The Incident of Houses

Chapter 1: (maybe)

There he was standing close, too close for comfort, to the three girls that had been apart of his life since his second year of Hogwarts. They were the only three left for the special magic experiment that Dumbledore had imposed on the student body. It had only been about two days since "The Incident of Houses" as the faculty had come to call it that led to this precarious position that the famous or rather, after this fiasco, the infamous Harry Potter. Two days ago.

It had been a long day of wands and wizardry at Hogwarts and by far Harry was feeling the fullest of the work. He had been given not only the lessons that were already assigned to him but also an extra potions class with professor Snape. Needless to say he was tired, not just physically but mentally as well. Harry plodded lazily through the corridors of the castle that he now called home. The walls and doors seemed to moan with every footstep he took as he trudged to the top of the stairs in the grand staircase. As he raised his head to look at the painting that usually contained the fat lady he saw a pair of eyes that belonged to the one person had the hopes of missing all together. Draco Malfoy and cronies Crabbe and Goyle stood in his path with their normal smug expressions and looked as if he had no intention of moving. "Hello Potter." He snarled, "Enjoy your little extra session with Snape?" Harry cursed the session that had left him both tired and alone in this situation. Hermione and Ron had decided to call it a day before he had finished his.

"What do you think, Malfoy, or do I have to spell it out for you?" Harry quipped

"Just remember, Potter, that tomorrow we're going to settle this between you and me."

"The Quiddich game tomorrow won't settle anything if I win, because you'll just end up dragging it out." Harry sighed exhaustedly; he was so tired of Malfoy's vendetta against him that he was at the point of not caring anymore.

"I won't loose." Snarled Malfoy

"Fine, can I go now?" inquired Harry with feigned reverence. Draco and his henchmen left and when they were completely out of sight Harry muttered the password and entered the portrait hole to Gryffindor tower. He met up with Ron and Hermione who did their best to console him but in the end it was a good nights sleep that he needed. However, the next day proved no better than the one before as the Quiddich match quickly blowing out of proportions as the Quiddich cup had been place for a tie between all three houses on account of a flock of wild hippogriff moving into the grounds and deciding not leave. When the four way tie was announced a roar from the crowd erupted in an all out riot on the field in a flurry of jinxes, hexes and curses the likes of which Hogwarts has never seen before.

After the game and after the riot had been forcibly stopped by the faculty, Professor Dumbledore called all of the houses into the main hall. He stood at his podium with an aura that seemed much more malevolent than the expression he was currently wearing. With a swift motion of his hands that sent a chill up everyone's spine, including his fellow professors. "As you all know, there was an incident between the four houses yesterday. An incident that I feel is my fault. I believe that things have been a little too house oriented at the moment. That is why I have decided to temporarily disband the four houses as for reasons of my own health I can not call conferences with your parents." A loud collective gasp of shock rang out from great hall and a look of horror befell the students as if Lord Valdemort had dropped from the sky that very second. "Quiet!" boomed Dumbledore "That is why I have erected small cottages on the grounds."

"I don't like where he's with this." Hermione worried in Harry's ear.

"For Three months every house will be forced to live together, one person from each house will live in the small cottages. You will learn to be civil with each other even if it kills you." Dumbledore finished and sat down only to be replaced by the deputy head mistress and head of Gryffindor house Professor Magonigall. She called the names of a student from Gryffindor first, then a Huffelpuff, next a Ravenclaw, and lastly a Slytherian. When they had all reached the front of the room they were each handed a key and sent back to their tables. This continued until everyone but four people had a key. Finally it was Harry Potters turn, when he heard his name he wasted no time in making his way to the front were he stood waiting to hear the names of his new roommates. Professor Magonigall looked at with sympathy in her eyes as she called out the first name.

"Pansy Parkinson," She called as the notorious raven-haired beauty sauntered to the front of the hall. She had been a blight to Harry's life since she had known him, often bringing him the same trouble that Malfoy was synonymous with. However, she was quite different from the last time he had seen her. The major difference being her nose as it was shapely and normal. Harry wondered if she had had it fixed by madam Pomfrey as the next name was called "Cho Chang." This name caught Harry's attention faster than an avada kedavra curse sent from Valdemort. Cho Chang bounded down the isle until she reached the front with a playful wink in Harry's direction. The summer had been good to her, her skin was tanned a light brown and she had let her hair grow to waist's length and maintained it to silky perfection. She stood next to Harry and playfully bumped into his shoulder with a bright smile spread across her face. At this point Harry was having a hard enough time trying to keep himself from dreading the next name and was having no luck. Finally the last name was called "Samantha Masterson." Harry knew that name, he had heard it somewhere before. Then a young blonde girl, who seemed to cringe under the eyes of the students in the great hall, crept her way to the front. She was a small-framed girl who looked quite timid with her tiny, oval glasses that sat on the end of her face as if clinging to a cliff for dear life. She had long, straight blonde hair that were drawn tightly into two separate low pony tails that hung past her shoulder blades. Her eyes, the little they were pointed at him, were an almost radiant shade of green.

When they had all reached the front Professor Magonigall handed them each a small golden key and a matching envelope. When dismissed they each returned to their tables and gathered with their friends. Dumbledore once again got up to speak, "For the three months you are in those cottages you will not be allowed to sleep in the house towers, nor will you be allowed to eat in the great hall. These things will be confined to the cottages. Any violator will be punished severely." Dumbledore finished as images of some horrible creature Hagrid had recently captured being set loose into their cottage. "It, being a Saturday, is time for you to get acquainted. You may all go to your cottages now."

Harry met Ron and Hermione as they were exiting the great hall. There he found out that Ron was ok with being given Luna Lovegood, a same year Huffelpuff that Harry didn't recognize, but disliked the fact that Draco Malfoy would be his roommate. Where as Hermione would not even comment about being placed into the "bimbo house" as she called it with two girls and a guy who seemed to be only concerned with their appearances. Harry let out a cough that sounded eerily like the name Lockhart when the three girls that would become his roommates greeted him. Then the trio spilt into their respective groups not wanting to incur the Professor's wrath. By this time Cho had already grabbed his arm and was in the process of pulling him toward the grounds, when he heard Malfoy mouth the words "Harry's Harem, Harry's Harem!" and laugh loudly.

End Chapter 1

I had originally intended this to be a one shot but let me know what ya'll think and I'll keep it going. Ken Akamatsu goodness to come trust me. Also I'm not sure of the pairing at the moment so some help would be appreciated, thanks.