on your clothing so I offered my outer robe and a woman took you into her house to change." Miroku explained. "If anything else had happened....I don't remember it."

Sango let out a loud, half-hearted sigh before gazing up at Kagome. "Where are you heading off to, Kagome?"

Kagome smiled widely. "I have to tell my family everything, from begining to end. I may take a while, but Inuyasha and I'll be back."

Sango nodded. "Alright," Her gaze then switched from Kagome to Inuyasha and her jaw dropped. "I-Inuyasha! Your half-demon again!"

Inuyasha, arms crossed and as defiant as ever, grinned. "Took you that long to notice? Like I would really listen my fucking bastard of a brother and become fully human forever. How would I protect Kagome while being such a weakling?"

Still astonished, Sango shook her head slowly and a smile crept back. Inuyasha could act like an idiot, but he was smarter than he looked. Sango was glad Inuyasha and Kagome established their relationship. Now if only she could establish her own without murdering her lover first....

Miroku, favoring the enormous bumps on his head, grinned devilishly. "Has anyone seen Kouga or Yume?"
Kagome looked around curiously. "No, I haven't seen them since last night."
Inuyasha shrugged and recrossed his arms. "Feh, probably off having breakfast somewhere."
"Well, no matter. They'll be back soon enough. Don't you have someone to talk to, Kagome, Inuyasha?" Sango questioned, smiling.

Kagome nodded and, with a smile, turned to Inuyasha. "Ready?"

Inuyasha grinned. "As ready as I'll ever be."

And reminiscent of old times, Kagome climbed aboard Inuyasha's back and clung tightly while the half-breed took all the care in the world to keep Kagome's wounds comfortable.

Yume gazed at Kouga affectionately. They decided to leave the group for a while and get reacquainted with Kouga's wolf pack. They welcomed Yume with open arms despite her past. Though there weren't very many females in Kouga's pack, they didn't mind her being there.

Kouga had taken the Marking into his own hands. They were both old enough, it seemed. And as usual for an alpha male, he had taken control of the situation. Yume sacrificed her free will to her mate only for that one night.

Marking complete, both now carried each other's scents. Yume wasn't just Yume anymore, but a mix of herself and Kouga and it worked vice versa as well. As it worked out, Yume gained female alpha title and those who were still uncertain about her weren't uncertain any longer. She was Kouga's mate and she always would be.

Kouga was still sleeping on the hay which counted for their bed. His head was above hers, but she could see his face if she krinked her neck a bit. Despite all that had happened, they managed to dress before the night had been completely over. The den didn't have very much privacy.

Though she didn't want to disturb him, Yume desperately wished for a bath. Gently unwrenching herself from his grasp, she slid off the hay bed and quietly tip toed out of the huge den. When the light of the morning greeted her, she smiled warmly and stretched as deliciously as Kagome had earlier.

The turmulent sound of the water fall caught her attention. That was what she wanted, a shower. Something to take the ache out of her bones and the memories of her own death. There wasn't much that she remembered, but she did remember the intense loneliness. It was something she was hoping to forget.

She bent her legs to bound towards the waterfall when she felt a hand grab her wrist. "Why are you up so early, Yume?" A rough voice asked.

Yume smiled and clicked her claws against themselves, careful not to let her instincts overwhelm her. She turned around slowly and cocked her head. "I thought a nice dip in the waterfall would be a soothing experiance after a day like yesterday and a night like last night." Her words caused a blush to taint Kouga's tan face. "Of course, if you'd like to join me..."

Kouga's face went from mischeviousness to rage and he twirled around suddenly. "Ginta! Don't you have somewhere to be?!"
Ginta, gulping, jumped up from his hiding place and scratched the back of his head sheepishly. "Er...well...yeah. But I thought you might have wanted to know that Kagome and Inuyasha were spotted at an ancient well."

Kouga growled dangeriously. "Why would I want to know that?"

"Er..I...er...I got to go! Sorry to bother you, Kouga!" With that, Ginta ran off before his pack leader could vent his rage.

