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Divine Beings


He flipped over the next card. "Okay, name this one in English."








He threw down the cards in a fit, becoming jealous and annoyed. "Agh! How do you do that! You make me seem as stupid as a log, Yugi!"

The younger boy cutely smiled and started to retrieve the lost pieces of cardboard plastic. "Manager-san is not stupid, just…," He paused. How would he explain this… "Um…lacking in knowledge of some of the things around him."

Hitoru twitched. "That didn't help."

And Yugi smiled again. "Sorry."

Hitoru dismissed the recognition of his absent-mindedness, and moved to sit on his heels. "So, has Yami and Jounouchi finished the research on what you two are supposed to do?"

After a moment, Yugi replied with a sad sigh. "No." He slid the cards into a drawer for later practicing. "The priest that was supposed to guide perished a while ago…"

"Hm…late arrival. So what are you gonna do?" Hitoru asked.

"We don't really know yet…" Amethyst eyes went downcast yet, Yugi couldn't stay sad for long and he instantly perked up again. "Yet, I really like that Manager-san is staying to help us now."

The elder rubbed his head. "Let's see, it was a little…confusing; almost like a fairy tale," he said as he waved his hand. He then stupidly grinned. "But, I have to say that after the saké it made sense!" He shrugged. "And besides, I like to help. My business was too small, and teaching you language pays double from this joint's head boss. I'm proud to say, your speaking has improved 3 times from first we met," He grinned playfully and reached into his back pocket, pulling out a wad of bills. "And you've made me 11,000 Yen richer!"

A chuckle resounded from the doorway. "And you are so happy about this why? Oh, could it be—let's see—that you could now drink yourself to death without mooching off my stock and then falling into horrendous tab debt?"

Both men turned at the voice, finding a familiar figure leaning on the doorframe. "There he is!" Hitoru exclaimed in the sarcastic joy only he could pull off, standing and heading to the door. "Geez, and I thought I was gonna be here all day! See ya tomorrow, Yugi," he waved at the smaller boy who waved back also. Before leaving through the door however, he stopped at the person leaning at the doorframe, pointing an accusing finger in his face with a mock-glare. "And I only borrowed three bottles of saké from you, Yami; you whiner." And he left.

A small silence hung over the two left in the room as they watched the black-haired man take his leave. It wasn't until Yugi gave a small giggle that the solitude was shattered and the one leaning on the doorframe looked at him. "Manager-san is very happy, ne Yami?"

The crimson-eyed man rolled his eyes and shoved his body off of the door, plopping himself on the bed he and Yugi shared. "He's only happy because now he has enough extra cash to buy his own sake and women for his dastardly nightly deeds. Bwa ha," he said with a hint of disgusted sarcasm. Yami blinked as Yugi's face abruptly came in front of his, the boy having crawled over and making the older blush slightly.

"Have you found him yet?"

Yami rolled away to cease his reddening face, the familiar feeling in the pit of his stomach whenever he was close to the boy making itself oh-so present. He'd have to teach Yugi the concept of personal space soon enough. "We have a lead…but nothing is promising, Yugi. There's an old man here in the prefecture that has a past connection with you in someway and Jounouchi and Seto are now working on tracing back his roots. In all reality, I'm sad to say that we've got nothing," he replied with a small sigh. They both lay there, each contemplating their own predicaments and giving each other time to relieve the small sense of fatigue that hung over them. Yet, this silence lasted far too long and Yami was puzzled. Yugi was usually so bouncy at this hour—what was with this eerie stillness? He rolled over onto his stomach to find the amethyst-eyed boy not beside him and blinked profusely. "Yugi?"

"Yami works so hard. Yami must be very tense, ne?" a soft voice sounded behind him as small fingers worked themselves onto the taller man's shoulders. Yami jumped at the touch and swallowed a moan of content. No one ever massaged him before; it felt good…AGH! It wasn't supposed to feel good!

"Y-Yugi!" Yami stammered out as the light boy sat on him to straddle his hips, fingers intertwining between his sore muscles. The only reply he got was a small giggle and Yugi's hand beginning to travel downward. The younger boy leaned down to his captive's ear, warm breath tingling the tan man's skin.

"Yami feels good when he gets attention like this, right?" he whispered. Yami's face turned a deep red as his eyes screwed shut. Where…Where had Yugi learned how to do this?

Yami's ears picked up a small murmur: "Good, good. Now try to go under his shirt."

And crimson eyes snapped open. He knew that voice.

