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The rest of it will switch from Hiei's to Botan's POV and end with third person.

Emotional Distress

by bittersweet-memory

From the files of Agent Hiei... (snortle

Day 13

The detective is rapidly becoming the stupidest being in our little "clique". We are at the healing center, waiting for news on his woman. Honestly, the way he's acting it might as well be him strapped to a table, numb from the neck down...

It's really too bad Kurama forgot his little recording device. This would have been amusing to watch later on when I wasn't so irritated.

Around me, there was controlled chaos.

Yusuke was fighting against the combined strength of Kurama and the fool, arms flailing as he tried unsuccessfully to convince the "nurse" to let him in. His mate (the idiot's sister), was arguing with the attendant at the desk about not being able to "light up". My sister was the only one 9besides me, of course) whom hadn't yet relinquished her claim on sanity. She was sitting across from me, knitting a blanket for the child.

"Urameshi! You idiot! You're just b-begging for a s-slap f-from K-Keiko! She doesn't want you in there! So just calm down dammit! You'll be the first one in when all's said and done!"

The fool's voice stuttered with the force of his exertion. He finally ceased his struggles when a shout lilted throughout the hallway for the entire city to hear.

"Yusuke you beast! You are never touching me again! You bastard! Just wait 'til I see you..."

After a few more choice words (the entire hospital now knew that Yusuke's parents weren't married when he was born and that some of his...anatomical proportions were less then satisfactory), the screaming stopped all together. A blue-haired imp ran into the waiting room and gave us the news. She'd been elected to be the woman's "coach".

"Congratulations Yusuke! Bingo!"

But he wasn't there to respond.

I idly wondered "what" he'd gotten.

A muffled thump told me that the feared Spirit Detective, winner of the Dark tournament and all-around save-the-day superhero, had fainted dead away.

It was so beautiful.

I had never been more jealous of Keiko more than now. She was red, her face was scrunched up in a universal grimace that all mothers would recognize and there was not just a bit of blood but she was radiant.

And through the pallor of his skin, when I told him that she was ready, all the love Yusuke had always been reluctant to show in public was so apparent.

I had to fight back a horrible stab of jealousy. Not of Keiko and Yusuke of course. Just of the happiness that they had together. What had I done wrong, that I would end up in this situation without someone by my side?

I trailed behind as Shizuru and Yukina talked animatedly about the many shopping trips that would follow and Kurama and Kuwabara argued good-naturedly about who would be the godfather of the child. I didn't want to pull down anyone's mood.

"Botan aren't you coming?"

I looked up to see Yukina's kind smile.

"In a bit dear. You guys go see Keiko."

She looked at me, unsure but went when I waved her away. I needed some time by myself.

"Hn. Aren't you going to see her too?"

"Hello Hiei. And no not yet. But you go ahead."

"Don't tell me what to do."

"Must you turn every little thing I say into an argument?"

"Must you be so selfish to deny your 'friend' your support on her day?"

Something in me broke and I snapped, releasing all of the pent up anger I had stored inside me for the past few months. I tackled him to the ground, pounding clenched fists against his chest, not caring anymore that he would probably kill me with one spurt of spirit energy. I didn't even care anymore. I just had to let it out.

"How dare you lecture me on selfishness! You don't know what I've been through! You don't know what it is to see everyone so happy and wonder what the hell you've done so wrong that you can't have it either..."

I trailed off. Of course he understood. He'd had to watch for years as his sister was oblivious to his own existence. Then, later on, he had joined the team but not really been a part of it. I stopped my tirade, drained and slumped across him, finally just crying.

And he didn't push me away.

I could have killed her. I should have.

So why didn't I?

My primary purpose was to gain some sort of reaction from her besides the daze she seemed to be in lately. I'd wanted to anger her into showing some emotion other then the pathetic sadness that had become her general demeanor. I didn't expect her to break down and tackle me.

I didn't expect...to pity her.

