For you Case Closed only people:
Kogorou Mouri -Richard Moore
Ran Mouri- Rachel Moore
Shin'ichi Kudou- Jimmy Kudo

My first piece of Detective Conan fanfiction. It's just a piece of fluff; takes place right after the first time Conan turns back into Shin'ichi. I had a devil of a time finding the japanese names for everyone I wanted to involve in this little one-shot, since my only exposure is to the Case Closed version of the show.
Life was cruel.

Living with Ran and her often drunk father Kogorou? Shin'ichi was fine with that. Never getting credit for cases he solved? He expected it! Even being stuck in an eight year old's body didn't piss him off so much as this;

Ran had hidden the key to liquor cabinet.

Normally, of course, that wouldn't concern Shin'ichi in the least. But now....

His thoughts returned to the night before, and his strange transformation from Conan to...himself again. He hadn't realized until then how much he truly wanted his real body back.

And that drink; whatever it was, it turned him back. When he found that out...his heart leapt for joy. He grabbed the bottle, and poured the drink, went to take a drink and...

Ran pulled the cup from his hand, reprimanded him and yelled at the sleeping Kogorou, then placed the bottle on the highest shelf and locked the cabinet.

Shin'ichi stared at the cabinet from his spot on the arm of the couch, arms folded. Neither Ran nor Kogorou was home, though that didn't help anything. None of Shin'ichi's detective skills would help him now. He had two options. One;

try to weasel out of Ran the key's location


run through the house, scrambling to find the key before either returned home.

The first? Sheer stupidity. The second seemed most probable, but; no. He couldn't do that either. Ran would be able to tell.

So Shin'ichi continued to glare at the offending cabinet. He became so absorbed in this practice that he failed to hear the door open.

"Conan, what are you doing?"

The youth jumped at the sound of Ran's voice, and fell off the arm of the chair onto the floor. The teenage girl set the groceries on the table and helped the boy up from the floor.

"You shouldn't sit there, Conan. You might fall and get hurt," she spoke with a sigh, "look, you already have. I'll get a bandage..." Ran left the room.

Conan touched a hand to his head and discovered a slight gash; something he could've taken care of himself. Why would Ran worry about something like that, and get him a bandage? Normally, she'd just tell him to get his own.

Ran returned with a small wipe and a bandage. She cleaned the gash and applied the bandage.

"There...all better"

Conan looked up, and percieved a sadness in Ran's voice, as well as in her eyes.

" something..did something happen?"

"What? What are you talking about, Conan?"

The boy pulled away slightly.

"You just seem sad, is all..."

Ran managed a wavering smile.

"Oh, don't worry about me. I'm just missing someone..."

Shin'ichi, through Conan's eyes, once again witnessed how much Ran cared for him. He felt guilty; most of the time she'd be depressed lately had been because of him.

Conan's small arms reached around Ran's midriff and hugged her tight. The girl was surprised for a moment, but returned the embrace.

One day, Ran...I will come back.

For good.

Even though that will still leave you sad.

I can't be both, Ran.

I can't.