Chapter 8: The End

(Continuing from end of last chapter)

"I don't give a damn about Nina!" Brock exploded, "my GOOD friend is NOT going to jail!" he shouted then stormed off.

Alden watched him go in surprise.

What did he mean? (Alden's thoughts)

"Wait!" Alden cried and ran after Brock until he grabbed his friend's shoulder, "tell me the truth Brock," he said between pants.

"I know who he is," Brock said seriously.

"Who who is?" Alden demanded in confusion.

"Who do you think?" Brock asked darkly.

Alden's eyes widened.

"You mean…?" Alden started to ask.

"Yes and Nina can never know who he is," Brock hissed, "never," he added and stormed off.

Alden stood stiff in shock. Brock had just admitted to him that he (Brock) knew the identity of the rapist. And worse yet, Brock was hiding him from justice.

But why? Why would…. But he must know the culprit personally. But that means that I know them too. All of Brock's friends at the party were friends and acquaintances of mine. Jesus! (Alden's thoughts)

Alden headed towards the bus stop. He wasn't sure if he would be able to fully understand what Brock had done. But he knew that he would have a hard time reporting a friend, worst off all for something as horrible as rape.

"I just hope that Brock knows what he's doing," Alden said frankly.

(Two Weeks Later)

Nina and Connor exited the 'Rape Victim Center' through the private exit. Nina was still intent on no one finding out. She wore a dark brown haired wig, sunglasses and floral baby doll dresses with blue or pink shoes. Plus the center was fifty miles out of their hometown. So it wouldn't be easy to tell that it was her. Connor kept off his glasses, spoke with a realistic sounding English Accent, and wore full black baggy clothing along with a red cap and white sneakers.

"Do you wonder who your real rapist is?" Connor asked her as they waited for a special red Honda to pick her up.

"Of course I wonder," Nina snapped at him angrily, "sorry, I mean yes," she said apologetically, "but if he never gets caught I'm glad at least that I can try my best to recover from it all," she added.

"Um, that's good," Connor responded, "I'm sorry that I couldn't help you that night."

"It's okay," Nina reassured him, "you told the truth and the best we can do is move on."

"Yeah," Connor agreed.

"So," Nina said slowly, "how are things between you and Sharon?" she asked suggestively.

"Oh it's fi…," Connor started to say, "oh no," he said shaking his head, "it's not like that, she's absolutely head over heels for Alden," he told Nina.

"What about Maria Wong?" Nina pressed and Connor blushed.

"I have a small chance," Connor said softly as he twiddled his thumbs.

"I knew it!" Nina cried, "I have to pair you two up!" she declared, "I WON'T take no for an answer," she said firmly.

Connor laughed nervously. Maria wasn't going to like this.

(Later that Night at 9pm at Brock's residence)

Brock wiped the tears from his eyes. He had just off the phone after a heated argument with Alden. Alden had threatened to end their friendship but Brock refused to talk. He knew that Alden would be forever broken if he found out who Nina's rapist was. It had broken him (Brock). That night when he got Alden and Connor rushed home. One thing ran through his mind. It also ran through his mind when the cops took in Connor for a rape he didn't commit. The one thing that ran through his mind was that the rapist was none other than his best friend. Alden.

The End

Reggae: Yes it's over. And YES it ended crappily but at least it was emotive in some way, right? Well it's all over and I can finally cross off another story off my long list of uncompleted stories. Hope you enjoyed this story and sorry for the abrupt ending but I've been having writers' block from July of this year and quite frankly I've lost most of my interest in this story. I'm just glad that I decided to not make Nina become pregnant before I even started it. That predicament would've made an abrupt ending very hard to do. Was anyone surprised that Alden was the rapist? I'm just curious. Well thanks to all who reviewed and this story is over so bye.

Who's Lying

Created: August 23, 2004

Completed: September 27, 2005 (But updated Sept. 28 2005)

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