Chapter 9: A Silver Lining

(Three Days Later)

Coop watched Kiva's vitals on the small screen. They were steady but still not good for someone who was pregnant. The doctors had told him that.

"Kiva," Coop whispered, "I wish I could hold your hand, brush my fingers through your hair," he breathed, "just touch you."

He couldn't believe that this had happened. After everything else that has happened to mess his life up, this had to be the worst. The possibility of losing both Kiva and the baby. He had been coming in everyday willing her to stir, to show some kind of physical movement. But each day she remained still as a piece of board. Not a twitch of a hand, not the flicker of an eyelid. She was totally still and he hated it. The exemption was the fact that her chest moved slightly upwards and downwards each time she breathed in and out. But that didn't matter to him. He had seem people in twenty year comas be able to do that. What he wanted was a sign that she could move. A sign that she could hear him. A sign that would tell him that she'd wake up.

You HAVE to wake up Kiva. I can't imagine my life without you. We've been through too much for you to leave me alone now. And think of the baby. It needs a mother and a father. Please wake up Kiva, I can't live my life alone. (Coop's thoughts)

"She's still unconscious huh?" Nurse Betty asked as she entered the room.

"Yes," Coop responded.

"I'm sorry," Nurse Betty told him.

"Thank You," Coop said.

"Um, are you okay?" Nurse Betty asked.

"Not really," Coop admitted, "I've been rather stressed lately.

"That's understandable," Nurse Betty stated.

"If only …." Coop started to say.

"There's nothing you could've done Coop," Nurse Betty interrupted, "she was stressed and her body just…couldn't take it," she told him.

"Part of it is thanks to that Jamie," Coop said hatefully.

"You can't blame Jamie for everything," Nurse Betty said suddenly, "I'm mad at him too but this conflict between you two just might also be stressing Kiva out," she told Coop, "she really seems to want you two to be friends again."

"Like that's ever going to happen," Coop muttered.

"Well you have to decide what's more important," Nurse Betty said firmly, "a squabble or the health of your wife," she said, "Coop, she's not in very good shape," she reminded him softly.

"Do you think she's going to die?" Coop asked in a choked voice.

"I don't know Coop," Nurse Betty responded, "I hope that she doesn't," she added.

"Me too," Coop whispered, "me too."

(Later at 7pm)

Jamie sat at the country club drinking a martini. It had now been two days since Debbie told him it was over and left the mansion to return to her apartment close to the hospital. Suddenly his cell phone rang. He answered it.

"Hello," Jamie said emotionlessly.

"Hey Jamie," Kiva responded hoarsely.

"Kiva!" Jamie cried and several persons turned to look at him, "sorry," he apologized, "is that really you?" he whispered to the caller.

"Yeah," Kiva said, "I've been up for three hours now."

"That's great," Jamie said happily, "how's the baby?" he asked carefully.

"They're going to do some detailed tests but basically my baby's okay," Kiva said softly, "Jamie," she said, "please don't be angry about the mansion?" she pleaded.

"I don't care about the mansion," Jamie told her, "I care about you," he said firmly.

"Thank You," Kiva whispered tearfully.

"Well I'm glad you're okay Kiva," Jamie said.

"Me too," Kiva said, "I heard about Debbie," she said suddenly.

"It was probably for the best," Jamie said with a shrug, "I'm more into the dating game than the going steady game anyway," he told Kiva, "plus she wants one of those really nice and always forgiving guys," he said, "I'm not one of those, I'm just a good person," he said frankly.

"Will Coop and you ever be friends again Jamie?" Kiva asked him.

"No," Jamie said honestly, "but that's no reason for us not to be civil to each other," he continued, "but we'll always be friends Kiva," he added.

"Yeah," Kiva said hoarsely, "um, will you please speak to Coop?" she asked him.

"Kiva," Jamie said disapprovingly.

"Please?" Kiva begged.

"Alright," Jamie agreed partially because he didn't want to upset Kiva.

"Hello," Coop said formally.

"Hi," Jamie responded.

"So you and Debbie getting back together?" Coop asked.

"No," Jamie told him.

"Oh," Coop said, "so um, how do you think we'll become friends again?" he asked Jamie.

"No Coop, I don't," Jamie said frankly, "but we can be civil to each other," he added, "for both Kiva and our own sakes."

"Yeah," Coop agreed, "so how's your job?" he asked.

"Things have gotten better," Jamie said, "I don't hate it as much now and I've personally paid off a large amount of my debt," he told Coop.

"Thank you for everything," Coop said suddenly and Jamie was taken a back.

"Uh, your welcome Coop," Jamie said carefully, "well I guess this is good bye."

"Do you know what our real problem was Jamie?" Coop asked, "the problem that caused our friendship to end and for so many to go wrong or right in our lives afterwards?"

"No," Jamie said honestly, "that's the problem Coop," he said, "we just don't know what the real problem is."

The End

Reggae: WTF! I bet that's what a lot of readers are thinking right now. Well quite frankly I just can't continue this story. I've lost interest and I just want it done. Thank for all those who've read and review this story. I appreciate it.

Story: The Problem

Posted: August 23, 2004

Completed: September 29, 2005