A/N:Hey there. This story isn't really set at any particular time during the game, so let's just let it lie. This fic is going to be quite deep and very angsty, dealing with some distressing matters in later chapters. Hope you enjoy it though! Please read and review. X x X

'Tears come at night; smiles come during the day . . . .'

It was a hot and stuffy night, and even though the window was open in Selphies pokey dorm room, she couldn't feel any of the night breezes getting to her.

She kicked off her pale yellow duvet until it was almost on the floor, and sat staring up at the ceiling. Night after night she'd been like this, weary but unable to sleep. Every morning, painting on a smile, putting on a bubbly act, just to please those around her.

Selphie dorm was next door to Zell's. Girls and boys dorms were across the hall from each other, so there wasn't too much separation of the sexes.

Realising she wasn't going to sleep tonight; she sat up and swung her legs over the side of her bed, making it creak a little. She didn't know what to do with herself. Feelings of tiredness overcame her again, but she knew trying to sleep was no good.

Selphie put it down to insomnia . . . and those girls.

Lately, a group of girls who had transferred to Balamb Garden from Galbadia Garden had begun to pick on Selphie about anything and everything. They'd also started up nasty rumours and made Irvine more distant with her by taking him away and becoming his worshippers.

Irvine spoke to Selphie less and less these days. She missed him.

A tear formed in the corner of her eye and she caught it just before it rolled down her cheek. She couldn't help but remember when they used to be inseparable and when they used to cry with laughter. Now, it was only tears of sadness that filled her eyes nearly every night.

Before she knew it, they were spilling down her face and landing on her old nightshirt. She picked up her toy penguin, which Irvine had brought her, and stared at it through watery eyes. The small fluffy penguin held a red heart in the middle of its chest with embroidered letters saying 'cutest girl in the world'.

Selphie almost threw it across the room, but instead changed her mind and hugged it to her chest.

Drying her eyes, she got up and walked to the door. The floor was freezing on her bare feet, so she hopped around a bit. Selphie stood staring out into the hallway, contemplating going into Zells room.

She'd done this for the past few nights and layed with Zell in his bed. Nothing went on. It was just like they used to do in the orphanage. Zell would often come into Selphies bed because of a nightmare. Now it was the other way round.

She wasn't sure if he was getting annoyed at her or not, but she found herself rapping lightly on his door anyway, pushed forward by the lonliness of her own room.

Zells eyes flickered open. Groaning, he flung his bed covers off and got up, quickly fetching his boxers and putting them on before answering the door. Not as if he didn't know who it was anyway.

Opening the door, he yawned and stretched before opening his eyes to look at Selphie.

Her light brown hair was slightly ruffled and her overly large white t shirt which served as a night shirt, was hanging off one shoulder. In her right hand, she clutched a small toy penguin with big cutesy eyes.

Zell knew she had been crying, but said nothing of it, as she'd only deny it anyway.

"Hey Selph. Come in."

Selphie stepped inside and Zell shut the door behind her.

"I didn't mean to come to you tonight, it's just, I can't sleep and I need a friend."

Zell ran a hand through his blonde hair.

"That's okay. Try and sleep alright?" he got into his bed and gestured for Selphie to follow.

She forced a smile and got in, turning over so her back was facing him. It was warm in his bed and smelt of him, which was some sort of aftershave mixed with a bubble gum kind of smell, probably his hair styling stuff.

It comforted Selphie but not enough for her to cheer up or go to sleep.

Again, without realising, she had begun to cry. Just little sobs, but this was enough for Zell to notice.

He could feel her body quaking next to his and hear her little sniffs.

Zell reached his arms around her waist and gave her a hug. At first, he was rather uncomfortable doing this, due to his near naked form, but then didn't care because Selphie was his friend and she needed comforting.

She felt slightly stupid, as if she was crying over nothing. She should've put on a brave face like always and told herself to get through it. But something had changed in her. She didn't want to pretend to be happy, she had to let someone know how she was feeling.

Selphie turned around and snuggled her face into Zells chest. He could feel her tears and eyelashes fluttering. She hugged him hard as her body hitched with each new wave of sorrow.

"Selphie . . . what's wrong? You've been like this for ages."

She didn't reply, so he just stroked her feathery hair and cradled her against him.

This wasn't like Selphie at all. What had happened to his bubbly bouncy girl who used to talk non stop and have a constant smile on her face?

Zell couldn't think of any reason for her to be so upset. Sure, he knew that Irvine wasn't with her as much, but he had told him that he was just a bit busy and still saw Selphie.

He didn't know about Irvine's new followers bullying Selphie.

Zell noticed Selphie had stopped crying. Looking down at her, he realised she had gone to sleep. He smiled and gently tried to move away so he could sleep, but she let out a small moan so he stayed hugging her, and finally fell asleep himself.