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--Chapter One : The Newly Cursed--

Akito died. He died about five years ago. For normal people, this would be a mourning time, but not for the Sohma's. Oh no, not the cursed Sohma's. They couldn't be happier. No more punishment, no more whipping, but the best of all was that their curse was over. A certain Kyo Sohma wasn't very happy though, as the day after the funneral Yuki Sohma had proposed to Tohru Honda. Kyo was heartbroken. So, he ran away.

Kagura got over it after a while. Kyo had never loved her anyways. She found someone else. Hideki Murashene. They were the second the be married, but the first to have a child. It was a boy named Daichi, and unfortunatly he became part of the zodiac curse. Daichi Murashene was the rat of the zodiac. A few days afterwards, some other unknown Sohma had a son. Kazumi, the head of the family.

Now, we can't forget about the three mabudachi's, can we? Ayame is still single, but I think he enjoys it. Shigure, however has gotten a wife. Her name is Keiko Sohma, well, ever since they got married she became Sohma. They too had a child, two in fact. A boy by the name of Aki Sohma was their child, and the cow, and a girl named Akira Sohma, the dog. Aki was two years older. Hatori did, in fact, find someone who made him 'ten times happier' then Kana did. Kiku. Kiku and Hatori Sohma had a child, Hitomi Sohma. The tiger.

Kisa and Hiro are still too young to be wed or having children, but they are dating. Haru and Rin, however, did get married. Though they broke up, Haru came back to her about two years ago. It was quite pathetic, actually, but Rin accepted. Now they have a lovely daughter, Rinoa Sohma, the horse. (A/N: Yes..Final Fantasy name..but I'm sure someone else in the world has the name Rinoa! I used it because it has the name Rin in it..:3 And the creator of FB likes Final Fantasy so HA! XD)

What about Ritsu? You might ask. Yes, the monkey did wed. Katomi Sohma. They had a son, Riku Sohma. He was the snake in the zodiac. Oh, I apologize for lying. Ritsu and Katomi didn't have a son. They had two. They were twin boys. Along with Riku, there was Hachiro Sohma the rooster. His name means 'eighth son' and if you notice, his is the eigth child to be mentioned in this chapter. (A/N: I noticed that after I typed his name..XD)

Momiji hasn't been wed yet, or had any children. There are five more zodiac members which have not been born yet. Wait a momment..there is one in the process of being born..Yuki and Tohru's child. Let's go see how they're doing, shall we?


In the hospital all the Sohma's, their spouses, and children sat, waiting anxiosly for the new Sohma to arrive. A two year old Akira was sleeping on Shigure's lap, and Keiko was playing with a four year old Aki. Kisa and Hiro, both in their mid-teens now, sat waiting. Ritsu wasn't there, as no one really wanted him to be there. He would just apologize over and over and what-not. Katomi, however, came with their twins Akio, and Hachiro. The 8 month olds were playing with Keiko, and Aki.

Kagura, and Hideki came with Daichi. The 1 year old was sitting next to his mother, just staring at everyone in the room. Haru and Rin were there as well with Rinoa. The four month old baby was in her mothers arms, sleeping. Hatori was tending the Tohru and her baby, being the doctor he was, but Kiku was there with the 5 month old baby Hitomi. Kisa had taken quite an intrest in this child, after finding out that she was a tiger as well, but was too worried about Tohru's baby at the momment.

Momiji sat impationtly. He just couldn't wait the see the baby. Why was everyone worried? Because Tohru was in labor..two months premature. They all knew what this meant, but still..there was a slight chance that the baby wasn't part of the zodiac, and there could be something wrong. Yuki was inside with Tohru, but everyone was sure that he was just as worried. The fact that it was midnight, and it was raining outside didn't help either.

After a few more minutes of waiting, and anticipation Hatori came in. Everyone grew silent. Hatori smiled a bit. It didn't really look all that much like a smile. "The baby is fine. Tohru and Yuki are now the parents of a baby girl" Everyone let out a sigh of relief, but Momiji jumped up. "Can we see the baby?" Hatori nodded. "But only one at a time!" Momiji squealed. "I'm first! I'm first!" He ran passed Hatori, and into the halls to find Tohru's room.

