The Incident of Houses

Chapter 5: The Mommy Test II

Harry stood in his robes as they hung as if so many large blankets off of him, Cho squealed and pulled him into a tight hug. Harry gasped for air as Cho's cleavage began to suffocate him. Pansy pulled him away from the heavenly vice like grip of Cho's cleavage and looked him in the eye. Other than his diminished size, Harry felt no different than a few seconds before when he was his normal nearly adult self. In fact he felt nothing diminished what so ever. However, Pansy had knelt down to meet Harry's eyes and in doing so give him quite a view. It seems she had decided to wear her favorite black lace cotton panties, and Harry could see every inch of them.

Now Harry had been in a certain amount of control over a particular body part since he was fifteen but for some reason it had decided to rise to attention again with no request from him. It seemed that all the blood in his body rushed to either one of two places, the afore mentioned monster or his face. Luckily, Harry had been sitting down the entire time and managed to cross his legs before anyone noticed what was going on. "Harry, HARRY!" said Pansy as she shook Harry out of his delirium.


"Are you alright?"

"I…I'm fine, Pansy."

"You don't look fine." Chimed Cho. Harry turned looking for any friendly face wishing for help and saw Samantha's blushing face. She was almost as bright a shade of crimson as Harry was and more shy. However, she managed to begin to speak up. "It probably just an after effect of the spell." She pushed her glasses to the bridge of her nose and combed her long blonde locks behind her ears as Harry quietly thanked her when the others weren't looking. It was at this point that Professor Dumbledore took hold of the attention once again.

"Certain people have been given the gift of youth so that others might be given the gift of maturity. This is the assignment: those of you are your correct ages are to take care of those that are younger than you. You will learn what it is like to be parents and hopefully learn some dependability as well. You will all return to your cottages and take care of those you are responsible for." Explained Dumbledore. "And let this be a warning, if by the end of this last month things have not improved be between the houses, everyone will be assigned to a new house. Is that clear?"

With that last comment, the great hall was dismissed and sent back to their cottages but Harry had not quite recovered from his predicament and decided to hold up his new 'family' as long as possible. After a few minutes of waiting he got to a point where he could finally hide it. "Come on Harry, Lets get back to the cottage." Said Pansy as she turned accidentally flipping her skirt higher than it should have been allowed, instantly resulting in a flare up. Thankfully, Samantha stepped in front of him effectively blocking the others view, however, she decided, for some unknown reason, to stop in front of him. Without the time to react and steer around her, he plowed into her from behind. They both fell to the ground, Samantha on her stomach and Harry on her back as if they were two dogs in heat. A perverted smile crept across Pansy's face while a look of horror permeated Cho's Asian features.

"Isn't it a little kinky to do that in public and with a kid too?" smiled Pansy

"W…Wha wha what are you d..doing!" stuttered Cho as she pulled Harry off of Samantha only find the reason for this accident pointing firmly at her belly button.

"Hehe the Great Harry potter is a normal boy and I thought it would be me to give you a stiffy." Teased Pansy, though little did she know.

"PANSY!" yelled Samantha as she jumped to her feet and straightened her dress; so red she was almost crispy.

"Sorry, I forgot we had virgin ears in the bunch," Pansy teased. "Come on big man, lets go home."

Sorry for the short chapter, just filler for now. Thanks to everyone who reviewed and those that have supported this story. I have to admit that I wasn't quite sure about this story and so far people seem to like my sense of humor. So "Domo Arigato gozimasu!" and there is more to come.