Chapter 1: What's the Big Deal?!

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Jamie sat at his favourite bar drinking a bottle of Heineken. He and Coop have been having disagreements for a while because Coop was now treating the robot better than him. Two months after defeating those aliens and Coop was treating the robot like royalty and Jamie like worthless scrap heap caused their friendship to disintegrate.

"Hello Jamie," a voice said from behind Jamie in a bubbly and giggling tone, "want to have sex with me saddy face?" the person teased and kissed his cheek.

Jamie turned around and nearly fainted when he saw the brown skinned Kiva. She had her red hair let out and was wearing a short black leather dress and high heeled sandals.

She must really be depressed about not being able to go back to her time after the curse placed on her a month before we defeated those aliens. She's DRUNK! (Jamie's thoughts)

"What's the matter?" Kiva asked, " 'fraid I'll get better service from Coop?" she challenged and pointed in the direction where Coop was downing rum as if his life depended upon it, a large crowd was gathered around him cheering him on.

"No," Jamie responded coldly, "you're drunk," he added when he noticed two empty vodka bottles that she held expertly in one hand while her other one was now sensually stroking his black hair and neck.

"So what?" Kiva asked between giggles, "it's not like I'mm under 18 Jamie," she told him, "you aint gonna have the law on you or nothing," she added and placed the bottles down on the counter then used her now free hand to stroke him from his ear straight down his back.

"I'm outta here," Jamie said in annoyance, "I'd try to drag you home, but I know you'd just karate kick me and run off with Coop," he stated and left the bar.

"Damn RIGHT!" Kiva cried angrily as she glared after him, "faggot," she muttered, "oh Coop!" she cried flirtatiously as she hurried over to Coop who was now downing even more of that really strong rum and becoming more intoxicated by the second.

End of Chapter1

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