Return of the Maestro.

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"The time has come..." The black tendrils of energy swept around the somewhat tattered form of a medieval harlequin. The clothes gently rewound. He lifted his arms up, looked at the black and grey cloth and grimaced, "tis a shame that the costume department was so stingy on the colors..." He flicked his eye at the seal that gently turned in the middle of the bright white eternity the harlequin inhabited. The seal shimmered slightly to reveal a picture of the outside universe. He focused his thoughts. The picture zoomed in and focused on the small world he was interested in. He smirked, "The reformat is going signs of disharmony, chaos or any other fun..." He rifled through his memories of sitting in front of the seal and watching the world he so wished to control continue to exist without his heavy hand.

He'd watched the failings of the human child Ken Ichijouji and then the defeat of those ham fisted understudies Daemon and MaloMyotismon. Over the twenty years of peace he yawned as the dialogue and the action of the plot dwindled and fell flat. He almost left when the battle of the Harmonious Ones and then the tirade of a certain angelic digimon cut across the seal's skin. It made him smirk. Now his mind rested on the reformat caused by that old stodgy director Gennai. "No imagination, no plots to unfurl, not a single conflict beyond a common spat..." growled the harlequin. "I think our director needs a is time...These years of meditation, watching, observing and character appreciation...this near eternal boredom, it is time I put my finely laced shoes back upon the stage..."

The harlequin stepped before the seal. He lifted his hand up and felt the surge of energy ripple through his skin. The seal's attempts to delete him were laughable and the harlequin smirked and punched through. He stepped out upon the ledge of a cliff. He blinked and took a deep breath. "Ah...the world is but a stage...and this stage will be mine once again...." He narrowed his eyes. He felt the oncoming powers. The rigid forms of armored figures were gliding forward.

"Piedmon!" shouted a male voice. The left figure slowed and drew up in front of the harlequin. He was a tall and stately, blue armored angel digimon. Ten golden wings held the armored digimon in the air. "What are you doing here?"

Closely behind the first angel came a second angel, this one female. She held a lance in her right hand. "The Harmonious Ones have not mentioned the digivolution of a Piedmon...."

"Ah, and now our initial incident of this narrative of the ages!" cheered the harlequin, "and we meet our first two antagonists...they have come in from stage left upon the orders of their...malcontent bosses the Harmonious Ones..."

"I know this...digimon!" growled a beastly voice. The harlequin looked up. A large, red, flaming lion man was standing above him on the edge of the cliffs. "He is the Dark Master, Piedmon, but that is impossible he was destroyed!"

"Heh, dear, dear ill informed knave," said the harlequin quietly. "Let me educate you with some exposition, Marsmon..." Piedmon leapt into the air and dropped down behind the lion. "You see, I was banished to the Gate of Destiny, but as you can guess, such a paltry attack would not come near to deleting me...though my poor pets, the Vilemon, were unfortunately destroyed..." Piedmon sighed quietly. He then looked up. "So I bided my time...and learned to train my mind and became even more powerful than before, becoming Chaos Piedmon...and now I am ready to take this production back under the rightful reins!"

"You won't get further than this ledge!" growled Marsmon. He drew his hands together, "Infinite Surge!" He pushed forward with his large clawed paws sending a tsunami of plasma at the harlequin. Chaos Piedmon back flipped backward. When he drew himself up he produced a lion tamers whip and a chair in his hand.

He pushed the chair forward and the plasma backwashed at Marsmon. He then slashed forward with his whip and watched it wrap around Marsmon's legs and tugged. The lion fell off the side of the cliff.

"Marsmon!" The woman dove down and caught the lion in the air and landed him on the ledge carefully.

"Strike of the Seven Stars!" Seven orbs of light spun in front of the male angel and then shot forward.

"Clown Trick!" streams of magic snapped out of harlequin's hand and struck the stars and turned them into giant beach balls. He then unsheathed his sword and popped them. He leapt forward with his sword drawn and slashed ferociously into male angel.

Chaos Piedmon then spun around and slammed his curled shoe into the back of the angel sending him careening into the mountain. The clown glided in the air laughing. "Ah, what joviality! I never expected such fun, upon my return!"

"Seraphimon!" shouted the angel woman. She leapt up leaving Marsmon on the ledge and helped the male angel up. "Are you ok?"

"He's tougher than he looks, Ophanimon," growled the angel man. She turned her head to the harlequin, who was carefully juggling swords.

"I'll take care of him!" growled Ophanimon and she dove from the mountain. "You will learn proper respect, stranger! Sephirote Crystal!" thousands of crystal shards soared through the air between Chaos Piedmon and Ophanimon. The clown leapt back but the crystals snagged the clown and exploded. Chaos Piedmon cringed and then turned his eyes up. The angel was racing forward with her javelin lifted, "Lightning Javelin!"

