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The Lazarus Mon

Aka. Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jig


"Darkness Bluster!" the cannons on the being's shoulder glowed with dark light and then fired forward in concentrated bursts. Damienmon shrieked as the bursts tore through his body.

"Hehe…even though you can destroy my body…you can't destroy me," laughed Damienmon's voice as he reformed out of the Chaos below.

"Do we have any idea who this guy is?" growled WarGreymon X as he looked at the dark armored warrior.

"I'm trying to figure it out…" called out Brendan's voice. "I can't get any info on this guy, no attributes, no level, nothing…it's impossible!"

"It's not impossible…" whispered Slash Angemon, "Not if you want something bad enough…"

"Not if you wish hard enough," nodded Ancient Garurumon.

"So you're saying this guy is a figment of our imaginations?" shouted Valkyrimon loudly.

"Not our imaginations…" Kuzuhamon looked at the creature.

"Mr. Takenouchi's…" whispered GaiOumon as he looked up at the being.

"Interesting way of putting it…" chuckle the creature. He swept its staff forward, "The truth of the matter is; I am Reichmon, Warrior of Darkness!"

"So…where's Mr. Takenouchi!" shouted Justimon loudly as he looked up at the winged man.

"Right there…" hissed the Chaos as it rose up. Damienmon's form appeared out of the liquid. "Reichmon is Kuro, or, more accurately, Kuro is Reichmon, they are the same being...for the most part...Kuro tends to be more squishy..." Damienmon flicked his finger up and a giant hand of Chaos rose up and clasped its crimson fingers around Reichmon. Damienmon smirked, "But none the less, he won't be around much longer..."

"Mr. Takenouchi!" shouted Justimon as the crimson liquid tightened around the black armored warrior.

"Damienmon, you'll have to do better than that!" The crimson liquid turned black and then fell from Reichmon like ash. "You don't really think to hurt me, with something fed with festered dark energy and not expect me to purify its darkness…"

"You may think you have the upper hand, but you still can't stop me!" Damienmon said quietly as he cross his arms, "As long as the Chaos exists, and I am part of it…then I will be invincible…All I have to do is call my forces from the Human World and reabsorb them…I have infinite patience when it comes to taking over the world…"


"Positron Laser!" a large, black armored dragon rushed through the air firing bursts of light that exploded into retreating flocks of gray balloons.

"Starlight Explosion!" A large, four winged phoenix glided next to the dragon and streams of light lanced through poncho creatures.

"Dimension Scissors!" A humongous stag beetle crashed its mandibles shut ripping the fabric of time and space. Green monsters were sucked into the rip along with huge armed, gray beasts.

"Horn Buster!" A large, red scarab hummed forward on a jet of energy. A streak of electrical energy shot from the beetle's horn. A glob of crimson liquid hissed as it evaporated.

"Wing Blade!" A giant, humanoid eagle soared overhead. A red phantom of an eagle dove down taking out a horde of gray arm beasts.

"Vulcan's Hammer!" roared the huge, orange furred, turtle-walrus as it threw a large, chrome Digizoid hammer through the air and watched as it crushed the cannon snout of the D-Reaper's cannon dragon.

"Metal Wolf Claw!" howled a, blue-gray metal wolf.

Hundreds of missiles whistled through the air crashing into a large, red beast. It had a humanoid figure made of a myriad of tentacles, and mouths dotted its tentacle formed body. As the missiles exploded across the body, they released a payload of liquid nitrogen that froze the beast in place.

"That's my cue!" shouted a golden armored dragon warrior. The smooth armored creature rushed forward releasing a loud sonic boom as it extended a clawed gauntlet. The gauntlet glowed brightly, "Dramon Destroyer!"

The mouth beast cracked as its frozen body gave way under the attack. The dragon warrior kicked backward and started to spin. The dragon rushed forward and drilled through the beast, the iced surface of the mouth beast cracked even further and finally shattered into a millions fractures.

"This isn't right…" shouted a gray haired man down below, "They're running away."

"And the crimson liquid has receded back to its epicenter!" shouted a cinnamon haired man.

"The radio says that it's happening everywhere…" shouted a white haired man. "The red liquid is retreating!"

"Where to?" asked a slate haired man.

"The Digital World…" said a woman. The others looked at her.

"Kari…" the gray haired man looked at the woman, "What do you mean?"

"It's using the digi-ports…it's going back to the Digital World…" whispered the woman as she walked forward. The woman looked up at the sky; the golden vortex was still swirling actively in the sky. "That's why…"

The humans looked up at the sky. Nine digimon were facing off against one humanoid looking creature. Behind the humanoid was a mountain of red.

"I know that…human thing that's facing off with the digimon…" whispered a tan haired woman as she gently touched her neck. "I don't know exactly who he is, but I know he's probably the cause of the attack on this world…"

The vortex zoomed in slightly and hovered over a large, humanoid sphinx in black armor. The sphinx's eyes narrowed. The white haired man and the tan haired woman gasped.

"Kuro…" whispered the white haired man, "What's he doing there…?"

"Kuro? Where's Kuro?" the gray haired man walked up behind the white haired man, "Yamato I don't see him…"

"Taichi…he's the sphinx with the black armor…" responded the white haired man.

"How do you know that?" the cinnamon haired man walked forward.

"A parent knows the eyes of their child…" responded the tan haired woman.

"Sora…are you ok?" asked a lavender haired woman.

"We have to get to him, we have to help him!" shouted the tan haired woman. The human's partner digimon were hovering in the sky, save the flightless, walrus-turtle, who stood slightly behind a slate haired man with glasses.

"Then let's go," shouted a faded blond man as he looked up at the sky.

"How, Takeru?" a hazel eyed man looked at the faded blond.

"The digimon came from the vortex…maybe we can go to where the digimon came from…" the blond smiled at the hazel eyed man. The hazel eyes of the man were narrowed in a skeptical look. The blonde only shook his head and put his hand on the hazel eyed man's shoulder, "Come on, Iori, it's worth a try!"

"Phoenixmon!" called out the lavender haired woman, "We need a lift!"

The large quadra-winged bird lowered itself to the ground. "One airlift, coming down, Yolei!"

"Imperialdramon!" shouted a graying, spiky haired man, who was standing beside a debonair blue haired man. "Let's go!"

