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(Rikku's pov)

"I'm so board. There's nothing to do. The Gullwings broke up shortly after Tidus returned. Yuna spends all of her time with him, and well even Pain seems to have found someone too, she spends all of her time at Bevelle with Baralai. I'm all alone. Shinra is hanging out with Benzo, and Brother Buddy are always fighting." I thought to myself. "Maybe I'll go see Gippal. I haven't seen him in a while. How did things so wrong between us?"

(Flashback 2yrs ago)

Everything was peaceful. We were sitting at the Oasis watching the sun set. Our feet were in the water. He sat behind me with his arms around my waist and my head resting against his chest.

"Rikku there's something I have to tell you." He says.

"What?" I ask.

"Well you know that I love you right?".


"Well I think it would be best if we broke up for now." He said in a quiet voice.

"Wha- but Gippal why?" I asked feeling tears well up in my eyes.

"Well your leaving tomorrow to go be your cousins guardian, and tomorrow I'm leaving to go try out for the Crimson Squad." He said.

"So! That doesn't mean that we have to break up." I whined.

"Rikku the Crimson Squad is trained to fight Sin. If I make the Squad and get a chance to fight Sin then there's a chance I could die, and who knows what could happen to you while your guarding Yuna."

I was heart broken. The only man I ever truly loved was breaking up with me. My sorrow quickly turned into anger.

"How could you Gippal." I said getting up from his embrace. "How could you! You say you love me, but yet your breaking up with me. I hate you!" I shouted.

I'd rather you hate me and be safe, than worrying about me and get hurt while your guarding Yuna." He said walking away.

I just sat in the sand a cried.

(End Flashback)

I was foolish. I should've never yelled at him. I didn't hate him, I loved him and I still do. But I had to ruin our friendship. I walked out of the cabin and toward the bridge.

"Brother, Buddy can you two please stop fighting long enough and take me to the Djose temple." I shouted over their bickering.

"Rikku, fryd yna, drehgehkt? Oui kyda res. Fro fuimt oui fyhd du ku caa res. ( Rikku, what are you thinking? You hate him. Why would you want to go see him) Brother asked.

"Crid ib brothwr, Ed's huha av ouin picehac." (Shut up brother it's none of your business) I said.

"Well excuse me for caring." He muttered in very bad English.

"You don't care. Your just nosy" I yelled.

"No I'm not" He yelled back.

"You know she's got a point. You are nosy." Buddy interrupted.

That just set them off into another round of arguing.

"You know what since we're over Luca I'll walk from here." I shouted as I got off the ship.

I got off at the entrance to Mi'ihen highroad, and started walking toward Mushroom rock road. I got there without having to fight one fiend. But when I got to Mushroom rock road, I was attacked by Ultima and Omega weapons, and other powerful fiends. I changed into my Machina Maw dress sphere. I took down one Omega weapon with a few Vajra's but it wasn't enough. They all surrounded me and quickly took out Smasher-r and Crusher-l. I tried to revive them but the defeated Machina Maw before I could. Before I passed out I saw a bright flash of light.

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