The Element's Intervention by Jasmine Starlight

Chapter 1

Full Summary: The HP crew are about to enter their 6th year at Hogwarts. Unusually Prof. Dumbledore decides to take on ten new exchange
students, which is odd in itself, also with the addition of new
courses, Magical Fitness, Ancient Realms, Prophecies, Ancient
Mythological Translations, and the appearance of new teachers. The
newly freed Sirius Black, the newly married Remus Lupin and Arabella
Figg Lupin, with the DADA teacher being taken over by the Time Guardian
Setsuna Meioh, there is an odd animosity between Professors Black
and Meioh. Senshi appearances and asistant Professors. It's going to be
a whole different game for rivals Potter and Malfoy as the
new students try save the world as they deal with conflicting egos and powerful foes.

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Exchange Students and Suspicious Letters

Rei looked at the castle before her and sighed. /Why am I here?Now I remember, Luna's plan for the rise of Crystal Tokyo needs unity between nations. Seriously what does she know, I mean she's been a cat for like a thousand years/ According to Luna's plan the inners, excluding Serena, had been sent to Europe. While the outers took Asia. Darien, Serena, Rini, Luna, Artemis, and Diana had taken South America, North America, Africa, and Australia. /Well at least the others are here. At least at this school, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, their special powers, which had been advancing unusually fast before now, wouldn't stand out so much. At least I hope so/

The reason the inners had lucked out on Europe was because Rei's biological father worked at the largest magical school in Britain. Of course the others didn't know this vital information yet; she had yet, to tell her father that she even was alive. /Stupid Serena. Stupid unity. Stupid absentee father that isn't even aware of my existence. / It didn't help in the least that Voldemort, Chaos' new possession, was wreaking havoc on the people of this world. One in particular, their "savior" Harry Potter. Rei had heard of him, he sounded pathetic. Supposedly ever since he had started Hogwarts "Voldemort" had attacked the school every year in one form or another. The sad thing was, Potter won every time.

Rei knew immediately that he would get in the way of the job the senshi. Apparently now since she had been sorted into her temporary class was Slytherin. She had learned from the resident poltergeist and annoyance extraordinaire, Peeves, that all Slytherins were, "slimy buggers that should be drowned at birth", his words not hers. So Potter was going to hate her automatically, not that it mattered now; the feeling was probably mutual. It would most likely come back to bite her in the ass if they needed his cooperation in the future.

The inners had arrived early to catch up on five years of magical schooling. Setsuna had told them that their transformation pens would double as their wands. They had also arrived early to explain their situation to the Headmaster Albus Dumbledore. His ancestors had been advisors to Queen Selenity. They had been sorted, Mina to Hufflepuff, Ami to Ravenclaw, Lita to Gryffindor, and lastly Rei to Slytherin. The term hadn't even started yet and she was already hearing rumors about her house. Another reason the inners might have been sent to Hogwarts, was because her grandpa had friend there, Rubeus Hagrid.

Scene Change/

The gundam pilots looked at Une like she had grown three heads in the past five seconds. "Une are you sure you want to send us on this mission?" asked Quatre. They had just been assigned, to the damage control and or infiltration of the rebel group the Death Eaters job at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Supposedly where "magic" was taught. "You are the only ones to whom I can entrust this mission," replied Une. Now at 16 all five pilots, had become well respected Preventers.

Une continued "You all will be starting as 6th years there. You are to contact me about the rebel group the Death Eaters and their movements. Dismissed."

"How are we going to get there? You said the only ones who know where the school actually is are the people who work and learn there," said Duo.

"I was waiting for someone to ask that. I have managed to get one of the professors to take you there," Une then leant over her desk and pushed a button. "Send her in." said Une. In came a wrinkled old woman

"Hello Une," she said with a British accent. "Hello Minerva. Pilots meet Minerva McGonagall the Transfigurations professor at Hogwarts."

"You can't expect us to follow this onna. She looks like she's half in the grave already!" sputtered Wufei indignantly.

"Wu-man, relax. Didn't you learn to respect your elders?" said Duo.

"It's Wufei, baka! Not Wu-man!"

"Whatever you say, Wu-man,"

"Maxwell, time for a haircut!" shouted Wufei as he took out his katana and prepared to slice off Duo's braid.

"Enough, both of you! Honestly you act like first years! I don't appreciate your lip Mr. Chang," All the pilots blinked, had this old lady just stopped Wufei from skewering Duo? /We definitely need to revaluate her/ thought Heero. Une turned to the pilots "Well? Mission Accepted or Denied?"

"Mission Accepted." was Heero's reply. The other pilots soon followed suit.

"Excellent. All your supplies will be at the school when you arrive. You will be leaving with Minerva shortly."

"Um, Lady, when you meant "supplies" did you mean that our gundams are coming too?" questioned Duo.

Une sighed, "Yes Duo that includes your gundams."

"Where are we supposed to keep them, then?" asked Duo.

"We can figure that out when you get there. Oh and you all might want to stop at Hogsmeade and get owls, that's how we will communicate from now on."

"Are you crazy in the head, onna? Owls? You can't be serious," said Wufei incredulously.

"But Wufei I am," said Une. She continued "Chop, chop. Let's get a move on here, you are leaving now,"

"Isn't that a little soon Lady?" questioned Quatre.

Lady Une smirked, "Not if you want to know what you're doing."

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