"Right, Daisuke!" The dragon hummed as the giant jet engine purred. The dragon made a gentle vertical landing and lowered its head.

"Come on Ken!" shouted the spiky haired man as he scrambled up the tail of the dragon. The blue haired man only shook his head and walked after the spiky haired man.

The large, black and gray, stag beetle buzzed its wings as it lowered itself down to pick up Takeru and Iori.

"Thanks, Grand Kuwagumon!" called out Takeru over the whirring of the beetle's wings.

The golden armored, dragon warrior dropped to the ground, "Need a ride, Taichi?"

"Wouldn't miss it for the world, WarGreymon…" called Taichi loudly.

"Yamato…" the metal wolf dropped down in front of the white haired man.

"Ok Metal Garurumon," the white haired man mounted the wolf and held on to the large air fins on the wolf's shoulders.

"Sora…" The large humanoid eagle dropped down and picked the tan haired woman up in its hands.

"Fly carefully Garudamon, I'm not as fixable as I used to be," whispered Sora as she hugged the eagle tightly.

"Don't worry," chuckled the eagle, "Nothing is going to happen to you…"

"Izzy!" growled the crimson scarab as he hovered in front of the cinnamon haired man.

"Thanks Mega Kabuterimon…" the man said as he let the beetle lift him.

"Oh great!" shouted the slate haired man, "Everyone else can fly, what are we supposed to do?"

"Well, we could always build a rocket…" the walrus-turtle suggested.

"Right, let me go get my rocket building kit, Zudomon," snorted the slate haired man.

"Joe, catch a ride with us!" shouted the spiky haired man from the back of Imperialdramon. The large, red winged dragon hovered over to the shell-backed, walrus and picked it up like a crane would a car.

The slate haired man made a running jump for the turtle-backed Zudomon as the large creature was lifted into the air.

"Awe, I wanted to see Joe make a rocket!" pouted Zudomon.

"You know, now I remember how annoying you could get!" grumbled Joe as he pushed his glasses up.

"I knew you couldn't forget about me!" chuckled the turtle as Imperialdramon turned.

"The seat belts light is on but since we don't have seatbelts…just hold on tight, and put your trays in the upright position," announced the dual voice of Imperialdramon, "Our destination will be the Digital World; in case of an emergency your Zudomon can be used as a floatation device…"

"Oh no…" grumbled Joe loudly as he held his stomach, "I forget I get airsick!"

But it was too late and Imperialdramon's jet fired loudly and the large dragon was roaring towards the vortex, behind the dragon were the quadra-winged phoenix and the large black, stag beetle. WarGreymon and Metal Garurumon were quickly behind the phoenix and the beetle. Garudamon and Mega Kabuterimon brought up the tail of the line. The vortex shifted slightly and a barrier flashed in front of the digimon. The five Mega digimon growled loudly as they were pushed backward by the barrier.

"What is happening?" gritted Daisuke as golden energy from the vortex's barrier repelled Imperialdramon.

"We're being pushed back…" shouted Ken loudly as he gripped the body of the dragon. He looked up worriedly, "Joe!"

"I'm fine!" shouted Joe loudly, "Just don't let go!"

"Please don't let go!" shouted Zudomon, "My element is water not wind!"

The Mega digimon were tossed back as the barrier thrust forward with one concentrated burst. A single figure appeared in the epicenter of the vortex. He was a man in beige robes. He had a long face with long black hair.

"I'm sorry, digi-destined…but the past is the past, and this generation must do this alone," the man looked at Ken and then Iori. The man smiled softly, "My…how you have changed..."

"You know me?" Iori looked up in shock. His hazel eyes narrowed in thought and then opened wider. "Mr. Oikawa…"

"We need to help them!" shouted Daisuke loudly. "We have to!"

"You'll help them most by staying out of it," replied Mr. Oikawa quietly, "The powers that they face are great, maybe the greatest that this world has ever seen...I can not let you become a target. Do not fret, the Chosen Ones are strong, stronger than even I ever could've imagined…"

"Let me through," Yamato shouted, "Kuro, we have to see Kuro…"

"Kuro is no more, he sacrificed himself to become Reichmon," whispered Oikawa quietly, "He knew it would hurt you, but he also knew that Damienmon was a greater threat. Unfortunately, the process that brought Reichmon to us is irreversible…"

"You let him kill himself?" shouted Sora loudly as she urged Garudamon forward, "How could you?"

"He's not dead, he just doesn't exist anymore, not as Kuro," replied Oikawa quietly, "He is Reichmon…you must have faith in him and the others. Your faith will make them stronger…"

"Then there is nothing we can do but pray…" whispered Kari quietly.

"That is correct," Oikawa replied with a slow nod. He clasped his hands together and bowed his head, "Pray…pray for Kuro, pray for the Chosen Ones, pray for the safety of the two worlds…"

The humans looked at each other and then clasped their hands, kneeled, when possible, and bowed their heads.


"You must really be scared!" shouted Justimon loudly as he watched the crimson liquid rise slightly, "You're pulling the Chaos back from the Human World."

"You call it fear, I call it insurance, Justimon," replied Damienmon with a smirk. "I wouldn't wish to be alienated from my precious D-Reaper…"

"You know your power is waning, Damienmon," shouted the black sphinx loudly. "You know that you can't win; not against the powers of Light and Darkness…"

"We hold all the cards," shouted Slash Angemon, "And you hold just one!"

"Ah, yes, Lucemon, you said something similar once before," chuckled Damienmon as he looked at the digi-destined, "but you forget I have a wild card, a joker if you will. I have the D-Reaper! It's infallible, omnipotent; if you injure; it; it just regenerates. If you run it pursues. It's inexhaustible, and best of all, it doesn't understand the word surrender…"

"Then you better update its dictionary," growled WarGreymon X.

"Yes, I suppose I should, so it will know when it should deny your knee bent pleas of mercy," chuckled Damienmon quietly. He looked at the biomerged digimon, "You see, I only need one card to win this game, and no matter what you try it won't work! You can not win!"

