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Divine Beings

Seto and Yami

Divine beings. The things that keep this world rid of all evil. Mystic powers of light and dark combine to make the 4 elements of this planet; water, wind, fire, and earth. When all of these elements are placed into one, a divine being is made. Only 1 exists on this planet so far. A human type AI. The key to all humanity.

Agency of World Protection (AWP)

Profile Report

Name: Seto Kaiba

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Birth date: October 25

Birthplace: Domino, Japan

Eye Color: Cerulean Blue

Hair Color: Brown

Blood Type: (see below)

Family: Brother

Birthparents: (deceased)

Abnormal Qualities: Seto has numerous blood types in his body. His chance of dying by sickness is very slim and a gunshot and/or fatal wounds would have a hard time also.

Occupation: Intelligence Branch; assassin; spy

Agency of World Protection (AWP)

Profile Report

Name: Yami Tamashi

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Birth date: X

Birthplace: Cairo, Egypt

Eye Color: Crimson

Hair Color: Crimson, black, and blonde

Blood Type: Unknown

Family: X

Birth Parents: (deceased)

Abnormal Qualities: Yami has qualities of that of a demon. He doesn't mind to kill and likes the taste of blood. God-like speed and incredible fighting abilities give this boy amazing power and with a past unknown even to him this boy has absolutely no regret to the ones he kills.

Occupation: Assassin; weapons specialist; spy

"So these are those two little monsters that work for you, Malik?"

A man sat in a seat in front of the desk with sand blonde hair, lavender eyes, and tan skin. He wore a white long sleeved turtleneck with khaki pants and black boots. His arms rested on the arms of the chair, fingers adorned with silver and gold rings drumming quietly on it. He smirked.

"Yes they are. Quite impressive aren't they?"

The other man behind the desk nodded. "Indeed. And you say the demon one is your brother?"

Malik nodded. "Yes. My sister Isis adopted him when we lived in Egypt. He used to be an orphan until he was caught stealing one day and thrown into the desert. We stumbled upon him and he came with us."

"I see. So do you think they can handle the AI?"


"Good. Very good. I'll give him to you and we'll see how he works out with your employees."

Malik got up out of his seat and bowed. "Thanks Bakura. You won't be sorry." And he left.

Bakura sighed and looked over the reports again. "I'd better not be."

A cerulean blue eyed man lit his cigarette despite the rain gushing out of the dark midnight sky, drenching both him and his partner. His partner, a tan crimson eyed boy, pushed away one of his blonde bangs plastered to his face, catching the attention of the blue eyed man.

"You know Yami, the way you do that, it makes you seem so sensual. I must have you."

Yami rolled his eyes.

"Save it for your woman Seto. That is if you ever find one."

"Ah, nice comeback. I see you've been practicing."

"Anything to keep your eyes off me perv boy."

Seto chuckled, taking a puff of his cigarette and blowing the smoke into the sky above. "Why do you have tri-colored hair anyway, Yami? I wouldn't imagine that your mother or father did. They were Egyptians of course."

The crimson eyed boy shrugged.

"Just a gene gone bad I suppose."

"Well I think it makes you look sexy."

Yami turned to look at him. "Really now...? So is that why you lock me in closets with random girls and grab my ass whenever I give you the assignment papers?"

The blue eyed boy laughed. "You should be flattered, Yami."

"Oh yes, I am so flattered to be your little entertainment kitten." Yami stood and walked over to the edge of the building's roof, the road below littered with lights from cars of all sorts, people on the sidewalk rushing home with umbrellas to keep off the unwanted rain.

Seto shook his head. "Good. You should be." With a smirk, he stood up and walked over behind Yami, wrapping his arms around the boy's waist. "Well then my little kitten shouldn't we be off?"

Yami groaned and pouted. "Setoooo! I don't wanna go to work!"

"I don't either." Letting go of Yami, he hopped onto the very edge of the rooftop. Taking the cigarette out of his lips he flicked it away. "But we have a new assignment today. And you know how your brother hates to wait."


Seto frowned at Yami's disappointment. Until an idea popped into his head.

"I bet I can beat you there."

Yami blinked. "What..?"

Seto grinned and hung one foot off the roof. "I bet I can beat the King of Games back to headquarters easily." Seto smirked inwardly. His little game king couldn't resist a challenge, no matter what.

Yami smiled and hopped onto the edge of the rooftop. "You're on."

Seto smirked. "1....2....Go!"

At that, both boys jumped off the roof.

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