My Little Ninja
Chapter Thirteen: Small World
By: OhJoy

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Kagome stood in front of her closet and sighed in frustration, she muttered, "Dinner. Dress casual. 7pm. Dress casual. What the hell does that mean? Is that sexy short skirt casual? Or is jeans and a t-shirt casual? Oh Gods! Either way, I have nothing to wear!!" Her frustration was growing as she rummaged through her closet for the umpteenth time. After a seemingly endless parade of clothes, she settled on a short black leather miniskirt with a red patterned peasant blouse and black leather boots with a seductive four-inch spiked heel. Her hair was in a messy upsweep, a few stray tendrils fell to frame her face. Make up, as always, was kept to a minimum: Waterproof mascara and sparkly bronze lip gloss. She glanced at her clock, 6:55. She grabbed her bag, a small simple red clutch, and made her way down the spiral staircase.

Souta was splayed across the couch playing a racing video game that she recognized as Gran Turismo. He was doing really well. He paused the race when he heard the click-clack of her heels on the concrete floor. He turned around and let out a wolfish whistle, "Wow, you look great."

She smiled, "Thanks. Now don't forget my friend Sango may stop by to drop off some of her stuff. I gave her a key, so no worries if you bail." She pulled out her favorite solid red pashmina from the closet next to the bathroom. Just in case. She always did get cold easily.


With amazing speed and agility that only an eighteen-year-old could possess, Souta jumped for the door. "Hey, InuYasha," he said as he opened the door wide for the older man's entrance.

A soft chuckle landed on her ears, "Hey, Souta." The two males shook hands and silently looked the other over. InuYasha was dashingly handsome. He wore a pair of black jeans, a pair of Doc Martens, and a black cotton button-down shirt that looked so soft, the first few buttons left open to take in a hint of his muscular chest and luscious throat.

He entered the loft and drank in the sight if the beauty before him. "She is so fucking hot." With a few quick steps, he closed the distance between them and stood unbelievably close. Not close enough to touch. Just close enough for Kagome to feel the heat that emanated from his body. He leaned his face in to say quietly over her lips, "You look amazing." He briefly brushed her lips with his, sending shock waves of pleasure through her body. He broke their kiss and stepped back, with a smile he asked, "Ready to go, angel?"

She was a little dazed by the brief kiss and needed a moment to gather her focus and senses. He looked at her with arrogant pride, "All this with just one kiss? My Gods! She is addicting."

"Sure," she smiled, smoothing the pashmina over her shoulders. She called out to Souta who had returned to his video game, "Souta, I'll see you in the AM."

"Love ya, sis!"

"Right back at ya!"

In the car, she asked her eyes sparkled with mischief, "So... what are we doing tonight?"

A salacious smile swept across InuYasha's face, "Well, I figured... I'd feed you first then take you home and have my way with you."

"You're insatiable!" She faked a protest, all the while leaning into him, marveling at the flurry of butterflies that always took flight when he was near.

"Mmm... just calling you on your promise." He leaned towards her too.

"Mmm... don't you worry. I'm as good as my word." She felt his warm breath on her lips. Her eyes widened slightly at the realization that his eyes were glowing with desire as they were fixed her lips. She closed the distance between them and gave his sexy lips a kiss that melted his heart. The kiss was passionate, full of unsaid emotions and promises. She opened her mouth. An invitation that he quickly acted on -- exploring the sweet nectar of her mouth. They broke the kiss, their breath came out slightly heavy. She smiled shyly at him.

He put the brilliant red Lexus SC 430 into gear and roared the engine. The soared down the freeway. She loved his convertible, thankful that she had the foresight to pull her back. They arrived at a restaurant in Malibu that boasted of the freshest seafood, one of her favorites.

Once inside, they were seated at a much coveted window booth. She sat across from him thinking that he was too far away, when she felt his warm hand stroke her check. "Guess not." She leaned into his touch and lifted her eyes.

"What's wrong, angel?" he asked.

"I'm being silly really," she began. "I don't know what it is about you..." Eyes averted to look at the blackness she knew was the ocean. She felt his hand clasp hers.

"Baby, what is it?" he queried.

"It's silly..." she dismissed. Then she saw the concern in his eyes and guilt flooded her heart. "Oh... it's not like that... It's just that I think I'm too far away..."

He chuckled, "Come sit next to me, baby." A smile filled with sunshine broke across her face and she practically leapt to his side. She wasn't sure what it was, but she just couldn't get close enough to him. It was like she belonged at his side. Forever. "Whoa... did I just say forever?!" She thought about it for another second. Yup. Forever. She leaned into him, "What the hell? You only live once." She shrugged mentally.

Their dinner was delicious as she knew it would be. This was one of her favorite restaurants. They lingered over coffee and he tenderly fed her dessert. His eyes mesmerized as her tongue flicked over the sweet cheesecake before taking it in a quick bite. His control was getting hard to maintain.

Outside waiting for the valet to bring his car around, he stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her narrow waist. The night air was cool. The breeze coming off the ocean brought a slight chill to her. She welcomed the warmth from him. He nuzzled her neck, being careful to not touch his mark. He didn't want to start anything out here. He wanted the privacy his bedroom where she was safe to moan and scream all she wanted. They didn't have to wait too long. The valet brought his car around quickly.

He liked to have the top down unless it was raining. He flipped on the heat, just shy of full blast to ensure she kept warm. He approvingly eyed her luscious legs in that ridiculously short miniskirt. He drove slightly over the 65 mph speed limit to get them to his home in Beverly Hills.

He flicked his garage open and pulled next to his new roommate's deep sapphire blue, almost purple, Infiniti FX. InuYasha didn't understand why he would want a SUV, but he thought it suited his friend. InuYasha was at the passenger side door in the flash of an eye and opened it to a slightly stunned Kagome.

"You're fast," she murmured, taking his offered elbow and was led into a side door that led to his kitchen. To her surprise, she found a familiar couple in a heated kiss next to the kitchen island.

"Sango?! Miroku?!" Kagome exclaimed. The couple broke their kiss at the unexpected intrusion and stared.

"Oh by the Gods!" the couple blurted in concert.

Laughter filled the air.

"You know Yash?"

"How do you know--?"


"How can this be?"

They all laughed again. Kagome quickly explained to InuYasha how she knew Sango and Miroku. InuYasha in turn explained to her that he had known them since they were teenagers.

"Small world," they all said in stereo.