"He hurts so, Tess" Monica murmured watching the devastated man sitting on his child's empty bed holding a loaded automatic pistol in his hand.

"I know, baby" Tess commiserated softly to the younger angel.

"How are we to help him, Tess?" the redheaded angel asked her mentor worriedly.

"Someone else is going to help him. We just have to help him hold on a little longer," Tess told her.

"But what if I can't?" Monica asked.

"Then it falls to me," Andrew told her from where he watched sadly over his next case.

"So do your thing, Miss Wings," Tess commanded.

Monica stepped forward and lightly placed a hand on Jack's shoulder. Instantly, a profoundly peaceful feeling settled over the grieving father and his tight grip on the pistol relaxed. All the guilty demons of thought that had crowded his mind since the moment Charlie had died quieted. For nearly an hour Jack sat inured by the touch of an angel from the war being fought for his soul until he heard the tread of feet coming up the stairs.

Monica withdrew her touch and the two angels watched as the Air Force officers came and collected Colonel Jack O'Neill for a meeting with General West.

"Now it's up to him to make the right choice," Tess announced quietly as she turned to leave. "Time to go, baby."

"Andrew?" Monica asked noticing he wasn't following.

"I'm not done yet," Andrew told her.