Chaos Piedmon quickly unsheathed two of his swords and clashed them against the javelin. An evil smile crept across his face, "Such a pretty young, wench shouldn't have such sharp implements..." He pushed against her and kicked off her midsection and flew backwards. He swung the swords forward. "Trump Sword!" the swords flew forward. The swords slammed into the javelin and knocked it from her hand.

"We will not allow you to continue!" growled Marsmon. He clenched his fists, "Corona Sanctions!" fists of plasma flew forward. Chaos Piedmon laughed as he ducked and weaved through the plasma and drew up close to the lion.

"I believe it is time you exit this scene," growled Chaos Piedmon with an evil smile and rammed a sword through the lion's stomach.

"Marsmon!" Seraphimon was diving down his fists bared. "Piedmon you will pay!"

"Oh on the contrary, my dear fellow," chuckled the clown. "Clown Trick!" streams of energy whipped up and swirled around the angel and formed into a magic box.

"Seraphimon..." Ophanimon looked at her male counterpart.

"Corona...."rasped Marsmon under his breath, "...Sanctions..."

A pulse of plasma struck the clown in the back. Piedmon turned and looked at the lion. "I thought I told you to exit this scene...well an actor that can't take direction will just have to be completely terminated! Clown Trick!" Marsmon soon found himself also trapped within a magic box.

Ophanimon and Chaos Piedmon circled each other slowly in the air.

"You are an evil being..." said Ophanimon bluntly.

"And you are a foolish wench," sneered Piedmon in return. He drew his hands up. "Now...Clown Trick!"

"Sephirote Crystal!" the crystal shards exploded against the magic streams and the tendrils of energy wrapped around the angel's body. She was trapped like the other two.

"Now..." smiled the clown he drew the boxes up to him. "I could keep you captive...but I'm afraid you're more useful to me...dead." He unsheathed his swords. "Trump Swords!" the blades jammed into the magic boxes from all directions. The three mega digimon in the boxes roared in pain, as their energy and data was started to disintegrate Piedmon drew up three handkerchiefs and threw them over the boxes. He drew them up and opened the hankies to reveal three marbles. One had with the symbol for Seraphimon, one had the symbol for Ophanimon, and one had the symbol for Marsmon. "Yes, now, to the new Village of Origins. It is time to gather some co-producers for this little show..." and with that said Piedmon faded into the air.


Anubismon looked over the village. The place where every digi-egg ever formed was under his august watch. He made the decision on whether a digimon was worthy of returning to the physical plane or if it would have to be banished to the realms of data, until it was properly consumed and reassembled so as to delete any possible past evil.

The large winged dog god stood from his throne. There was a disruption in the southeast quadrant. He pressed a button gently and looked up at the screen. Pandamon was on the screen.

"What is wrong, Pandamon?" Anubismon asked quietly.

"Piedmon..." whispered the large panda bear. "He is attacking the village!"

"What!?" Anubismon growled softly under his breath. His large hands clenched. "How did a Piedmon form?"

"This isn't just a Piedmon!" grumbled Pandamon. There was an explosion in the background. "He's a Chaos Piedmon! Monzaemon, Swanmon, Lilymon and Silphymon are trying their best as but he's so strong..."

"Go help them, I'll be there soon!" barked Anubismon. He growled and flicked his wings and glided from the large castle.


"I just came to gather some friends..." chuckled the black and white phantom harlequin.

"There are no friends for you here," called out Pandamon. He walked out of one of the nurseries. "Leave now!"

"I'm not welcomed?" pouted Piedmon and he glided forward. "That's rude...I don't like rudeness," He drew his swords up.

"Bamboo Punch!" Pandamon leapt up and slammed his fists down on the clown but the man simply slapped the large black and white teddy bear aside.

"Pandamon..." Lilymon flew forward. Her petals were a bit crumpled from earlier and she had little scorches on her cheeks. She held up her hand and a large bloom unfurled revealing the barrel of a cannon. "Flower Cannon!" A blast of green shot at Piedmon. The clown laughed and caught the blast in his hand and tossed it at Swanmon knocking the bird digimon into a wall.

"Lovely Attack!" thousands of heart bubbles flowed from Monzaemon and filled the street. They exploded around Piedmon.

"Such useless, attempts..." chuckled the clown.

"Pyramid Power!" growled a deep voice from up above. Three gold beams slammed between Piedmon and the Ultimates.

"Ah ha, another stand in!" laughed Piedmon and he leapt back. He looked at the robed dog god as it glided down to the ground on large snow white wings. He drew his swords up. ", of reformation...not often one can gloat about acting on the same stage as you..."

"You were told you were not welcome, Chaos Piedmon," growled the digimon. "Leave."