"We'll see about that," growled Valkyrimon a soft pink hue tainted her armor and feathered cloak, "I have family and friends that are depending on us, and I'm going to keep fighting as long as I can breathe to protect them…"

"We won't be beaten by an overgrown parasite, like you," shouted Anubismon. The robes of the godly digimon were now red. "We won't let you destroy all that has been built by others, we won't let you win, I know there is a way to defeat you; we just need to find that one chink in your armor!"

"Unlike you, we have loved ones we're protecting," growled Kuzuhamon. The lavender priestess put a hand on her hips, and started to shimmer soft raspberry color, "The human spirit just doesn't let us give up on them!"

"Our friends are there," shouted GaiOumon as the samurai dragon lifted his jagged swords. The blades shone with a soft blue light. "We won't lie down and let you hurt them."

"We made a promise when we accepted the powers of the tags and crests, a promise to this world andthe HumanWorld to protect it from scum like you," WarGreymon X narrowed his eyes. The dragon warrior started to glow soft lavender. "And we intend on keeping that promise!"

"We aren't scared of you or your D-Reaper," Justimon growled loudly as he glared a the liquid around him. His body started to shine with an orange light, "You're both just parasites, and I for one won't be scared by a glorified flea!"

"The hopes and dreams of two worlds rest on our shoulders," Slash Angemon glided on his metallic wings. The gray blades of the wings shimmered emerald as he spoke. "We won't let those hopes and dreams fall on deaf ears!"

"Damienmon!" Ancient Garurumon snarled loudly, "You represent everything warped and unbalanced in this world! You have tried to drain life from both worlds to bring about your own freedom…We can not allow you to continue. Your unbalanced existence must be put into check!" The wolf warrior started to glow with pure light.

Damienmon only smirked at the words of the digi-destined. He turned to Reichmon and stared the winged digimon in the eyes. Reichmon didn't blink or flinch he just continued to look back at Damienmon.

"What about you? Any selfless do goodery?" growled Damienmon.

"No, all I want to see, is a scumbag like you be put out of its misery once and for all," growled Reichmon quietly.

"I see," Damienmon looked around, "You are total fools…you lecture to me about promises and loved ones…of hopes and dreams…of balance…and you don't see, that once I and the D-Reaper are done, none of that will matter. All that you speak of is nothing but a passing fancy, an impermanent fraction of existence! In one million years all that you worry about will long be dust…but the darkness, the shadows they will remain…even the sun has a time and a place, but the inky darkness of space permeates the universe ad infinitum…."

"And you are nothing but a perverted form of that," growled Reichmon quietly, "You and your D-Reaper, are nothing but the finite festerings of fear and pain…but I represent that which is true darkness…"

"HA! Of the two of us here, I'll be the one that will be alive in one million years! My indomitable D-Reaper body will never be destroyed!" laughed Damienmon.

"I'll show you indomitable!" Justimon growled he looked up at Damienmon. "You're like any other nightmare; in the presence of truth and in the presence of light you're not frightening…if anything you're just pathetic..." The orange glow of Justimon's body concentrated in his cybernetic arm. "You're mountain is coming down, Damienmon!" Justimon turned and lifted his arm; it turned into its cannon mode. "Justice Burst!"

The orange energy condensed into the cannon and then fired forward in a blaze of flame that erupted into the mountain. The entire chaos mountain shook.

"This is for the friends you hurt!" shouted GaiOumon. He lifted his blades. "RINKAZAN!" The blue, jagged blades sliced forward and two huge, blue arcs of energy ripped through the mountain.

"This is for the torture you put Mr. Takenouchi through!" shouted Valkyrimon as she sliced her pink Fenrir Sword forward releasing a soft rose, blast of energy.

"This is for all that will learn from your evil!" shouted Anubismon as he pushed a hand forward releasing a blast of red energy into the mountainous D-Reaper. "Amemit!"

"This is for those we promised to protect!" growled WarGreymon X as the lavender light that covered his body swarmed to his hands and formed a giant sphere in his hands. "Terra FORCE ZERO!" the lavender sphere roared forward and exploded into the mountain of Chaos.

"This is for our loved ones!" shouted Kuzuhamon as she gripped her staff, "Womb World Mandala!" a streaming blast of raspberry colored purification energy struck the mountain. The Chaos hissed and retracted and the mountain shook even more.

"This is for the future, and protecting it from your twisted power!" shouted Slash Angemon. The angel lifted its two sword arms and slashed them down. The emerald empowered kanji on the swords released their power in two giant bolts of emerald energy that ripped up the mountainous D-Reaper's body, causing explosions up and down its frame.

"This is for the Light of this world, may it always be balanced against the Darkness!" growled Ancient Garurumon as she lifted the giant, glowing claymores, "SHARPNESS CLAYMORE!"

A glowing wind blew forward and spun into a tornado of blazing light that swarmed around the mountain. The tornado dissipated and the mountain of Chaos sank into the D-Reaper.

"What a futile act," chuckled Damienmon quietly as he turned to Reichmon, "Well, aren't you going to join them?"

"I came here for you, Damienmon," responded Reichmon soothingly.

"Heh…" Damienmon crossed his arms, "Then come for me!"

"The wise frog waits for the fly to come to him…" replied Reichmon as he pointed forward with his staff.

"Wha..?" Damienmon turned and paled slightly. The D-Reaper sea below him was no longer crimson, but a rainbow of colors. "What is the meaning of this?"

"I believe the digi-destined have given you an eviction notice…Damienmon," replied Reichmon calmly.

Damienmon looked down in shock as the Chaos started to slosh. Suddenly a river of greenish black energy shot out of the D-Reaper. The Digi-Destined grouped together behind Damienmon as Reichmon hovered in front of the demon. The dark energy shot into the Damienmon's body. The demon howled loudly as his body was flooded with the energy.

"This doesn't change anything!" shouted Damienmon; he glared at Reichmon, "I will just re-infect the D-Reaper! I am still part of the D-Reaper!"

"Wrong, you now are only part of an independent agent…" replied Reichmon loudly.

"I can still reintegrate with the D-Reaper!" shouted Damienmon loudly.

"I have a better idea…" replied Reichmon. The armored sphinx held up a pendant.

The rainbow of colors shot up from the ocean of Chaos and re-entered the biomerged digimon. Damienmon looked back and forth feverishly.

"No…you can't…I refuse!" shouted Damienmon loudly.

"From whence you came, you shall return!" shouted Reichmon loudly.