"GYA!" Yami rolled so Yugi came off him and picked up a lamp from the nightstand, flinging it at a shadow crouching by the door. "YOU BASTARD! YOU TAUGHT HIM TO DO THIS DIDN'T YOU?"

The silhouette retreated from its spot and came into the light of the room, striking a very uncharacteristically-like pose and not minding the rather large bump now throbbing on his head. "Yes it was I!" he yelled triumphantly and then went over to Yugi, sitting by him on the bed and putting an arm around his shoulder. "Now Yugi-chan that was very good, especially for a first timer. But, you have to remember you're trying to get him as flustered as you possibly can so work a little faster next time."

Yugi nodded. "Ohhh."

"SetoKaibayoupervertgetoutofhereNOW!" Yami yelled and was poised to throw another object at the brunet. He gasped as his hand was suddenly grasped by a larger one, pulling him down to lie on the bed again with a strong force. He struggled under the grip, yelling out curse words and moving his legs to try and get out a kick. If only he wasn't so much shorter! GR!

"Now watch this Yugi-chan."

All movement halted as Yami felt lips crush against his neck, his face flushing a deep red and a moan catching itself in his throat. Seto's lips moved on his now heated skin and he writhed underneath, trying to yell, but the all that would come out would either be inaudible or hitched breaths as Seto licked his way up and down, teeth grazing softly ever so often. Yami's breathing quickened and he bit his lip to prevent a cry as Seto nibbled on his earlobe. Stupid…pervert. Would…kill if…gun weren't in weaponry room! Turning his head as he tried to avoid the breathing on his ear that gave him shivers, he caught a glimpse of Yugi who was watching intently. Yugi was watching.

…Yugi was watching!

Jounouchi sipped at his tea in the kitchen area of the building, stealing glances over at the brunet sitting beside him.

"Tried to tease Yami again?"

Seto nodded and took a drink of his own tea, his now black eye making his head throb.

Yami sighed and rubbed his ear where the brunet had taunted him, his face not receding in its scarlet glow as he leaned against the door. That damn prick. How dare he. Ruby eyes glanced up from his spot and settled on soft amethyst. His face got redder, if it even could. Yugi had had to witness that whole thing and seeming that the boy was still learning stuff, Yami was afraid he'd take that little session seriously. He hated it here. Hated it! Hated it! Hated it!

"Yami doesn't like it here very much anymore, does he?"

The taller man's head snapped up only to again to gaze into crystal eyes. How had Yugi gotten in front of him that fast?

Yugi looked to the ground. "I still don't understand much…but I do know that Yami is sad. So, don't be sad Yami," he said softly and hugged the tan-skinned man, resting his tri-colored head on his chest. It wasn't one of his death hugs of doom; it was warm and gentle. Yami soon found himself involuntarily hugging the smaller boy back.


"Sadness is a dismissal kind of thing, Yugi. It's nothing big…just stress," he said, battling with words to make the younger one feel better. It always seemed that when Yami would be sad Yugi would be also. It was almost like they had some kind of mystical link between them—like voodoo magic or the marshmellows in Lucky Charms.

"Stress or no stress—," Yugi let go of his hold on Yami, clasping his hands behind his back with that adorable smile. "—Yami needs to get out more. Your hand Yami…"

The tan man's brow furrowed in inquiry. He then noticed Yugi's gaze, staring at his right hand. Bringing it into view, it all clicked in. The younger one had slipped two strips of paper into his hand without him knowing. Tricky little cute weirdo. What were they? …Tickets? Tickets to…Tokyo Dome City. Tickets good for everything in the amusement district that he had always been so poor to go to. He stared long and hard at the smaller boy in front of him, eyes glancing back and forth between the other and the two strips of paper in his hand, curiosity taking its toll. A big amusement park.

Tokyo Dome City…

"Grab your coat, Yugi. If we hurry we can catch the next train before it leaves,"the taller mansaid with a small hint of excitement he hadn't meant to insert, a bright smile lighting his once depressed face as he routinely ruffled the boy's hair. Yugi wore a smile that matched his own, happy that his offer was accepted as he ran off.

Tokyo Dome City…with Yugi…all alone.

No work…

No guns…

No perverts…

Maybe today wasn't so bad after all.

He hopped up on the railing, defying any hints of gravity or balance laws that nature tried to force unto his small form.

"I rode on a real train! Like Yokohama!"

"Yes, and unless you want to ride back with a leg in a cast I suggest getting down."

Amethyst eyes blinked at crimson ones. With a small sigh, the younger boy hoped off the black street railing with grace and a heavy sigh. He latched to Yami's arm with a pout, something that the other was used to by now. "No fun," he whined.