She was alone here, as I was alone. Her friends surrounded her, and yet she was completely and utterly alone. Much like myself in that respect. These people I've come to trust as my allies and protect as I would my liege and secretly call my friends. But there's always been something that kept me apart from them. And now someone felt the same.

So I did something that surprised us both and held her as she cried, never saying a word.

He was doing it again.

Surprising me.

It was becoming harder and harder for me to fear him, this paradox in front of me. The same man who cut down enemies without an ounce of remorse and yet held me with such gentleness as I cried against him. His warmth seeped into me, drying my tears reducing my sobs to dry heaves. I don't know how long I sat in his lap with his arms around me. But when he felt that I could finally control myself, he gently lifted me to my feet.

"Tell no one of this."

I said nothing and nodded but in my mind, I was falling.

If I wasn't careful, I would be crying again soon.

And this time it wouldn't be because of Koenma.

I led the way to Keiko's room, knowing that he would follow me. We walked in to see Kuwabara and Shizuru fighting over the privilege of holding the baby. The pink blanket practically screamed "I'm a cute little girl, come kiss me!" I stifled a chuckle. It looked like the younger Kuwabara was going to lose again. Yusuke looked up from his place on the bed next to a very happy looking Keiko.

"Hey you two! We were just about to send out a search party."

He quirked an eyebrow.

"Well damn...no wonder you guys took so long. And in the waiting room too..."


"Yusuke you jerk! Not in front of our baby!"

I took one look at our rumpled clothing and blushed. No wonder Yusuke had assumed the worse.

"Ow Keiko! After all this time you still pack a wallop!"

"Are you calling me old?"

As the happy couple engaged in another one of their arguments, Hiei calmly took off his bandana and focused it on the newest addition to the team.

"She'll be a fighter, like both of her parents though for her sake I hope she's got the woman's mind, detective. Her spirit power will no doubt be greater than yours with the proper training."

He walked over to the corner where Shizuru had knocked out her little brother and was now cooing at the crying baby.

"Shhhh....you look like your Uncle Kazuma when you cry! You don't want that do you?

But the baby wasn't listening. Her eyes were focused on the black-haired man in front of her. She blinked up at him and stopped crying. If she could have raised both arms, no doubt she would be doing so now. All conversation in the room stopped and all eyes (except for the unconscious Kazuma) turned to him, wondering how the coldest member of the team would react to this.

I could see Kurama trying to smother his chuckles and Yusuke's incredulity. Keiko, however, wasn't perturbed in the least.

"Hiei would you take Kagome for a while? I would but my arms are rather tired and she does seem to like you."

To everyone's surprise (including the now-conscious Kuwabara who had woken up in time to hear Keiko's odd request), Hiei didn't disagree. He held out his arms and waited til Shizuru had settled the baby before he bounced her experimentally. The newly-named Kagome only looked up at him, eyes smiling. By now, all shock had disappeared and conversations restarted.

I was the only one who noticed the small smile that touched his face for a split second.

I walked over to him and played with the child in his arms, silently noting that no matter his background, Hiei would make an excellent father.

(Third Person POV)

Keiko watched the scene unfolding with a gleam in her eyes. She'd know that look in Botan's eyes anywhere. It was the same look she'd had in middle school whenever she saw Yusuke and the look Kuwabara had no doubt given Yukina the first time he'd seen her.

Botan was in love and she probably didn't even know it yet.

Luckily, she had friends who did.

She'd always felt that there was something about Hiei that drew her friend like Yusuke to the arcade. Opposites to be sure, with Hiei's brooding and Botan's giggles, but didn't people always say that opposites attract? And maybe his quiet ways would help heal Botan's fractured spirit. What she needed now was someone to help her forget Koenma's unintentional cruelty. And Keiko suspected that Hiei was just the man.

But it wasn't as though she couldn't help them along...

She looked at her husband and felt a smile spread across her face. Of course, she'd have to get his agreement first.

A knock at the door jerked her out of her thoughts. Hair, almost the same shade as her own and honey golden eyes. The Jr. sign and pacifier were the only things that weren't normal about the man who stood there.


Hmmm....I wonder what he wants...

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