The glowing digi-destined nodded in unison, but then looked down at their bodies. Their respective colors condensed into one spot and ejected themselves from the digi-destined.

"What's going on…?" hissed WarGreymon X as he held his stomach, "This is wrong…"

The each spheres of color shrunk and formed into eight pendants that held eight small crests. The crests were still glowing brightly. Damienmon looked at the eight crests and started to glide backward.

"No…" hissed the demon as he looked at the crests. "No, I won't let it happen!"

The digi-destined were all cringing in pain as they're bodies shimmered with the light of de-digivolution. The digi-destined and their Rookie digimon were gently put on the only rock that was above the D-Reaper. The crests combusted into pure energy and then in one unified strike they charged forward, ramming Damienmon. The demon shrieked as the darkness was pushed from his body. The combined lights of the crest swirled around the darkness and flew toward Reichmon. The black armored, sphinx held out the crest in his hand.

The children gasped as the crest lights converged on Reichmon's crest and lifted it out of the dark warrior's hand. The lights were swimming around the crest as it throbbed with Damienmon's howls. The lights spun around the crest faster and faster and blurred together as they spun. The howls of Damienmon faded to nothing as the crest lights burned with even more ferocity. The children shielded their eyes as did Reichmon as the lights started to hum. The light lessened in intensity. The children looked up.

"Oh man, did I do that?" asked a small figure. It hovered in the air where the crest had been, and looked down at the children and then to Reichmon. It was a small, white-furred and it looked like a cream puff. Its forehead was adorned with a red triangle superimposed on a purple triangle. The creature opened its ears which turned out to be ruffled and large. The creature glided towards Reichmon using the ears as airfoils, "Jeez, Mister, you sure look strong, but your eyes look sad…awe…Do you want to play?"

"Huh?" Reichmon looked at the little creature in shock, "Play?"

"Sure, you know what playing is right?" The creature tilted its head. He looked down at the children, "They'll know what playing is!" The creature dove down and bounced in front of the children. "Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Do you guys know how to teach him how to play? I used to know how to play this nifty game called soccer…do you guys know how to play that, huh, huh, huh, huh?"

"Ok, I've dealt with evil crows, evil cartoon boogey men, an evil metal centaur, evil clowns, and even an evil puddle of red goo…" Jason looked at the white creature, "but this," He pointed at the cream puff, "by far, takes the cake…"

"He's cuuuuuute!" gushed Amy as she grabbed up the little creature and hugged him tightly.

"ACK!" yelped the creature as it struggled, "She's trying to smother me! HELP ME I'M BEING ATTACKED BY A MONSTER!"

"WAIT!" shouted Kevin loudly. The creature stopped moving and Amy looked up. "We still have to deal with the D-Reaper…"

"It's pretty hard to deal without cards!" giggled the little cream puff.

"I may be able to help with the D-Reaper…" Reichmon called down as he lowered down.

"I'd like to know who this guy is first…" whispered Brendan as he looked at the cream puff. He reached forward and poked it in the stomach. The creature giggled quietly.

"Wait…" Mark looked at the creature. "He's familiar…"

"What do you mean?" the other digi-destined looked down at Mark.

"You're Calumon…aren't you?" Mark knelt down and looked at the creature.

"YAY! You guessed my name, ok, now it's my turn…" The creature looked at Mark and narrowed his eyes. "Silvia!" Mark and the others looked at each other. Calumon narrowed his eyes, "Well, am I right?"

"Err…no…" replied Mark.

"So this is Calumon, like the Temple of Calumon and The Statue of Calumon…" Brendan arched an eyebrow. The little cream puff danced and giggled quietly as he tried to mimic Brendan's expression. "Only he's…alive…"

"Margaret!" chirped Calumon.

"No," Mark replied.

"Francis!" Calumon glided around Mark.

"His name is Mark, he's a male for crying out loud!" shouted Lucemon.

"Who's crying out loud?" Calumon tilted his head. Lucemon and the others only sighed in annoyance.

"Ok, we know who he is…really right now we need to get rid of the D-Reaper…" said Steven as he held out his digivice. "Ok Ryuudamon let's do it…"

"Ryuudamon…Biomerge….to…." Ryuudamon sat their straining and grunting.

"Whatcha doing?" asked Calumon as he watched Ryuudamon, "Are you trying to get out of your skin?"

"RYUUDAMON BIOMERGE TO!" the little black lizard struggled and finally fell flat on his face.

"Maybe we can find a zipper or some buttons to help you get out of your skin…" remarked Calumon.

"I don't get it…" Steven held his digivice out, "The digivice is working…"

"The crests," Michelle looked up, "They left us; remember…?"

"Then how are we supposed to fight the D-Reaper?" yelped Amy loudly.

"Do you think you could handle it, Reichmon?" Janet looked up at the black sphinx.

"Indeed he can…" Jets burned overhead as the body of a Mecha Norimon landed on the rock. An old man hopped out of the cockpit of the metal man and walked forward.

"GENNAI!" cheered Calumon and the little creature flew around the old man's head. "GENNAI! GENNAI! GENNAI! You know these guys don't know how to have any fun and the one tried to strangle me!"

"What is going on?" shouted Janet loudly, "Why did the statue come to life, why hasn't Mr. Takenouchi de-digivolved? WHY CAN'T WE BIOMERGE?"

"The statue came to life for a reason…" whispered Gennai. "Damienmon's essence provided something that the Statue of Calumon lacked…"

"What?" Mark looked up.

"Darkness, tainted Darkness, but Darkness none the less," replied Gennai quietly.

"Then he'll turn into Damienmon?" yelped Jason.

"No, not likely, you see, your crests are amazing little things, created from Calumon's power to make things digivolve and reinforced by the Founders of this world, they have amazing abilities to purify things with innocence…" Gennai chuckled as he watched Calumon spin around, get dizzy and then fall down whilst giggling. "Unfortunately, when your crests recombined into Calumon, they gave all their powers to Calumon."

"Then why hasn't Mr. Takenouchi de-digivolved?" asked Kevin quietly.

"He's different; you see there is no digimon in Reichmon, just Kuro integrated into the Digimental of Darkness and the Digimental of Miracles," replied Gennai. The old man smirked at the surprised look of the children, "The digimentals are objects that give digimon the ability to digivolve…and in this case a human."

