The Spell-casters Many

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1: Prologue

There was once a crystal, a crystal so powerful and so vast, if it had a mind of its own, it would wield a power to great and dominant to imagine. This crystal, though vastly powerful, was the one landmark that bonded us with the Lost, those who passed on to the spirit world. Without this crystal, not all those who were lost, would be able to be found.

She was created by the ancient Elders and the Gifted, so those in the spirit realm could still be with the living. This crystal, the Mother, lived on for many millennia, keeping our planet safe and healthy. Then, the one of good evil took it upon himself to defend us through means we dared not to think of. Years after, the Mother grew perverted with evil, growing darker as each day passed us, more like the shadows she was, and henceforth, she always will be.

From now on, the Chozo will, and always will be lifeless spirits floating in the sea of eternal space, only a legend, only a myth to those who reside in the creation now.

I am telling you this tale so the legend of the Chozo will not be lost, and maybe this will fulfill the prophecy of the Hatchling, and how she will deliver us from the Evil that hunts the universe now...