Yami quickly looked around, searching for a different topic so he wouldn't be pouted to his utter doom. They had caught the train to Tokyo just in time; an impossible feat at this time of the hour. But in all, it had been…amusing. Yugi was learning sure enough, but the only real things he got were through computer screens or old text books with black and white pictures. So as they sped through different places from Domino, amethyst eyes had filled with amazement and were always locked to the window—getting excited over things that some people take for granted like a river or a horse that went by. It was only when they reached Tokyo that Yugi's eyes sparkled with lights. Not even Yami could completely hide his excitement.

"Look, Yugi!" Wow…that sounded giddy. "There's one of the roller coasters. Y'know…I've always wondered how one of those worked."

Yugi blinked as though he just remembered something and then became quiet as they walked across the street with a whole mob of other people. Yami soon became curious—these silent spells seeming to happen a lot. Once they were across, the taller man put a hand onthe other's smallshoulder.


"Roller coaster."


Yugi pointed up at the ride that Yami had mentioned earlier. "The cars on a roller coaster are not self-powered but a standard full-circuit lift-powered coaster pulled up with a chain or cable along the lift hill to the first peak of the coaster track. Then, the potential energy becomes kinetic energy as the cars race down the first hill that's in the coaster. Kinetic energy is converted back into potential energy as it moves up again to the second hill. But it is necessarily lower as some mechanical energy is lost due to friction. Then the train goes down again, and up, and so on," He paused for a second. "But I don't think all of them run that way. Like…a car could be set into motion by a launch mechanism and can move back and forth along the same section of track. They're called shuttles because of that and usually run the circuit once with riders moving forwards and then backwards through the same course. And, properly designed roller coasters will have enough kinetic, or moving, energy to complete the entire course, at the end of which brakes bring the train to a complete stop and it is pushed into the station. A brake run at the end of the circuit is the most common method of bringing the roller coaster ride to a stop." He smiled. "That's the way a roller coaster works."

Yami stood, mouth gaping slightly open. He probably only understood fifteen words of that—not counting the "the"s, the "I"s, and so on. His cheeks flushed lightly in embarrassment and he grabbed Yugi's hand, pulling him to the awaiting amusement park.

"Stupid smart weirdo…"


Oh how fun it all was! Living with only Isis and Malik almost his whole life, Yami had never gotten to experience a real park before; they had been too low on money. Games and rides flashed all around them, everyone from children to adults laughing out of a good time. They had ice cream and pastries (pastries being the best for whenever Yugi would get technical in explaining something again, Yami would put one in his mouth and the younger would precede to pout.) and played tons of arcade games. The horror house was a highlight; a terrified Yugi latched on tightly to a smirking Yami though the whole walk-through. They even caught a game in the dome, Yugi soaking up every detail as Yami explained what baseball was. But, both of their favorite things at the park—even though hidden from each other—was looking over in the corner of either ruby or amethyst eyes and seeing the other smiling.

"Look at the Ferris wheel, Yami!" Yugi squeaked in excitement, a hand reaching up in a child-like attempt to grab it. "I bet you could see a thousand miles from up there. Can we ride it? Oh please!"

The reply was a small groan. Now, Yami wasn't afraid of heights mind you. It was just the thought of riding on a Ferris wheel with no middle in a small little car supported by a couple bolts 200 feet in the air. He swallowed hard and glanced over at Yugi. He instantly regretted that he did. The smaller boy's eyes shone in the lights as a succulent bottom lip protruded out slightly, innocent little puddles of tears hanging at the corner of his eyes. Yami froze.

He was stuck in a pout.

Hanging his head at his humiliating loss, the tan man murmured his incoherent acquiesce, afterward hearing a squeak of joy and being tugged along unwillingly toward the ride of doom. Being cute, smart, and having the ability to pout all together should be against the law…

They were lucky to get a car seated only by themselves, Yami slumping into his seat and Yugi instantly heading toward the glass window. As the ride went off, crimson-eyes closed in slight exhaustion (not fear), smiling to himself at the coos and awe-stricken sounds that would slide from Yugi's lips. It wasn't until he felt a small, warm hand on his own that he was jolted from his cogitation. "Yami, come look out the window with me. We just got to the top."

Yami, not being able to disagree with his request, scooted himself over until he hovered slightly over the smaller boy and looking out the window. In all reality, he was almost stunned. They could see so far out from here—so many lights—it was beautiful. On a small instinct, Yami's larger hand squeezed lightly onto Yugi's and the taller man could have sworn he saw a small blush etch itself onto pale cheeks. Now that didn't usually happen. Usually, it was the other way around. Hm.

