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The Beginning

Yawning a girl about the age of 18 woke up when the sun was shining through the curtains. Groaning the girl stood up and went to the bathroom. She had curly raven hair up to her shoulders and blue eyes. She did her morning routine and then went downstairs now in her green school uniform. "Good Morning, Mom" She greeted her mom with a peck on the cheek.

"Good morning, Kagome." The blue eyed mother called her daughter. "Could you get Souta up?" Nodding she walked up the stairs into her little brother's room.

"Good Morning Souta!" She yelled. The young boy at the age of 8 jumped out of bed with start and threw a pillow at his sister. "Do your morning routine and then eat your breakfast. School starts in an hour." Grumbling he got up and went to the bathroom.

Both children of the house ate their breakfast and headed off to school. Kagome dropped Souta to his school and then headed off to her school. While she was walking, she took off her contacts and putting on round, thick glasses, and then putting her hair up in a messy bun. Now instead of the beautiful girl, she looked like a geek.

Entering the school grounds, she met up with her friend Sango. Her best friend. She knew everything about her, her darkest secret in which they shared.

They were chattering away when they bumped into 2 guys, InuYasha and Miroku. The two most popular boys in the school, Kara Ochitano University... according to the other students in the school. But according to Kagome and Sango, they were the lowest people in the chain, with a few extra people.

"Hey watch it, wench." The silver haired boy, named InuYasha scowled down at her. "Why don't you?"The raven haired girl retorted, getting a few stares from bystanders. They both glared at each other when they heard a scream and a slap. Tearing away from their glaring contest, they looked over to Miroku and Sango.

Miroku was on the ground while Sango was huffing with anger. As usual. Sango was a pretty girlandalways seemed to be against Kagomein pretending anddisguising herself."You will never learn will you Miroku?"InuYasha andKagome both said at once, then glared at eachother."Nope." Miroku slurred on the ground. Shaking their heads they went on different directions, not looking back once...

"Did you know the prom is next week?" Sango askedwith a mock boredom."Yea..."Kagome looked at Sango, not liking where this was going..."Are you going?" asked Sango.

"I could care less." The geek looked away.

"Aww, come on."

"I'm not even going, it's pointless. I don't even have a date!"

"What if you get a date?" Sango said with a michevious glint in her eye.

"Yea right..."Kagome STILL not liking where this washeading...

"How about this, if someone asks you for a date you must say yes!" Sango's mind started thinking... the little hamster inher brain started running..

"How about if Miroku asks you to the prom you say yes." Kagome threw back, predicting that Sango will never agree...

Sango opened her mouth before her little hamster got what she was saying, "FINE!" Immediately shutting her mouth.

"Deal." Kagome grinning, proud that she got Sango back, knowing that she wouldn't get asked. Sango huffed in mock anger, but praying to every god she knew that she wouldn't get asked by the damn pervert.


"Hey InuYasha, do you know that there's a prom next week?" MIroku asked, looking at a random girls butt, as usual.


Miroku starteddazing about thinking ofgirls... duh."Who are you going with?"

"I could care less." InuYasha said arrogantly, "I could get any girl I want."

"No you can't." Miroku rolledhis eyes.

"Sure I can." InuYasha resisted a snarl back, him of course can not refused a challenge.

"How about I pick a girl and you have to go to the prom with her." Miroku liked where this was going. Few monthes ago, InuYasha was happily going out with Kikyou. But then suddenly, Kikyou dumped InuYasha. There was no explanation, just bye bye. Kikyou moved on with Naraku, though Miroku was still clueless on why Kikyou would go with Naraku instead ofhis best friend...

"And I dare you to go with Sango, and you can't grope her OR think ANY perverted thoughtsbefore the prom." Miroku smirked to himself. "Deal."

"Who do you pick?" Smirking pervertedly, Miroku said, "I choose Kagome." InuYasha widen his eyes clearly shocked. "You are evil, Miroku. EVIL. " "I know." Miroku said simply and smugly.


The bell rang signalling it was 5 mins before class. The classroom filled in and was full of chatter. Kagome sat at the 3rd row beside the window, with Sango right beside her. InuYasha came in and sat behind Kagome, with Miroku sitting behind Sango.

"Hey Kagome, wanna go to the prom with me?" InuYasha randomly said. The girls in the classroom all turned around to stare at the two.


All the girls gasped and startedbabbling among themselves. "What is wrong with this girl, InuYasha asked her to the prom!" "What do you think will happen next?"

InuYasha ignore the girls and continued to stare at Kagome.

Miroku went over to Sango and said, "Sango will you go to the prom with me?" The girls gasped again, and chattered again. "I don't believe it! Now Miroku is taken! This is so not fair!" "Yea I know!"

"No," was the clear answer again.

The girls all stared at Sango who said no. "Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! What is wrong with these two girls?" "Yea, two hot guys asked them to the prom and they rejected them!" They shook their heads, and stared at the girls in the envy. "What's so good about THEM?" The boys glared at InuYasha and Miroku for stealing their girls, AGAIN.

