Mia POV:

I groggily opened my eyes to come face to face with a stark white ceiling. This definitely wasn't my room.

I struggled to remember when I had last been awake. I vaguely remembered sitting in something that reminded me of a shower and coolness on my skin.


I had been in the rain. Aha.


But more importantly, how did I get here?

I stared around me and everything was the same stark white as the ceiling. And then it hit me.

I was in a hospital.

My eyes scrunched up at all the brightness. My fears were confirmed as I tried to swallow. It felt like I was swallowing a porcupine. I hurriedly looked around for a glass of water as the pain overwhelmed me. I let out a hoarse rasp as I found none and fell back onto the pillow.

I hate it when I get sick. And thanks to my extreme stupidity, I now probably had the flu or something horrible like that. Hopefully it didn't involve throwing up. I hate throwing up. Whenever I throw up, it feels like I have lime combined with acid swishing around in my mouth.

Which I guess it technically is, since it's like acid from your stomach, combined with that lime herbal tea that my mom always gives me when I get sick.

It's amazing the clarity that comes with bed rest.

I stared again at the table beside my bed. The blaring red digital clock read 5:00 am. I was surprised that the lights were still on at this time. Maybe they're watching me with a video camera.

Naaah. They would have seen me wake up and rasp because of my sore throat. And then they would have brought me water. Because after all, I am the Princess of Genovia. Or do they know that?

That sounds really bratty. Who cares if I'm the Princess of Genovia? There are people all around the world who are starving and I ate today. Seriously, out of all the things that could have happened, getting the flu isn't that bad. I don't know why I'm even here for such a small thing like that.

That brought me back to my original question. How did I get here? Maybe a zookeeper had rescued me?

Dare I say, may Michael have rescued me?


He hates me.

I resumed my staring around the room, shoving thoughts of Michael to the back of my mind. It was in fact a pretty nice room, now that I could see it better. Most importantly, I saw a T.V. hanging from the top right hand corner of the room. Now if I could only find the controls.

Unfortunately I saw them resting on top of the VCR that hung under the T.V.


I resumed my staring but boredom overwhelmed me after a mere 5 minutes.

I decided that an expedition would serve me better than merely just sitting and trying to go back to sleep. Maybe I would find a stray water bottle.

I stood up and made my way over to the T.V.

Even though I was extremely tall, I couldn't reach the controls. How tragic. The one time my height, which I hate, was about to come in handy, it fails me.

I glimpsed a chair in the other corner and laboriously pulled it over. As I was finally grasping the control, I heard a click and turned.

"Mia! Honey! I'm so glad that you're up!"

So they had been watching me with surveillance cameras.

Damn. They had watched me doing everything and hadn't even lifted a finger! I bet they even were laughing at my pathetic expedition to get the T.V. controls.

Stupid doctors.

"We just got a call from the doctors saying that you had awoken and we immediately came down! I'm sorry I didn't stay with you, but I couldn't leave Frank all by himself! He's absolutely hopeless! He can't even make himself dinner! It's a wonder he ever survived by himself!"

She quickly came over and gingerly escorted me back to bed, without the T.V. controls I might add, and then continued blabbering.

Mothers can be so frustrating.

Michael POV:

By the time I got home, I was fully drenched, and somehow, the chills seemed to distract me from my thoughts about Mia.

Hoping that this wasn't the start of a cold, I grabbed a couple of Advil and hopped into a boiling hot shower, trying to wear away any kinds of illnesses.

I stepped out, feeling refreshed. I was warm. Mia was safe in the hospital. Life was good.

But then I felt the tickling in my nose. And all of sudden I let out a gigantic, throaty sneeze, knocking myself backward.

I snuffled, feeling my nose blocking.

Why me?

Mia POV:

So it turned out that what I had wasn't that serious; just a minor virus. Or at least that's what the doctors said.

But it's not like I can trust them anymore, on account of the fact that they never helped me when I was dying and unable to reach the T.V. control.

I bet you I'm horribly sick.

Well at least that's what it feels like. But they have given me some medicine, and claim that within 24 hours I will be feeling completely better.

Which means although I thankfully won't be sick for Christmas, I will be open to visits from Lily.

Which doesn't exactly make my day.

Because I know she will come.

Unless of course, I pretend I'm really sick and then she'll hopefully stay away because she won't want to catch whatever I have.

That could work.

Operation "Avoid Lily" has just commenced.

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