"It's very pretty, isn't it Yami?" Yugi's said subtly, his soft voice sounding even more pure in the enclosed space.

"Uh huh," Time to test a theory. Yami moved his hand so his and Yugi's fingers intertwined. There it was! That blush was there again. "It's very beautiful."

The car went quiet, both of its passengers just engrossing in the scenery around them—every once in a while, each of them pointing out something to one another. How peaceful. Maybe the ride wasn't so doom-ish after all.

"Yami…what's a love?"

If Yami had a drink, he would have choked on it. But he didn't, so he settled for lifting his chin from Yugi's shoulder and staring oddly at him. "What?"

"A love," Yugi replied simply. "No matter how many textbooks that have a section on it I read, I can't understand it. Is it a thing you can pick up? A feeling in your body like pain or a feeling like sadness?"

The air went from peaceful to extremely uncomfortable, Yami feeling his insides squirm and heart flutter. A small blush stained his face as he stuttered out: "L-Love? Oh…um…," He didn't know what to say. This is about the only time he probably wished he was a girl. "Love," he finally started again. "Love is when…well…when you like someone—um—more than average." What a pitiful try. "Why do you ask?"

Yugi shrugged a shoulder, averting his eyes to not look at Yami. "Just…curious, I suppose."


He held two strips of paper in his face. "Do you see these, Yugi?"

Amethyst-eyes blinked profusely and a small hand grasped the two pieces, eyeing them over. "They are paper."

"Ah, but not just any pieces of paper," the older voice said, a hand diverting chestnut locks from his eyes as he leaned over to point to some printed words on the material. "They're two tickets. You see Yugi, Yami seems a little over edge lately and a fun day with a friend might help, ne?"

"Then why doesn't Seto take Yami?"

"I can't."


"Because," He took Yugi's hand that held the tickets with his own, using his fingers to ease the boy to hold a tighter grip on them. "Not only are they for a day of fun—but a lot depends on this Yugi." Seto unconsciously rolled his eyes at the confused look he got from the smaller boy. "Do you remember what I told you, Yugi?"

Yugi gave a curt nod. "When Yin and Yang both meet they will make four stones of four elements that will purify the world again," he replied. Almost like a computer.

"That's right," Seto gazed at the tickets and then back to amethyst eyes. "And these should get you Yang."

"Yang? I don't understand," Yugi said, still perplexed. He blinked again as a hand came down to pat his head, looking up at a smirking Seto. Seto never seemed to smile, just smirk or grin.

"A date Yugi."

"A date? Like fruit?"

"No, not the fruit."

"Then what?"

"A date. A day when two people who love each other go out to have fun," At no reply after that, Seto stood and stretched, heading toward the door. Turning back, that smirk still stood plastered on his lips. "Do good Yugi-chan."

And after a few Seto-retreating-steps later, Yugi looked intently at the tickets in hand.



Yugi put on a cute smile, eyes closed in an inward giggle. He leaned forward in his seat until he could look at Yami again, the action causing them to be closer.

"Like more than average? Well then,"He paused and his eyes went innocently soft. "I guess I love you Yami-kun."

Crimson eyes widened and pink cheeks turned red. Yami was awe-stricken and shocked, mouth gaping open and closed like a fish. His mind had gone blank, only a small delightful feeling of his heart beating wildly in his chest remaining. He didn't jolt so hard when he felt the same warm hand rest on his own, his eyes becoming ensnared in purple jewels.

"Does Yami love Yugi also?" He sounded so hopeful.

Yami became silent.Out of nowhere...avoice began to rummage through his head. A voice that was so vile and horrid that he could feel bile rise into his throat.

"Don't you love me, oji?"

All color drained from his face to an unhealthy pale. The flutter in his heart stopped and seemed to shove itself into his throat, his stomach twisting in ways that pained him. Taking his now trembling hand from Yugi's, he clasped it over his eyes and turned himself away from the younger one in a hunched miserable position. He had no idea how bad he was shaking.

"Yami-kun?" Yugi inquired quietly. It was almost like if he spoke too loud, Yami would shatter in front of his eyes. Reaching out a pale hand, he rested it on top of a fist ensnared in the cloth of its owners' pants, tan knuckles turning white at the quaking grip. The amethyst-eyed boy gave a small squeak when it was roughly pushed away.

"N…No…," Yami cursed himself when his voice shook. "I…—," He felt so woozy.

"—...I don't love you, Yugi."

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