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Sitting at the Slytherin table was normal to Cleopatra Black now, in her 6th year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizdary. But she probably longed now, more than ever to be sitting with her best friend and her brother at the Gryffindor table; but it was not because they were sitting there.

She sighed loudly as she shoved a strip of bacon into her mouth, and got the usual confused glance from Severus Snape. To avoid his piercing look, Clea shock her chin length black hair so that it cascaded over her almond shaped brown eyes. Still able to see Snape and his slimy black hair, she decided to just clasp her eyes shut.

They burned.

She knew why. Yes she was tired because she was up all night studying, but that wasn't it. She cried last night. She couldn't stop it.

How could he do it? She screamed inside her head. My own brother, I know I'm not perfect, but... is it because I'm not a Gryffindor?

She could still remember so clearly five years ago, when she was only 11 years old; she arrived at Hogwarts, and was sorted into Slytherin.

The Black family was one of the oldest wizarding families still in existence, and, due to their complete hatred of anyone who wasn't a pureblood wizard, for centuries they resided in the house of Slytherin at Hogwarts. However her brother Sirius broke that chain when he was sorted into Gryffindor the year before Clea was accepted. Clea loved her brother more than anyone in the world and wanted nothing more than to follow in his footsteps. But that didn't happen.

"Oooh," the voice of the Sorting Hat whispered in her ear, the night of her sorting ceremony "Another Black, aye." The Sorting Hat was an old, tattered wizard's hat, but when called to duty, the hat would spring to life and sort the students into the houses he deemed fit.

"Put me in Gryffindor!" Clea said in her head, hoping the hat would hear her.

"Gryffindor?" the hat said to her, Sirius told her on the train that the hat could read your every thought, and he was right.

"I don't think you belong in Gryffindor," the hat said, to Clea's surprise. "No, Gryffindors' are brave, and you my dear girl are only brave when you need to go after something you want. Sounds more like a Slythern to me."

"You are sweet and innocent and nice to the core," the hat continued, "and those qualities will help you accomplish your true goal."

Clea swallowed hard. She remembered instantly what she said before she left home. Her father's old, tattered Slytherin flag hung over the door. "If I am in Slytherin," she announced to the flag. "I'm going to be different. Understanding and caring to everyone. That's my goal: to be the nicest Slytherin there ever was."

Clea blinked and tears swelled in her eyes, as the hat shouted: "SLYTHERIN!"

She was upset. Her heart sank more when Lily Evans, a red-headed girl she befriended on the Hogwarts train, was sorted into Gryffindor. She felt like screaming when she looked over at the Gryffindor table, and saw her laughing and talking with Sirius and his friends.

But she made the most of it. Lily and she, over the first year, became best friends; separated only when they had to return to their own house's dormitories.

Sirius didn't hate her, like she thought he would, for being in Slytherin. And she soon became friends with his friends, James Potter, Peter Pettigrew, and Remus Lupin.

She also, over the five years, befriended Severus Snape. A boy her brother and his friends (and half the school) made fun of. And even though she wished she was a Gryffindor, she was content with her role as: "The nicest Slytherin ever;" as said by a group of Ravenclaws.

Well, she was content, until this morning.

"Are you all right, Cleopatra?" The drawling icy voice of Severus filled her ears and she realized how silly she must look. She opened her eyes, pushed her silky hair out of the way and found an awkward look of worry on Severus' face, replacing his usual venomous stare.

Clea didn't know how to answer him. She didn't want to. She liked it when he was cold and unfriendly to her. But now the truth was out. Now she couldn't escape him. She thought for a moment of the boy she really wanted asking her if she was all right, worrying about her, wanting her. But Sirius put an end to those thoughts.

Anger rose in her body. She looked up at Severus. She looked at his hooked nose and his deep unemotional eyes. She hated him. She became friends with him because she felt bad for him. She lied to him over and over to protect his feelings, and finally to use him.

"I'm having a bad....morning, Severus. That's all." Clea sighed again as she let her hair fall back into her face.