Mia POV:

I rang the doorbell at Lily's house. Ring Geez I was in so much trouble. Why did I have to be late tonight? When I promised Lily for the 100th time that I would not be? And just my luck; Guess who opened the door? Michael. With his shirt off. Why does he have to torture me? God those brown eyes make me melt. Anyway so the conversation went something like this.

Michael: Hey Thermopolis

Me: "Hey" I said looking awkward; as usual.

Michael: You over to see Lily?

Me: Yeah I guess

Michael: Yeah Okay come on in

God I am such a freak! Why can't I say anything intelligent in front of him?? "Yeah I guess" What kind of answer is that?!? Uggh...

Michael POV:

So maybe Lily told me Mia was coming over... And maybe, just MAYBE I took my shirt off on purpose when the doorbell rang because I knew Mia would be there. But those are just maybes...

Geez... Goddamit! Maybe I did it just because I like her! There I said it!

Okay fine! You got me. Maybe I did it because I L-O-V-E love her. But she doesn't have to know. Anyway it's not like she pays any attention to me as you can tell from the conversation we just had.

Me: Hey Thermopolis

Mia: "Hey" She says looking real awkward and I think oh great I knew it; her face reads "whatever" in as bold letters as you can get.

Michael: "You over here to see Lily?" God what a stupid question.

Mia: "Yeah I guess." And she obviously thought so too. I mean why else would she be here?

Michael: "Yeah, okay come on in." And a stupid answer to go with a stupid question. What a day Moscovitz! You sure know how to rake in the stupid points. And today's lucky winner of how stupid do you get is..... Michael Moscovitz!

And then of course Lily comes in.

"Put some clothes on freak! My friends don't like to see you prancing around the house half naked!!" Great. I guess that truly is how Mia feels.

Mia POV:

And of course to add to it Lily comes in and embarrasses me. She calls Michael a freak and tells him her friends hate to see him half naked. God why me?

Anyway so when we got to Lily's room I decided to give her a piece of me. I mean no-one calls Michael a freak! I mean he is so damn hot!

"Hey Lil, I don't think that was very nice of you to call Michael a freak."

"Oh really and what would you have done? Huh? HUH?? Because if you had any idea what I said in there you would realize that I had the right side! I mean do YOU like to see my brother walking around half naked? I mean who does?!"

And that's when I started to get my courage up. I don't know why I did it, but it was just one of those moments.

"Well you know what? I happen to think that Michael looks sexy without a shirt on. And you know what? I happen to like him walking around the apartment half naked. And you know why?" And then I lost my confidence. Boom Bam Kazang. It was gone. Right in the middle of one of the most courageous speeches I have made in my life.

And Lily just stared at me. It was one of those kinds of stares that make you feel awkward down to the bone. That kind of shocked slash I don't know what look. And then she seemed to find the confidence that had drifted away from me and pulled out of the tacit staring contest we were engaged in.

She whispered, "Why Mia?" And she kind of had a gentle tone; you know? Not like the tone that she usually uses with me. But she might have also been using that tone because by then I had sort of crouched on the floor and started sobbing in to my knees. I had made a fool of myself. And now look who was going to pay.

And then the confidence shoved back into my body and between muffled sobs I managed to thrust out a mangled, "Because I love him."

And that's when she pulled me up! She pulled me straight off the floor and started opening the door to her room. She dragged me out of her room and we started walking/dragging down the hall. And I knew where she was headed. And I didn't like it one bit, not one bit at all.

And with a mangled cry I whispered, "No Lily! Please!"

And the only reply I got was, "No way Jose Mia. You are going to his room and you are going now and you are going to go in there and tell him what you just told me." I surrendered to her will, I mean what would you do if Lily Moscovitz commanded you like that?

When we reached the door, I froze. I could hear the soft, melodic strumming of an instrument of some kind. I was scared stiff. And then Lily knocked. The melodic noise stopped and I heard footsteps near the door. Michael opened it; his deep brown eyes gazing at us in curiosity and his hair flopped in a cute but messy way over them.

"Wow Lily that's a first: knocking."

"Yeah well I decided once to be thoughtful of your privacy." Lily said in a sarcastic voice. "Anyway Mia has something she wants to tell you." And then she shoved me inside his room and closed the door behind me. Michael stared at me with a mixture of shock and curiosity.

"So...." He casually said. And then it all blurted out. I don't know how it just came out like that but for some reason I just told him everything about the way I felt about him. About the way his brown eyes stared at you with depths unknown to man and his hair flopped in the perfect way and how he looked great shirtless. And then I said it, "And I kind of was shoved into here to tell you about how you looked great shirtless and I thought that because I love you." And then the confidence left. I tried to escape through the door but of course Lily was waiting there and she shoved me straight back in so I opted to just slide down the door, put my hands around my knees, bury my face in my them and sob; quietly as I could of course. I mean I wouldn't want Michael to see me like this. And for a horrible moment I thought he wouldn't do anything. I thought he would just go back to the computer and not care at all about everything I had just revealed.

Michael POV:

Holy shit. She did not just say what she just said. I mean when Lily first shoved her in here I thought oh God not another truth or dare thing that I had to be the victim of. But now look. I stood frozen like a deer in headlights. I watched her try to escape only to be shoved straight back in by Lily and then sink slowly to the floor and bury her face in her knees and start to silently sob. It broke my heart but for a moment I just stood there.


I was getting kind of worried and just as I was about to make a second attempt to escape I heard the swish of fabric as Michael bent down; or at least that's what it sounded like so I just decided to wait for the bomb. I mean who likes a freakish, flat-chested, abnormally tall princess? It just doesn't happen. So as I was preparing myself for the escape line I would use to get past Lily which would consist of something like "He hates me" and shove past her, I felt cool but comforting hands raise my head from my lap. I kept my eyes closed; living in fear of rejection.

"Mia, I-"And then it happened. He kissed me. And I can tell you this; it was the shock of my life! I was so excited! I mean he kissed me! And this was any ordinary kiss, this was a REAL kiss. Damn he's a good kisser. And then a wave of anxiety rushed over me. Was he just joking with me? Oh God. Look what I had gotten myself into. So I open my eyes like deer in front of headlights and there he is with his deep brown eyes and I just ran. I ran out of the room, shoved past Lily, and ran straight down the hall looking for a safe haven.


Well. After I had frozen in place for a minute and left Mia crying on the floor, I knelt down in front of her. I lifted her head up from her knees, but she didn't open her eyes though I could see her eyes were red and puffy and there were tear streaks down her cheeks. I was too overwhelmed with all the information so all the words that came out were "Mia, I-"And then I just kissed her because I couldn't think of anything else to say. And the great thing about it was is that she kissed me back! But then all of a sudden she just raced out of the room, shoved past lily and ran I don't know where. Why did she do that? I thought she said she loved me? Or maybe that was a joke... No it couldn't have been; I mean she said all these things about me that really sounded like she had thought about them for a long, long time. So I too rushed out of the room to find her only to come face to face with Lily. And she had one of those looks on her face.