Serena, My Love, Remember Me

By: SilverCrystalArtemis

Summary: It is now five hundred years after the Silver Millennium. Prince Endymion is reborn as, you guessed it, Prince Endymion. However, Princess Serenity was reborn as Serena, a mere servant girl in Endymion's kingdom. The kicker is, he has all of his memories back, and Serena doesn't. Enjoy!

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Endymion rode through the streets of Delane, the main town in this part of the kingdom, with his friend Jadeite by his side. They were, once again, looking for what most people referred to as "the Prince's dream girl". Some people considered him crazy. Even his own father needed help. For what prince wasn't married by their twentieth birthday? The only people who did believe him were his four top generals; Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoicite, and Kunzite. Only them, and their wives. The only reason these eight people believed the prince was because they remembered her, too. They remembered her, just like the prince did. Their princess. Their friend. His Fiancé. Serenity. They also remembered the night from hundreds of years ago, when not only she, but all of them, died at the hands of the evil Queen Beryl.

Jadeite, thinking again on it, cringed when he remembered how he and his fellow generals had allowed themselves to be brainwashed by that demon, and forced to fight against their prince, his princess, and their own lovers. A wave of guilt swept through him as he also remembered how Serenity had died, trying to save them all...

A lone figure stood amid the death and destruction that only this morning had been her kingdom. A slight wind picked up, and blew the girl's silvery hair out behind her. She looked around her, surveying the evil and chaos that had killed her family and friends.

Her Senshi.

She could see them even now, in their bloody, tattered fukus, lying next to their lovers.

Their lovers.

Prince Endymion's four generals.

Prince Endymion, her fiancé, also lay dead, mortally wounded while trying to protect her. A crystalline tear escaped her eye, and suddenly she knew what had to be done.

"Crystal," she whispered into the air, with a serenity not befitting her current surroundings.

Suddenly, a bright light appeared out of nowhere and, in the girl's hands, formed the Silver Imperial Crystal. It was her birthright, and the only thing that could save all those dear to her. She took one last look around her and whispered a final goodbye. "Farewell, everyone. I hope to see you again, someday. If not, just know I shall always be with you."

She called upon the limitless powers of the Moon, her home. "Crystal," she said again, this time in a strong, even voice. "I pray you grant me one final wish. I wish for my friends and family, for my people, for the innocents hurt in this battle, to be reborn into a more peaceful, happy time.

"I call upon the powers of my homeland, the Moon Kingdom, Silver Millennium! Great Selene, please help me accomplish my task!"

With that, the Crystal let off a blindingly bright light. The few people still fighting stopped, and stared in wonder at the spectacle before them. The princess was floating over the ground, something small but brilliantly shining floating in front of her chest. All around, the dead bodies were rising up to the princess height, and being encased in a crystal-like bubble. One by one they disappeared. Then the people on the ground were being encased in the same protective bubble, and put into a deep sleep. They too were being transported off to some unknown time or place.

Finally, when only the princess was left with her enemies, she floated back down to the ground. Crystal still glowing, she called out to the leader of them all; Metallia.

"Evil creature!" She screamed, the crescent moon on her forehead glowing brighter with every word, just like her Crystal. "You destroyed my family, my home, my LIFE! Return to the nothingness from which you came, demon!!!" With that, she released all the power of the Imperial Crystal, destroying Metallia and her minions for good. Or so she thought.

Her life energy spent, the girl collapsed onto the cold, hard ground, completely alone. As the darkness of Death began to claim her, she did the only thing she could do; she cried. Her every breath more difficult than the one before, she pulled out her Crystal one last time. She held it in her hand, admiring its comforting glow. As she felt her spirit being pulled from her body, she made one last request. "Crystal," she whispered, "I only wish. . . to be with Endymion." And with that, the last Princess of the Moon, Serenity, was dead.

The Crystal, out of its own accord, began glowing brightly. It encased its owner in the same bubble it had countless others ad, before sending her to where her people waited, buried itself deep within her chest...

Tears escaped Endymion's eyes as he thought of her. How could he not, when she was all that mattered to him? He could read it on Jadeite's face; he was thinking about her, too. God, how he missed her! Every night, he would dream of her returning to him, of them being together again, only to wake up in tears at not feeling her warmth surrounding him the way it used to all those years ago.

A sudden, ear-piercing scream brought the prince out of his reverie. It was a scream that, although he had never heard it before in his life, had haunted his dreams every night for as long as he could remember. A scream that sent his heart pounding in ecstasy and terror at the same time. It was the scream of his bride-to-be, his only love, Serenity.

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