"Are there other digimentals?" Brendan asked hopefully.

"No, they were consumed many years ago," replied Gennai and sighed, "but fear not, for Reichmon can clean up the D-Reaper!"

"I…can?" Reichmon looked with incredulity at Gennai. "How?"

"You are the Darkness, figure it out? Think…beach front property…" Gennai smiled and winked. He nodded as he watched the spark turn on in Reichmon's eyes.

"You mean to…" Reichmon looked at Gennai, "dump it in the Dark Ocean?"

"Yes, why not, it won't be able to get out, and there is nothing there that it can hurt," replied Gennai. The old man looked to the children, "The Dark Ocean is a place where evil digimon go when they are destroyed, their data makes up the ocean, it's a wasteland of a reality…and perfect cage for the D-Reaper, even if it could evolve to its most perfect state it would never be able to escape the Dark Ocean…"

"Well, why didn't he do it before?" yelped Kevin loudly.

"Damienmon had the keys to the Dark Ocean," replied Gennai quietly, "if he had banished the D-Reaper to the Dark Ocean while it held Damienmon; it would have only made things infinitely worse, but now, without Damienmon, the D-Reaper will be powerless to escape," Gennai turned to Reichmon, "Now, boy; do it! You know how!"

Reichmon lifted his staff. "Are you sure this will work?"

"Have I ever led you wrong…?" asked Gennai.

"Uh…" the children looked at each other doubtfully.

"There was that one time, Gennai, when you told me to call a Dark Tyranomon a sissy…" replied Calumon as he hovered in front of the old man.

Reichmon lifted an eyebrow.

"Reichmon, it will work," Gennai implored. He waved his hand. "Do it…"

"BLACK DOGMA!" Reichmon roared loudly.

A black stream flew into the golden vortex that still spun in the sky. The golden vortex shifted and blackened and revealed a bleak shadow world. The vortex spun down and touched down into the D-Reaper. The red liquid was drawn up into the black tornado of the vortex. The ocean swirled angrily in large circles as it was pulled into the Dark Ocean and after, what seemed like forever, the red liquid started to recede from the stone everyone was standing on. The liquid receded faster and faster until patches of earth could be seen. Finally the last streams of Chaos were being sucked up into the vortex. As the fluid disappeared Gennai started down the rock they'd been standing on.

"Where are you going?" shouted the children loudly.

"We need to get you home…" replied Gennai quietly. He looked up at the sky. The black vortex disappeared. The countryside glowed as thousands of digi-ports opened. Large digimon appeared from the ports. "Soon the ports will close, we need to repair the damage the D-Reaper has done…and to do that; we need to seal the borders between this world and yours. It won't be forever, but it may be many years."

"What's that mean?" Kevin ran up to Gennai.

"It means you have a few minutes to say good bye, before you have to go home," replied Gennai.

"What?" the children gasped and then looked forlornly at the digimon.

"I have to make some preparations, I need you, Reichmon," Gennai looked up at the dark warrior, "If you would?"

"I suspect I can," growled Reichmon as he picked up the old man.

"When I get back, you will have to go, otherwise you'll be trapped her until the gates are reopened!" called Gennai as he flew away.

The children looked at each other and then at the digimon.


Sora looked in the sky as the faded form of the vortex finally dispersed. They were still in the street. They had been watching the fight until their digimon had been recalled to the Digital World.

Sora cried a little. Biyomon had returned to the Digital World only a few minutes ago. Yamato and the others were talking quietly about the events. Koushiro was wondering if all the red entity left Earth, but Ken was assuring everyone that there were no radio reports of any of the red liquid left.

"Sora…" Yamato was standing in front of her.

His shirt was burnt and torn from the attack. She turned and looked up at the night sky. The city lights were still down so the stars showed in the sky.

"Do you think that Oikawa person was right?" the woman whispered quietly.

"He had no reason to lie to us…and we saw him as the digimon…" replied Yamato.

"Yamato…" Sora turned and buried her face in his chest, "Hoshi and then Kuro…I've lost my children…I've lost them…"

"Sora…we can't give up," whispered Yamato as he hugged her lightly. "We need to be strong…there is still a chance, Hoshi might wake up…"

"No…" Sora cried quietly, "No…she's not…" Sora sniffed quietly, "I told you the doctor still said there were still things that could be done…it's not true…he told me last month that there was nothing left that he could do…I-I just don't…"

"Doctors don't know everything," whispered Yamato quietly as he hugged her tightly. "Don't worry, Kuro isn't really gone…"

"More like misplaced," whispered a familiar voice.

Yamato and Sora turned quickly and looked up. The black armored, humanoid sphinx was standing behind them. He walked forward.

"Kuro…" whispered Sora as she ran to him and hugged his hard armor.

"Mom…" The sphinx looked up, "Dad…I'm sorry, but…I had…to."

"I know, son," Yamato smiled a sad smiled, "You make a father proud…" Yamato walked forward and reached forward grabbing the sphinx's hand and shook it. "You make me very proud…it's not many men that can say their son saved two worlds…"

"It's not every son that can say his father helped save Tokyo," replied the sphinx as he smiled. "Gennai said I could come and say good bye, but I have to go soon; they're going to close the gates."

"Our partners…" Kari looked up suddenly, "not again…"

"Don't worry Mrs. Kuranaka, Gennai promises that this is just temporary," the sphinx lifted a hand. "He says though it may be several years before the gates can be opened safely though…there's a lot of damage."

"So…" Sora looked up at the sphinx warrior, "you're going to leave…"

"I have to, Gennai said that since I'm a digimon, now, my physical form will deteriorate if they sealed the gates while I'm here," replied the warrior. "Don't worry. As soon as they reopen the gates; I'll visit and I may even stay here, if I am allowed."

"Son, you better go…" Yamato whispered as he hugged the warrior, "The longer you stay the harder it will be to leave."

"Mom, I love you very much," replied the warrior as he looked at his crying mother.

"I…love you too," the woman said between sobs. Yamato held her quietly.

The dark warrior turned and walked over to a glowing screen. He lifted a black device and there was a sharp flash and he was gone. Sora cried quietly and hugged Yamato close.

"Don't worry, he'll be back," whispered Yamato quietly. "I know it."


