Except not. More like a one-shot (Five parts!) Spoilers for Dark Tournament, but if you haven't seen that then why are you reading this instead of renting it and watching it? Huggles Yusuke I LOVE YOU!


Slightly (who'm I kidding, REALLY) slashy, Y/K (hehe, too bad there are three guys with names starting in K that are in the Dark Tournament. And that's just on Team Urameshi.

It was only one brief moment in my lifetime. But it felt so much like eternity, watching him fall.

Kurama rushed forward, and I knew only terror. My best friend. Kazuma Kuwabara. A total idiot, I know. My feelings were irrational, and yet they made too much sense. He was my best friend. I thought, had every reason to think, that he was dead, gone, ready to be burnt to ash in the traditional Japanese ningen way.

Of course, I nearly killed him when he told me he was faking it.



Again, slightly slashy, now H/K. (YUCK!)

I don't think I've ever been that terrified. Really, I have no idea; terror isn't a common word in my vocabulary, much like 'trust' and 'friendship.' Just because the big oaf was a baka in all senses of the word didn't mean I couldn't feel affection for the dumbass. I never said it was rational. He scared the hell out of me, until Kurama let him fall and returned to my side, whispering quietly that it was an act to get Yusuke to actually fight.

I nearly killed the baka then. Of course, I had to act like I had known all along. Can't let anyone know I have a heart for anyone but my sister. Then they might get the impression I actually enjoy their company.



My stupid brother. Such a drama queen. If I hadn't been so scared, I would have noticed that none of his energies so much as weakened. I love the idiot. He saved our lives, for all his blundering.



Swearing. Slightly out of character-ness

That son of a bitch! Walking – dying with a charge my ass! If he had done just – oh, I'll kill him!

Bloody faker, I ought to kill him.




For half a second, the world stopped turning. For half a second, I could not move the smallest of muscles in my body. Then I leapt forward, racing to what I thought was the dead body of one of my newest, greatest friends. He had such a wonderfully big heart, I remember I had thought.

Then I found out he wasn't dead. My first instinct was to kick his ass, then to kiss him unmercifully. I must say I'm glad that I gave in to neither. He remains the village idiot, and I, the lonely fox.



That was me, being immensely bored and procrastinating on my Spanish project. Damn Spanish.

(that shows how old this is. I wrote this in FEBRUARY '04. Sweatdrops)