"I was explaining to your lackluster understudies, that I am here to gather a few friends," returned Piedmon with a growl.

"You will not be gathering anything here!" retorted Anubismon. He lifted his hands up and a gold orb formed above his head, "Amemit!" Gold whips of energy lashed out and snapped at Piedmon's hands.

"If you wanted to play slap hands," chuckled Piedmon. He opened his palms. "You should have said...Clown Trick!"

The streamers of magic slammed into Anubismon and forced the digimon back. Anubismon flapped his wings and cupped his hands over his chest, "Nice trick, Chaos Piedmon, but not good enough! Pyramid Power!" three gold beams shot forward and crashed into Piedmon. The clown growled softly.

The clown whipped out his swords. He leapt forward, "It's been nice working with an actor as dedicated as you but, I'm afraid it just won't work out! I just have different artistic views than you! Trump Sword!" the swords flew forward and sliced past Anubismon de-winging the guardian.

Anubismon fell to his knees and looked up at the clown. "Do you think I'm going to give up that easily?" He held his hands above his head. The gold orb formed again, "Amemit!" The ball grew and then turned into a spear and flew forward. Piedmon cracked a pair of his swords against the head of the arrow and struggled against the attack. The arrow exploded and sent Piedmon backwards head over heels. "Pyramid Power!" The three gold lasers flashed forward but Piedmon was gone.

"Now you see me," Piedmon flashed in front of Anubismon, "Now you don't!" he disappeared. Suddenly, there was a sharp stabbing in Anubismon's back. The large winged dog god digimon exploded into data. Piedmon turned to face the rest of the guardians, "Do any of you understudies wish to stand in?"

"We won't let you get away with this!" shouted Silphymon. The androgynous cyborg clenched its fists. "Static Force!" a ball of energy was tossed at Piedmon.

Piedmon stabbed the ball and laughed, "Ah, a sporting gentleman, or is it gentlewoman?"

Silphymon leapt at Piedmon. The clown snatched the cyborg by the head and slammed it down into the concrete street.

"Silphymon!" Pandamon curled his fists and rushed the clown but Piedmon had him on top of Silphymon before the large black and white bear could realize he was lifted.

"Pandamon!" Monzaemon and Swanmon looked at each other.

"Don't..." said Lilymon, "He's too strong..."

"A wise flower child," said Chaos Piedmon.

"But we can't let him have the eggs!" she finished. She lifted her gun, "Everyone together! Flower Cannon!"

"Lovely Attack!" Monzaemon released his hearts.

"Down Tornado!" Swanmon unleashed a spinning strike of razor sharp white down feathers.

Chaos Piedmon slapped the attacks aside, "I grow weary of these half hearted attempts!" He clenched his fists, "Clown Trick!" a spiral of dark magic ripped through the guardians and blasted them to dust. He looked at the eggs spread before him, "Now..." He lifted his wrists, three eggs lifted up to him. His dark aura gently rubbed the eggs and they hatched. He lifted the three marbles up gently and the three baby digimon instantly digivolved to their In Training forms. Yokomon, Koromon, and Tsunomon looked up at Piedmon. "Mm, nice indeed..."

He drew the marbles up and placed them on the three digimon. The three digimon digivolved to Floramon, Modoki Betamon, and Psychemon. Instantly, they digivolved twice more and then a bright flash came from them. The digimon that stepped from the Floramon's position was short, lank, and had a cold metal surface. A piece of metallic cross bars hung on its back. It held a huge metal sledge hammer. The one that stepped from Modoki Betamon's spot was tall. Two large metallic wings unfurled. It had a humanoid body, but dragon like head and arms and tale. The body was covered in metal like a robot's. The third roared upwards. It curled in the sky like a giant snake. It was covered in heavy black and gold armor. Four large turbine cannons surrounded the neck of the beast. Its snout was blunt and hollowed like a cannon.

"Ah, what have we got here..." Chaos Piedmon inspected the four digimon.

"I am Metal Puppetmon," growled the first digimon with the hammer. "I'm the best I get, and my metal body keeps me from being damaged from petty ice attacks..."

"I am AndroDramon," said the tall, metallic, humanoid dragon. His hand opened and revealed a large cannon, "I'll blast my enemies away with my Fusion Cannon and my Metal Dragon Strike."

The large snake digimon curled in circles. "I am CyberSeadramon. My River of Rage and my Hyper Tsunami Cannon will wash any digimon out of my way."

"Wonderful..." smiled Chaos Piedmon. He lifted his hands up. "I am Chaos Piedmon, and together we shall bring this wondrous world to its knees!"