Kouga made to go after him, but Yume gently touched his arm. "Don't. He thought he was doing you a favor." When Kouga seemed to calm down a bit, Yume put her finger on her chin thoughtfully "I wonder what those two are up to?"

He shrugged. "Who knows?"

Yume grinned and leaned into her hip. "Don't you want to make sure they're not getting into any trouble? Inuyasha is human after all."

Kouga shook his head and his eyes had the same devilish look they had taken the night before. "He won't get into any trouble, but I think it's time we did."
Yume laughed heartily. "I'm sorry for keeping you waiting, mate, but..."
The sound of the pounding waterfall caught her undivided attention and she bounded off towards it. Kouga watched her go curiously.

"...you gotta be able to catch me first!"

Inuyasha wasn't sure what to think. Despite being able to change into a human, which he was doing at the moment, he was so sure Kagome's mother would kill him. Her daughter was wounded and badly. Would she blame it all on Inuyasha's lack of protection?
Would she understand if Inuyasha told her why he hadn't been able to keep her fully out of harm's way?

Kagome was bounding lightly up the stairs, but each step she took had a limp in it. He could feel the pain she was putting herself through. He even took most of it and still she was hurting badly. Kami-sama, he himself could hardly bring himself to stand within the measure of her pain while in human form.

Kagome's mother opened the door and squeeled in delight at the sight of her daughter. It was had been a while and with the rumors running around that Kagome had been in some massacre downtown....her mother had been rightfully worried. Kagome beckoned Inuyasha inside and he followed obediantly.

Her mom sat them all down at the table. Souta and grandpa were out at the movies watching Rurouni Kenshin. It was a favorite of Souta's. So they had the entire house to themselves. Kagome's mom made cookies and they each shared a plate full. Inuyasha didn't have an appetite (which was very unusual though not commented on) and Kagome and her mom exchanged a full conversation.

Then, Kagome slipped it in.
"In the Sengoku Jidai era, Inuyasha, the group, and I just defeated the most evil of demons called Naraku. Kikyou, my ancestor, shot me with an arrow and now I have a huge wound in my side that may still need treatement besides Kaede's work. Oh yeah, and did I mention that Inuyasha and I are...in demon's terms...married? Mom, can you pass me the cookie plate?" Kagome asked conversationally, reaching for the plate despite asking her mother for it.

Inuyasha choked on his cookie and shot Kagome's mother nervious glances. When the piece of cookie he had swallowed whole exploded from his mouth and into his hand, he took a deep, choppy breath and tried to reassess the situation. Kagome looked calm, Kagome's mother looked as if she had just seen a monster with fourteen ugly heads, and Inuyasha was sure his heart had entered his throat.

For a second, a thick tension filled the air. And then...

"Kagome...please explain that to me again." Kagome's mother asked quietly.
Kagome gulped and for a second Inuyasha could feel her uncertain nerviousness. "Well, we won the final battle against Naraku yesterday and finished the Shikon no tama-"
"I know that part, just continue to the demon terms."

Kagome gulped again. "Er...well...you see mom...Inuyasha and I are married in demon terms. They had this giant festival for those who were originally marked..."

Inuyasha listened to the most vivid retelling of the past few weeks with a slow mind. He was just waiting for the cookie plate to suddenly up and slice off his head. The death looks Kagome's mother was giving him were enough to make him wish he was invisible. Averting his eyes from hers, he listened to the end of the story and gently took Kagome's hand, for his comfort and for her.

The silence that spread into the room was enough to drive the young couple insane. Kagome's mother seemed to be pondering and assessing the situation, going over each event carefully before passing on to the next one. When she finally did speak, the couple jumped.
"I hope you have means of supporting my daughter properly, Inuyasha." Kagome's mother stated quietly and the tears rising in her eyes weren't hard to miss.

Inuyasha nodded while letting out a quiet sigh of relief. He was going to live another day! Kagome beside him stiffened, then relaxed and let out a cry of joy.
"Mom, your really going to be okay with this?" Kagome asked tearily.