"Snow Agumon…" Kevin whispered quietly as he looked at the ground. They were sitting in the middle of the prairie, next to a beaten up television set.

"Yes?" asked the little, white tyrannosaur.

"Do you have any regrets about being my partner?" Kevin asked quietly.

"No way," Snow Agumon looked at Kevin in shock, "You are the only human I'd ever want to be partnered to. Sure you may make a few mistakes, but everyone does…I know I do sometimes. I want you to know that you're my best friend."

"Thanks," whispered Kevin. He looked down at the dinosaur and hugged him. "You're my best friend too…"

"I'll come and visit as soon as I can," cried Snow Agumon.

"I might be famous by then…" cried Kevin quietly.

"Then we can have a really good meal…" sniffled Snow Agumon.

"You're still thinking about food even while we're having a sorrowful good bye!" Kevin chuckled and sniffled at the same time.

"I'm a digimon…that's what we do," Snow Agumon rubbed his snout with the back of his hand.

"I know…" Kevin looked at Snow Agumon and then spontaneously started to sob again with the little digimon and they hugged each other.


"I bet your excited to go back home," whispered Otamamon quietly, "I mean you were in the middle of a date with Janet.

"Yeah, you'd think so, wouldn't you?" Jason leaned back against a small tree on the edge of a grove that was surrounding the field that held the digi-port home. He looked down at the tadpole, "but actually I feel a little bad…I mean leaving you here alone."

"I won't be alone," giggled Otamamon, "I have lots of digimon to be with!"

"That's true," Jason said as he smiled.

"I'm going to help Elecmon and Tapirmon repair the Village of Origins," said Otamamon, "and then I think I may take a little sea trip with Whamon…"

"You have everything planned out already?" Jason looked down at the tadpole in shock.

"Well, I suppose, most of it is just trying to find a way to waste time till the portals reopen," said Otamamon. "I'm going to miss you…so much…"

"I'm going to miss you too, buddy," Jason rubbed Otamamon's head. "But I'm not going to miss this stupid X!" Jason scratched at his chest, "I still itch…"

"And your ears came back…" giggled Otamamon.

"WHAT?" Jason yelped as he felt the pointed tips of his ears.

"I didn't have the heart to tell you till now," giggled Otamamon.

"This can't last forever I mean, I can't end up like this in the Human World!" Jason whined loudly.

"How about I take the X antibody?" Otamamon looked up at Jason. Jason looked down at Otamamon with a worried expression. "Don't worry I'll take good care of it…"

"Are you sure?" asked Jason quietly.

"It will be something to help me remember you," said Otamamon quietly, "You have your digivice…but I won't have anything…"

"That makes sense," whispered Jason quietly as he rubbed the back of his head. "How…do we do it?"

Otamamon looked up at Jason, "All you have to do is want to give it up…"

Jason closed his eyes, "Please give Otamamon my X antibody…"

Jason glowed quietly and a phantom X pulled from his body. It wafted slowly to Otamamon and the tadpole glowed softly as the X was drawn into its body. Otamamon grew larger and a crow topped his head.

"Wow…" Otamamon X shook his head, "that's….something else…"

"You've like quadrupled in size!" Jason looked at the tadpole in surprise.

"Thanks…Jason…" the large tadpole nuzzled against the boy. "I'll take good care of the antibody…I promise…"

"I know you'll keep that promise," Jason hugged Otamamon X as best he could. "I wish we didn't have to go…"

"I know…I don't want you to go either…," Otamamon X whispered, "but at least now we'll both have something to remind us of each other."

"I will never forget about you, I promise," whispered Jason as he closed his eyes.

"I know you won't," replied Otamamon X as he sighed.


"Amy…" Penguinmon looked up at the girl. "I'm glad you're taking this well…"

"There isn't much I can do…" whispered Amy quietly; she looked at Penguinmon. "I wish you could come with me…"

"I can't," Penguinmon stated sadly.

"I know…" Amy sighed and put her hand on Penguinmon's head. "I hate this…I don't want to leave here…home is just too much work. It's hard, and really no one likes me there…"

"Amy, you are a wonderful person," Penguinmon hugged the black haired girl. "You'll see, you just need to remember the Crest of Sincerity…"

"It doesn't exist anymore, remember?" Amy sighed and looked at the ground. "It's part of Calumon now…"

"But the Sincerity that was the Crest of Sincerity is still in you," replied Penguinmon quietly, "You may not have always gotten it right, but you cared for your friends, and you protected those that couldn't protect themselves, doesn't that sound like sincerity to you?"

Amy looked at Penguinmon and smiled, "You know, for being a little bird digimon you're pretty wise…"

"Awe…shucks," Penguinmon blushed and she hugged Amy tightly.

"Thanks, Penguinmon, for being there…" Amy hugged the penguin in return.

"Thank you, Amy, for being my partner…" whispered Penguinmon.


"So, you're going to help rebuild the Village of Origins…" Brendan looked up from over his computer at Tapirmon.

They were sitting next to a little pond. Brendan had been working on a computer program, one that may help him keep communications with the digital world while the gates were shut. He frowned slightly as his computer froze and the program was forcefully deleted by the automatic restart.

"I suppose I have to, since I'm the embodiment of Anubismon," replied Tapirmon quietly.

"Tapirmon…" Brendan put his hand on top of the laptop's screen and pulled it closed. "I…think I have to say something to you…"

"What is it?" asked Tapirmon as the little mammal hovered forward on its smoky legs.

"Tapirmon, I just want to say…" Brendan looked at the tapir digimon.

"Yes?" Tapirmon tilted his head slightly.

"I really love you," Brendan whispered.

Tapirmon nodded quietly, "I love you too Brendan…you're…the best."

"Thanks…" Brendan smiled softly, "I was afraid you may misinterpret…"

"Oh…" Tapirmon giggled, "No, I didn't even think of it romantically…"

"Neither did I, it was just meant to be platonic…" Brendan looked up at Tapirmon. "Come here and give me a hug!"

Brendan reached forward and dragged Tapirmon into a tight bear hug. Tapirmon gasped as the air was pushed from him.

"Brend…an…hug…too…tight…" gasped Tapirmon.

