My Little Ninja
Chapter One: The Ass-Kicking Kagome Higurashi
By: OhJoy

In a reckless moment heated with desire, Kagome freely gave her innocence to a nameless stranger. When she runs into him six years later, would either remember their night of passion? (InuYasha & Kagome; slightly ooc)

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It was a clear, cool night; typical Southern California weather. InuYasha smirked, "I could get used to this city." He surveyed his environment while he waited for Matt to hand over his keys for his precious convertible Jaguar XK8 to the valet.

"Listen, dude," Matt lectured, "This car is my baby. Please be careful and treat her well."

The valet attendant nodded. He's heard that one a million times.

Faint sounds of an argument fall on InuYasha's sensitive ears. He looked down the alley and saw a petite woman. "Wow, she's pretty. What?! Let me go help her --" She was being hassled by a couple of guys. The guys looked drunk. She was annoyed. He started walking towards her when he's stopped by his friend's arm across his chest. He looked down, confused.

"Matt, what the hell? She's in trouble--"

"Dude, relax. That's Kagome. She can handle herself," Matt interrupted, running a hand through his short blond hair.

InuYasha, concerned, complied. Anxiously watched the scene, fully prepared to dash over if the situation got out of hand. He hated seeing women victimized.


A second later, the woman side-kicked one guy in the chest with an unbelievable amount of force, sent him crashing against a garbage can, totally knocked out, while she grabbed the other guy's arm and twisted it up and behind his back until he cried out in pain.

InuYasha smirked once again, "Hmmm... she can certainly take care of herself. Maybe coming tonight wasn't such a bad idea."

"Listen, Idiot. Women like to be wined and dined, not hunted down like prey. Now promise to be nice and I won't break your arm," she said, fire blazing in her eyes.

"Ye-yes, ma'am. I-I'm s-sorry," the idiot stuttered. With that, she released him and swiftly kicked him towards his passed out companion. Confidently, she sauntered over to her original destination.

"Matt! You dickhead. Thanks for coming to my rescue," she said as sarcastically as she could manage. After all, Matt was one of her best friends and she never could hold a grudge, against him or anyone else... well, that's not entirely true...

"Oh, please, Sunshine. I know you can take care of yourself. What good is a black belt if you can't kick some butt?" Matt laughed. He waved a hand towards InuYasha and said, "This is my new, uh, co-worker I was telling you about - InuYasha Tashio. InuYasha this is the ass-kicking Kagome Higurashi."

InuYasha flashed a smile and held out a hand. "Gods, she is beautiful. Black belt, huh? Nice." Discreetly, he checked her out... Inhaled her sweet musky scent, she smelled of strawberries and vanilla, something oddly familiar about her scent. Black jeans molded over her lithe legs, slim waist, lush black hair that nearly touches her waist... red suede blazer style jacket, form-fitting red crew neck sweater... "Nice tits."

Kagome looked him over, dressed in all black - dress slacks, silk shirt, sports coat, and no tie. "Nice. Short hair, clean cut. Good looking, gorgeous even. Too bad I like 'em a little rougher around the edges." She nodded to him, ignored his outstretched hand. He quickly dropped his hand and nodded back. "I hate these 'group dates' that all my friends like to set up. I feel like such a charity case. What is it with turning 25 that everyone thinks we're supposed to be paired off? Maybe I like being alone... yeah, maybe... huh, maybe not!"