Her mother nodded very, very slowly. "I'm okay with it...on one condition. I don't want to leave you, Kagome. Your my oldest, my only daughter." She then turned to Inuyasha. "If it's not too much trouble, I'd like to come stay with you."

"Er...mom?" Kagome asked uncertaintly. "Are you sure? You have a job here, a place to stay, and a family to keep up with... How will Souta and grandpa get along without you?"
Her mother chuckled behind a cupped hand. "I won't leave them behind. This is all if you two lovebirds don't mind..?"

Inuyasha shook his head, stunned. "No, I don't mind..."

Kagome smiled radiantly. "As long as your okay with this, mom. But you should know, it is pretty dangerous in the Sengoku Jidai.."

Her mother suddenly turned serious and Kagome winced slightly. This wasn't going to be good. "We need to get you to a hospital if your wound is as bad as you say it is. And while we're there, your going to explain to me what happened in the alley way while you were out with your friends." Her usual warm eyes turned cold. "They found a gang of torn...torn...people in the middle of the alley. Eri, Shizuku, and even Hamuri was babbling senslessly to the cops. They told me you weren't there, that they had wandered there aimlessly. I want to know what happened, and I want to know the truth."

Kagome winced, but nodded apprehensively. "O-Okay momma, I'll tell you. But first, the hospital."

Kagome's mother nodded and rose steadily. "Alright Kagome, Inuyasha. Let's go."
Knowing he wasn't out of danger yet, Inuyasha pulled Kagome close to him and whispered in her ear. "What's a "hospital"?"

Yume wasn't really going to outdodge Kouga for long, she just wanted to toy with him. It was fun to play with him. The pure chase alone made her heart pump and her adrenaline rise. It was gratifying to know that Kouga would play with her as well as be serious with her.

She turned around to see how far Kouga was behind her when she smelt something strange on the air. At first, she couldn't place what it could be. Concerned and curious, she slowed down to little more than a crawl and sniffed the air a bit more tentatively.
The smell came again and before she could try to place it, she was tackled from behind.
Kouga's joy of running and catching his "prey" was almost enough to make Yume forget about that peculiar scent. But then, she felt Kouga's arms around her tense, his chest moving in shallow breaths as his own sensative nose tested the air.

Yume turned her head and started to sniff as well. "What do you...think it is?"
Kouga growled and sat up slowly, Yume still protectively in his arms. "It doesn't smell demon, but it doesn't smell human either."

Feeling Kouga's curiosity, worry, and hatred for having something barge into his territory without asking, Yume stood up awkwardly. "Are we going to check it out?" She asked lightly, and a playful smile touched her lips despite her slight unease.

Kouga nodded, but he didn't share her frivolity. She watched him curiously as the feeling of possessiveness started to overcome her playfulness. It was a wolf's nature to be possessive, and Kouga was no exception. Yume herself was starting to get angry, possessive even, the closer she got to her mate.

With a small, cocky smile, Yume stood beside Kouga and nodded twice. "Well, what are we waiting for? We've got a trespasser to catch!"

Sniffing the air again, Kouga grinned before turning to Yume. "First one who finds him wins."
"Your on!"

It took Kagome fourty minutes to explain a hospital to Inuyasha and by then she was already being looked over by the doctor. He kept asking questions that made no sense to the doctors and nurses he was asking. Especially when he asked the doctor stitching up Kagome why the heart monitor machine was blinking green magic lines.

Kagome's mother was sitting across from her patiently, but with a stern look in her eye. Her mother was known for her patience, but when there was something so horrible as what had happened in the alley, she wouldn't be patient for long.

So when the doctor and nurse left and said Kagome was good to go, her mother finally asked what had gone on.
But Inuyasha didn't want to hear it.
Standing, Inuyasha walked out as fast as he could. He didn't want to leave Kagome standing there with nothing to say, or be awkward, but he didn't want to hear what he had done to those humans. He couldn't remember much at all, but what he could remember was the scent of blood and the sight of Kagome...

Ignore her, he thought unhappily. Wait until she's done talking to her mother about it. But when Kagome got no answer, she yelled out again. "Inuyasha! Come back, please!"


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