"Oh…sorry…" Brendan lightened up and let Tapirmon go, "I guess that's something I'm going to have to learn how to do better…"

"Brendan…" Tapirmon looked at the auburn haired child. "I'm going to miss you very much…"

"Don't worry, Tapirmon," Brendan smiled quietly. "You'll be busy fixing things…I'll miss you…but don't worry, I'll have a lot to do back home, school, and…extracurricular education…we'll be so busy the time will just fly!"

"Talking about fly…I wonder where Calumon got to…" Tapirmon looked around. The little cream puff had been gliding around the field but seemed to have flown off.

"Probably making up a super-exciting new game…" Brendan snickered slightly as he looked at Tapirmon.

"Probably," giggled Tapirmon.

"Well, Gennai should be back soon," Brendan sat up. He looked at Tapirmon. "Don't worry; about the Village of Origins…you'll be perfect…"

"Thanks…" Tapirmon hugged Brendan.


"It's going to be weird without you," Janet whispered quietly as she stroked Renamon's fur. The vixen was surprisingly at ease and was leaning against the brunette's shoulder. They were sitting next to a collection of rocks that bordered the small prairie where Gennai said to stay.

"As it will with you being gone," replied Renamon quietly, "but no one can change what will happen, there is no need to be sad. Plus you'll have Jason to keep you company…"

"I'm worried about you though…" whispered Janet. "You'll be all alone…"

"Not true," Renamon said quietly, "in fact I'm taking on a new apprentice, for Lord Ebonwumon."

"Oh, really?" Janet looked at the fox. "Anyone we know?"

"I suppose so," Renamon said quietly as she swept her tail back and forth.

"Who?" Janet looked at the fox with a little intrigue.

"Don't worry about it…" whispered Renamon quietly. "It's not really something one should talk about…"

"Well, then why did you mention it?" asked Janet in reply.

"To put aside your worries about me being alone…" Renamon whispered. The fox smiled ever so slightly, "Plus, Lucemon would be quite unhappy if I let it slip…"

"Ah…" Janet smirked slightly. "He's not really going to be an apprentice to you is he?"

"No…but we can learn from each other," Renamon replied. "And we won't be alone. We'll have each other…"

"And that is the important thing," Janet whispered. Renamon nodded quietly and nuzzled against Janet. "I will still miss you, even with Jason around."

"And I will miss you as well," Renamon replied, "You are the most wonderful thing to ever happen in my life…"

"And you are the most wonderful thing to happen in mine," Janet smiled. She sighed and looked at her watch. "He'll be back soon…"

"We should get going to the rendezvous then," Renamon stood up and helped Janet to her feet.

"Renamon…" Janet looked at the fox.

"Yes, Janet?" Renamon looked back at the brunette.

"Could we…one last time…" Janet blushed, "Could we go through your fox universe?"

Renamon smirked slightly and nodded, "For old time's sake…" Renamon took a hold of Janet and the two of them disappeared from this plane.


"Steven…" Ryuudamon lifted his head from its resting position on Steven's lap. They had been lying under a large tree for a very long time. Neither of them said anything but rather just enjoyed the fact they were still together, even if only for a few more minutes.

"Yes?" the blonde replied quietly as he looked over the vast field in front of him.

"I'm glad you're my best friend…" Ryuudamon laid his head back down on Steven's lap.

"I'm glad you're my best friend, too…" whispered the blonde as he ran his hand down Ryuudamon's back scales in a slow, soothing motion.


"Labramon," Michelle was twisting little flowers into a small wreath. "I…want you to have this…I know it's just flowers and will probably not last long but…it's all I have with me…"

"It's beautiful…" Labramon whispered as she looked at the intricately bound flowers in the bracelet, "How'd you do this?"

"Lillymon…" Michelle looked down, "It was one of the things she did…when I was with her…I must have picked it up…I just, I don't want you to forget about me…"

"I'll never forget about you, Michelle, you're the light of my life!" the little canine smiled brightly.

Michelle gulped a little trying to force the lump in her throat to go down, "You're the light in my life too…" She grabbed the canine into a hug. "I love you so much…It's just that it's going to be such a long time before I'll see you again…"

"Don't worry, I'll be right here," Labramon smiled, "No…we'll be right here. I'm going to find Lillymon's digi-egg, and we'll come back here and wait for you."

Michelle teared up and hugged Labramon again. "I love you Labramon!"

"I love you too, Michelle," the canine started to cry as she hugged the girl.


Lucemon looked at Mark quietly. Mark returned the gaze. The angel's face was now marked with lavender lines. The angel walked forward.

"Mark, thank you," Lucemon smiled slightly, "You, never gave up on me…I…can't ever thank you enough…"

Mark walked up to Lucemon and gently grasped the angel's hands, "Being my friend is thanks enough…"

Lucemon closed his eyes. "I can't believe I'm doing this…" A tear ran down the lavender line that ran from his eyes and zigzagged across his cheek. Lucemon opened his eyes. Tears were glistening and reflecting the bright blue of his irises. "Mark…" The angel's words fell off as he hugged the boy tightly.

"Don't cry…" Mark whispered as he sniffed trying to hold back the tears. "You'll make me cry…"

"I know…" Lucemon replied in a deep breath, "and your crying is making me cry that much more…"

"What are you going to do?" asked Mark as he held his partner close.

"Renamon and I…we're going to go live with Ebonwumon for a while…" replied Lucemon as he sniffed and pulled back, wiping his eyes. "I don't know after that, I may go back to File Island…and be with Elecmon…or I may just travel…or I may just stay with Renamon at Ebonwumon's temple and wait for the gates to open…"

"I'll wait for you, no matter how long it takes," Mark looked at the angel. "You're the best, Lucemon…you're the best friend I could have…"

"Mark…" Lucemon whispered and looked down, "How can you say that?"

Mark smiled, "because other friends may have ran away after doing bad things to me, but you stayed with me and worked it out…and never lost hope…"

The angel looked up and bit its lip and grabbed the boy up in a hug that resulted in Lucemon's lifting off the ground a few inches. The angel's ear wings twitched.

Rocket thrusters roared towards them. Lucemon looked up and saw Gennai's Mecha Norimon flying towards them. Reichmon was right behind him.

"He's here…" whispered Mark.

"I know…" Lucemon touched down and let the boy go, "We best get to the digi-port."