The teacher came in and interupted them. "Please class, stop your chattering and into your seats." Mrs. Kumo required.

"Think about it." InuYasha whispered into Kagome's ears. Mrs. Kumo started teaching the class about the Fueldal Era. "Long ago there was a time, when demons were alive, the Shikon no Tama still shines brightly in a priestess' protection. The miko protected the Shikon no Tama for a long period of time, but then a hanyou appeared to gain the jewel's power to change into a full demon. He failed, but the miko pitied the hanyou because he was shamed and was lonely. In time the miko fell in love with the hanyou. The hanyou used that weakness to attack her when she let her guard down and then killed her. He took the Shikon no Tama and fled. No one knew what happened after that." She stopped talking so that the students may finish taking their notes." We will be studying about this piece of history. So pick a partner, youmay now talk among yourselves about the piece of history I just told you for 10 mins. "

Behind Kagome InuYasha started growling. Growling to himself he said, "That's not true." Kagome turned around and asked, "What isn't?"

"The piece of 'history.' It's all wrong. The hanyou also fell in love with the miko, but evil came between them and the miko was killed, and the hanyou was pinned to a tree by her sacred arrow."

"Funny, that's what my family told me, too." Kagome said with a raised eyebrow.

"My father told me that story when I was little." "Same here..." Chuckling, InuYasha said, "Isn't this funny, we were just arguing just a while ago and now we're talking like old friends, it's a good change."

Smiling a small smile, she said, "Yes, it's true." She has a very beautiful smile. I hope she smiles more- Woah woah woah! Slow down, it's just a dare, I don't really want to go to the prom with her right? Yep, totally. I don't want to, Ijust need to get backat Miroku. Yep Yep...

"Ok class, I want a project on the Fueldal Era by the end of this week. It doesn't matter what you choose. Partners will be chosen by me." The teacher got a list from her table and started reading off it.

"Ayame and Kouga, Naraku and Kikyou, Sesshomaru and Rin, Kagura and Juuroumaru, Kanna and Kageroumaru, Yura and Hiten, Mayu and Hojou, Shippou and Saski, Sango and Miroku-" A bang on the table was heard and heads turned to Sango whose head was on the table.

She continued until she was the very last people. "InuYasha and Kagome." Another bang was heard, Kagome had her head banged on the table too.

After class Sango and Kagome exited the class with InuYasha and Miroku behind them. "What do you guys want?"

"We want to know when we'll know when we do the project." Grumbling the Kagome said, "How about after school."

"Fine where?" "Umm the library?"

"No way, my house right after school. I'm not changing my mind." Relunctedly, Kagome agreed. "Fine, I'll tell my mom."

"Sango dear, how about my house after school?" "How about the library after school. I'm not changing my mind." Pouting Miroku agreed.

They all seperated for Physical Education. In P.E class they learned about hand to hand combat. The girls had on blue shorts and red tank tops, with the school crest pocket on their shorts. The guys had black shorts and black tang tops. The girls were giggling at the boys exposed chests and some of the guys gawking at the girls. "I have to admit these tang tops are better than the last ones.!" Kagome said while looking down at her tang top. "Yea agree with you there."

InuYasha and Miroku looked over to Kagome and Sango and then talked to each other. "Wow Kagome looks way better than she did when she had on her uniform." "Yea Sango looks just as beautiful as ever..." Going in a daze again..."Pervert." Scoffing as he looked away.

The whistle blew and then the girls and boys sepearated for the compitition for hand to hand combat they learned the past month. There would be 2 winners for each A and B groups in the girls. The A would have to face the A in the boys group. The B would face the B in the boys group. The girls fight was going pretty easy and Sango and Kagome won. Kagome as A and Sango as B. In the boys battle were rough, there were bloody noses, bruises, and scratches. In the end InuYasha won for A without any injuries. Miroku won for B with a bruise on his cheek.

"Now will the B's from each group come up for the battle please." The couch yelled. Miroku and Sango went up onto the stage to fight. "Sango? How could it be you! Now I'm sure I won't win! I can't hit the one I love!" "Well too bad. I'm sure I'll win 'cause I love to hit the pervert." Smirking Sango went for the first punch. Hitting him in the gut he fell down on his knees.

"Sorry Sango." He said while pushing Sango down on the ground, pinning her on the ground. Unable to move her arms, she kicked him in the stomach while sending him flying backwards, out of the ring. "Sango is the winner!" Cheers on the girls team were heard. "You got beaten by a girl!" Jeers were heard on the boy side of the team. "Go InuYasha! Win one for us!" Miroku shrugged and fell more in love with Sango with a grin on his face.

"Will the A's please come up to the stage please." InuYasha and Kagome walked up the stage. "Kagome? You actually made it?" "What do you think?" "Guess you're not the geek I thought you were." "Now now InuYasha, don't fall for me." Spluttering, he yelled, "Of course I won't!" "Remember that InuYasha..."

This is only the beginning.

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