"Not if we have anything to say about it!" growled a voice. Chaos Piedmon turned his head. A large blue twisting dragon filled the sky. Beside him glided a giant red bird. Two other digimon glided on clouds underneath the bird and the dragon. One was a two headed turtle that had a tree for a shell. The other was a giant tiger; large spiked bands covered its ankles.

"So, the Harmonious Ones kissed and made up," chuckled Chaos Piedmon. He drew his swords. "Boys, its time to turn talk to action."

"So you think you can just return to power, Piedmon, without going through us?" growled the large blue snaking dragon. "and don't think you'll just seal us away! Your old tricks won't work on us..."

"Azulongmon," smirked the clown, "you don't know how gratifying it is that you remembered my act after all these years!"

"Stop talking," roared the bird. "Let's roast him! Phoenix Fire!" A large bird shaped fire blast flew at the four digimon in the village.

"No! Black Hail!" the two headed turtle nullified the attack, "We must get them out of the village first, Zhuqiaomon."

"Leave that to me!" The giant blue dragon's eyes flashed and lightning wrapped around the four evil digimon and he then dragged them from the village.

"Let's finish this quick!" growled the tiger. It lifted its claws. "Iron Claw!"

"Puppet Sledge!" Metal Puppetmon swung the sledge down and growled as he slid back against the claws.

"River of Rage!" a blast of swirling black energy slammed into the tiger. The giant white cat grunted and turned his head to the giant sea snake.

"Vajra!" a blast of light sent the giant metallic snake flying backwards in crashing into the ground.

"Fusion Cannon!" the humanoid AndroDramon blasted the cat, but the tiger stood there defiantly.

"You're power is nothing," growled the tiger, "Azulongmon, this is hardly worth all of our attention..."

"I concur," growled Zhuqiaomon. He looked up at the giant entwining sky dragon.

"There is a trick..." replied Azulongmon.

"Nothing up my sleeve," said Chaos Piedmon. He gave a smile. "How about this, instead of drawing this battle into extra acts...I will allow you all to attack me at once! If I'm deleted, then you can turn my allies back to their egg form, but if I survive, you have to leave this reality, until I'm destroyed!"

Azulongmon narrowed his eyes. He growled softly. "I don't trust you clown!" boomed his voice.

"Don't be a fool!" growled Zhuqiaomon. He looked down at the clown, "We can do it. Nothing can stop the full on assault of all four Harmonious Ones! We accept your challenge."

"No, Zhuqiaomon!" hissed Azulongmon.

"Too late, he accepted, not going back now!" Chaos Piedmon smiled and nodded, "Remember it has to be all together."

"Fine," growled Zhuqiaomon. "Phoenix Fire!"

"Black Hail!" black blasts of energy ripped from the turtle.

"Vajra!" the tiger unleashed his light blast.

"Aurora Force!" the shimmering blast of energy whipped forward.

"Heh, fools," the harlequin flicked his palms up. Four marbles were hidden in the palm of his gloved hand. "Nothing is up my sleeve but my palms, that's a different script completely..." The energy attacks drained into the marbles uselessly. "Huh, what about that, it looks like I won the, if you would."

"No!" roared Zhuqiaomon, Baihumon and the turtle. Azulongmon narrowed his eyes.

"We made a deal," growled Azulongmon. "We must honor it," He turned his head. A large portal opened. "We will return, mark our words, and this time, Piedmon, we'll make sure you are gone for good!"

"Yes, I'm sure you will," smiled the clown, "but until then please move to stage left where you will find the exit!"


"Gennai...?" asked a pink puff ball with wings.

"We must enlist the help of the Human realm," said the old man quietly. He turned his head slightly. "Elecmon is awaiting Puttomon and Paomon's digivolutions to Shaomon and Cupimon...."

"No, not Cupimon," growled the winged ball. "He tried to...he was the cause of the reformatting...."

"He deserves his chance," replied the old man quietly, "Everyone deserves a second chance."

The red rodent's faced appeared upon a screen in front of Gennai. The old man bowed slightly to the rodent.

"The digimon you asked for, have been digivolved," said the rodent.

"Thank you Elecmon," said Gennai quietly. He turned to a button on the consul in front of the screen. "The chosen have been called." A digi-port opened and eight little devices hovered and flew into the vortex of light. "Let us hope that they are enough."

" working fast," growled the pink ball. "He already has set up watch points all over...F-File Island...Elecmon!"

"Is fine, even Piedmon would not harm Primary Village so early..." said Gennai quietly. "Later on...but not, he'll need more minions than what he has now watching things...."

"I hope you are right..." grumbled the ball.

"I do, too, Piximon, I do, too," sighed Gennai.


This is not the original first chapter, I just didn't like how the original spoke...this one has it's places too but it feels overall better....especially the bit with Gennai...I know someone's going to ask..What about the Village of Origins? Well it will come about later...I think I have a nice idea on how that will play....