Mark nodded slightly and the two started to walk after the large mechanical digimon and the warrior of darkness.


"Digi-destined!" called the booming voice of Azulongmon. The blue dragon was twisting in the sky. "On behalf of the Harmonious Ones and the Digital World, we give you our greatest gratitude for saving our world. The other Harmonious Ones would have come, but they are working on several emergency repairs."

The children nodded sadly and looked back at their partners. They then looked up at Azulongmon.

"Do not ask for that which I can not give," pleaded the dragon in its godly voice. "You must return to the Human Realm. Do not fret though, as Gennai has said, the repairs shall not take forever…soon you will be able to reunite with your partners. You must remember to keep the light inside on, even in the deepest and darkest day."

"I'll see you soon, Snow Agumon" said Kevin to the white tyrannosaur.

"I bet it will be sooner than we'll even think possible," nodded the dinosaur in agreement.

"I'll keep you in my thoughts all the time, Penguinmon," Amy called out.

"There won't be a minute when I won't think about you too, Amy," Penguinmon ran up and hugged Amy again.

"I love you Renamon," Janet ran up and hugged the fox one last time.

"I…love you to, Janet," The fox put her paws on Janet's back and hugged the girl.

"Otamamon…X," Jason smiled, "You show those X digimon who's the boss…"

"I won't let them forget who I got the X from, buddy," chirped the large tadpole happily.

"Ryuudamon, don't let Baihumon load you down too much," Steven looked at the small dragon with a smile.

"Don't let your Mom give you too many chores," Ryuudamon giggled.

"Tapirmon, don't let those babies get to you, don't forget to take a little vacation every now and then," Brendan hugged Tapirmon, though much more gently than previously.

"And don't forget to get outside to play…once in a while," Tapirmon whispered as he drew back.

"Labramon…" Michelle looked at the canine.

"I'll pick a bouquet of these flowers everyday," Labramon whispered as she ran up and hugged the girl. The two held each other tightly and then Labramon backed away. "And have Lillymon teach me how to make the bracelets when she's reborn!"

"Lucemon…I guess this is good…" Mark started but Lucemon put his fingers to Mark's lips.

"Not good bye, just good luck," Lucemon smiled softly and hugged Mark tightly. "We'll see you again soon enough and it will be like old times, only better."

Mark nodded and hugged Lucemon tightly. "My best friend…"

"I'm sorry to have to break this up, but it is time," Gennai walked forward holding an hourglass; the sand was nearly spent. "You can go home, knowing that you are the saviors of this world and that when the borders are reopened you will be welcomed here…"

"Reichmon, if you would do the honors," Azulongmon called out. The warrior of darkness nodded and lifted the device in his hand.

"I give you my greatest blessing, digi-destined," said the warrior, "Go…and find your desires fulfilled…Digi-port…"

"WAIT, WAIT!" yelped a voice as a white fluff ball careened out of the sky. "That meanie head, Zhuqiaomon, said you weren't going for days!"

"Calumon…" the humans looked up at the little puff ball.

"I came to say bye, and thank you for making me live again!" Calumon giggled and hopped up and down, "Because being a rock was soooo boring…all I got to do all day was stand around…but now I'm alive again! YAY! THANK YOU!"

"Reichmon," Gennai looked at an hourglass only a handful of sand particles were left. "The auto-close will happen soon, you must open the gate…"

"Right," Reichmon held up the digi-vice in his hand, "Digi-port OPEN!"

The children gasped as a light engulfed them. Seconds later they were in a pile standing in the electronics department of a store. They grunted and fidgeted freeing themselves. They looked at the computer screen they had been ejected out of. Kevin reached forward towards the glass, just as his finger grazed the surface, the glass cracked down the middle. The children sighed and looked at each other.

"What now?" asked Jason quietly.

"We live on," replied Michelle as she held her brother's hand, "and we wait."

"Do you think we'll really be able to go back?" asked Brendan as he looked at the branched fissure in the computer screen.

"We have to keep the hope alive," whispered Mark he laid his hand on his chest where his crest used to hang, "Like Azulongmon said, we have to keep the light inside on…"

"It's really over then…" Amy whispered as she looked at the black screen.

"I think…it's only ever over, if you want it to be," Janet replied quietly.

"Janet's right, why are we so gloomy, they said that the gates will reopen, we have to believe them," Kevin looked at the screen hard.

"Yes, our friends will be with us before we know it," Steven agreed with a nod.

"I have some extra money…" Brendan pulled on his backpack, "How about we go to the ice cream shop…and reminisce…"

"It's only the morning," Amy looked at Brendan.

"I can only afford ice cream for us!" Brendan looked back at Amy.

"Well, it's a plan," The children turned around in surprise. Their parents were standing there. Steven's mother walked forward, "They sent us a message…about where you'd be when you came back…"

"Let's go and get some ice cream," said Brendan's father. "After all, nothing fixes a frown like a chocolate sundae."

"Herb," Jason's father walked forward, "Amy's right, it's too early for ice cream, it's only nine in the morning, how about breakfast first…"

The children nodded in agreement and walked with their parents.


"One thing still bugs me," Brendan said between bites of an omelet. "Mrs. Jaeger was never amongst the digi-destined that fought with Neo Devimon…yet she had a digimon, and if we are to believe the situation, one parent per digi-destined child…"

"It's easy to explain," chuckled Steven's father quietly. He had blond hair like Steven and sharp blue eyes. "She was hiding in one of the buildings…Her partner Patamon was still a Tokomon when that devil thing attacked…"

"So she got hit with the crest…without actually partaking in the fight…" whispered Brendan.

"Yep, but we found her praying like mad that everyone would be safe," chuckled Steven's father.

"Yes, I was," Mrs. Jaeger smiled. "I was praying like mad…just like I was when I saw you in the sky…We all did…"

"And it worked too," said Janet's mother.

"We're all very proud of you," Amy's mother stood up, "Here's a toast to the Chosen Digi-destined, Protectors of two worlds!"

The adults cheered and tapped glasses of milk and orange juice together. The children looked out the window of the restaurant and into the sky, hoping for that day, when a shimmer of gold would swirl over the city and lead the way back to a world where their heroism would be outstripped by the bond they had with eight digital creatures.


The End….

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