Title: Majikku no Seirei

Genre: Action/Romance/General

Rating: PG-13. Might go up.

Summary: Takes place directly after the second movie. Kurama and Hiei are transported to the wizarding world via a Portkey, and are sent to Hogwarts because of a misunderstanding. Overdone? A bit. So I'm spicing it up. Oh, and by the way, this is YAOI. Don't like yaoi? LEAVE NOW.

Disclaimer: Yu Yu Hakusho and all related characters and logos are owned and copyrighted by Yoshiriro Togashi/Shueisha, Fuji TV, St. Pierrot. Licensed by FUNimation ® Productions, Ltd.



"Did that bastard really die?"

"Who knows? Perhaps he's hiding among us now."

"...dude, don't even joke about that. It's not funny."

"Yeah, well, even if he was, we'd kick his ass again, right guys?"


Jaganshi Hiei snorted as the other members of the Reikai Tantei celebrated, a bit tiredly, their victory over the Meikai. I doubt any of us are even up to fighting even a weak-class youkai at this point.

A slight chuckle caught his ears and he glanced over at Kurama, who stifled another giggle and smiled at him.

"Can you blame them, Hiei? It's part of the human nature, once getting over a fright, they tend to laugh. It's a psychological fact." He tucked a strand of red hair behind his ear.

"Hn." Hiei retorted. He scanned the redhead, trying to see if there were any wounds on the slender body that were critical. The gash across his stomach that had been half-healed and then torn open again was still oozing blood, and was probably painful. But if Kurama was in pain, he didn't show it, and simply arched an eyebrow at Hiei's gaze.

"I'm fine. You look bruised, though. And tired. You should come back with me."


"Let me re-phrase: you're coming back with me so I can patch you up."


"Actually, it's sort of non-negotiable. Sorry."


"I knew you'd agree." He winked, sighed, and sat down on a fallen piece of rubble, one hand unconsciously moving to his stomach.

Hiei raised an eyebrow. "Hn?"

Kurama smirked ever-so-slightly, somewhat proud of himself for almost completely translating Hiei's monosyllabic speech. He shrugged. "Not too badly. It'll heal, provided it doesn't get infected."

Yuusuke stretched. "Well, I say we go home. I'm exhausted, but I want to check on Keiko before I crash." He lifted Botan easily, and jerked his head towards the direction of Genkai's temple. "Shall we?"

Kuwabara coughed. "Uh, Urameshi...how're we supposed to get home? You kind of blew up the stairs."

Yuusuke, at least, had the decency to look sheepish. "Did I? Uh...well..."

Hinageshi giggled. "You two can come on my oar and I'll fly you down with Botan." She glanced at Kurama and Hiei. "I'll come back up for you two, is that okay?"

Kurama nodded. "Yes, thank you."



"Hiei says 'Fine, but make it fast.'"

"How'd you get that out of 'Hn'?"

Kurama smiled triumphantly. "Practice."

"Hn. Kitsune no baka."

"Oh shush." Kurama retorted.

Hinageshi summoned her oar and mounted, motioning for Kuwabara and Yuusuke to join her. She flew off over the side of the building and disappeared from view.

Kurama sighed faintly.

Hiei frowned at him, arching one eyebrow.

"I told you, I'm fine." Kurama took one hand and pressed it to his stomach on instinct, then took it off, catching himself. He grimaced as his hand came away bloody. "Mostly."


"What is it?"

Hiei bent down, picking up a raggedy old boot. "Did you see this before?"

Kurama frowned, coming over to him. "No..." He bent slightly to examine it. "I didn't notice it..." He reached out to take it from the fire demon, but as his hand touched it, something jerked below his navel and they were whisked off somewhere, flying through a whirl of color.

"Dammit kitsune, what did you do!?"

Hiei groaned softly, forcing his mind into consciousness. He sat up, blinking stars out his eyes. 'That's the last time I ask Kurama's opinion on anything.'


"Kurama;" He said out loud.

"Right here." Kurama said faintly, sitting up next to Hiei. Hiei winced. The redhead's voice was laced with pain.

Hiei stood up, holding out a hand to Kurama and hauling him to his feet, allowing the kitsune to lean against him. He hated feeling uncertain, but he didn't seem to have a choice. "Where are we, Kurama?"

Kurama looked around them, brilliant emerald eyes calculating rapidly. "Well, we were transported pretty quickly, and I don't recognize our surroundings. But I don't think it's Makai."

"In other words, you have no idea where we are."

Kurama gave him a sheepish smile. "Right you are."

Hiei rolled his eyes, muttering something along the lines of; "Useless fox." He looked around. They were in a back alley of sorts, he noticed a few trash barrels to one side. "We've got two choices right now, Kurama. The brick wall, or the door."

"Dealer's choice;" Kurama said, probably referring to the fact that Hiei was supporting more than half of his weight.

Hiei shrugged, heading towards the door, keeping his arm firmly around Kurama's waist. He pushed it open with his foot.

"Ah, there you are." A pleasant voice greeted them.

Hiei swung around, jerking Kurama accidentally in the process. He gave the wincing redhead a sympathetic glance and turned to the man who addressed them.

Though he was sitting, Hiei could tell the man was tall, with long silver hair and an equally long beard. Half-moon spectacles covered his sparkling blue eyes, and he gave them a cheerful smile. "Welcome to the Leaky Cauldron, gentlemen."

Kurama fainted.

Hiei blinked.

This was definitely the strangest post-fight experience of his life.

I know, I know, it sucks so far, but bear with me, it'll get better, I have this all mapped out. Yaoi in later chapters.