Kiku yawned, and looked at her husband. "What time was the baby born, hun?" she asked, smiling. "Um..around 12:15 or so.." Hatori said. Rin blinked. "'s 12:30 now.." she said, eyebrow raised. Hatori shrugged. "Tohru and Yuki wanted time alone with their baby.."

Momiji knocked on the door of room B-48, then entered. "Tohru-Chan?" he asked, walking in and closing the door behind him. Tohru looked up from the pink blanket. "Oh! Momiji! Hello!" She said, smiling. Momiji bounced over to the baby. "Ooh..she's so pretty..what's her name, Tohru?" He looked very excited. "Amaya.." she replied, still smiling. Momiji looked thoughtful. "Amaya..night rain, right?" Tohru nodded. "You should tell her that one day...she was born on a rainy night..hence her name!" Tohru giggled a bit.

Momiji looked around. "So..what zodiac is she?" Tohru sighed a bit. "Hatori said that..she's the cat.." Momiji blinked. "'s Yuki taking this?" Tohru sighed, and looked down at her baby. "Not very well.." Momiji nodded. "Where is he? I want to speak to him.." Tohru pointed to a door on the left of her marked closet.

The rabbit walked over to it, and knocked. "Yuuuki? It's Momiji can I come in?" A muffled 'yes' was heard, and he opened the door. Momiji sat down in front of Yuki. "So..I heard about your daughter.." Yuki sighed. "Why cat? Why couldn't she be something else?" Momiji shrugged. "It's not really your decision what she is..but..Yuki can you make me a promise?" Yuki looked up. "Sure.."

"Promise me matter won't give up your baby or..erase her from your memory or anything like that.." Momiji looked down, remembering what his own mother had done. He didn't want Amaya to go through the same thing. Yuki looked up. "I..I promise.." he said, standing up. He walked out of the closet, and walked over to where Tohru was. Momiji could here a faint, "Hello Amaya.." The rabbit smiled, happy that he had done something good. He stood up, waving to the family one last time, then bounced to everyone else.

One by one the Sohma's came in with their children, greeting the baby. After a while of that, everyone went home, very exhausted. Yuki was sleeping on a couch in Tohru's room, and Amaya had her own little hospital crib. At about three in the morning, Yuki was asleep but Tohru was still up. She walked over to her baby. "Hey Amaya.." she said, covering her baby with the blanket. "I hope you like living with us..but I think you might want to know..that you're cursed. But don't worry, it's not that bad. Well, you just can't hug a boy that isn't cursed as well..but I'll still love you either way. So will Yuki.." She paused and laughed a bit. "Well, goodnight.." she kissed Amaya on the forehead, and went to sleep herself.

--Fifteen Years Later--

A fiffteen year old Rinoa sat up grungily. It was her first day of high school, and she really wasn't looking forward to it. Her medium lengthed black hair was placed in a bun, which look alright when she put it up at night. She scratched her head, then quickly got ready before going downstairs. "Morning mom.." Rinoa said, sitting at the kitchen table.

Rin turned around. "Goodmorning, Rinoa. Excited about your first day of high school?" Rinoa snorted. " excited as I am scared of orange juice.." she said, yawning again. A man with white and black hair came downstairs. "Hey Rinoa! First day of highschool!" By the look on his daughters face, he could tell she wasn't happy. "Eh..don't worry..I felt the same way.." Hatsaharu said, smiling.

Rinoa sighed. "Hey mom, I'm gonna go to Hiroko's house today. Aki said he'd drive us to school today.." Rin nodded. "What about Amaya?" Rinoa yawned one last time, before standing up. "Her mom's taking her..Anyways, see you later!" Rinoa waved to her parents one last time, then went out of the door, making her way to Hiroko's house, which wasn't too far.

After about two blocks, Rinoa reached a house and knocked on the door. A woman with short orange hair, and orange eyes opened the door. "Oh! Hello, Rinoa." she said, smiling. Rinoa smiled back. "Hello Kisa, is Hiroko still here?" Rinoa asked, making sure that Aki didn't already come to pick her up. Kisa nodded. "Yes, she's upstairs in her room. She let Rinoa in, closing the door behind her. Rinoa said thank you quickly, then ran up the stairs, knocking on the third door to the left.

A girl with shoulder lenght brown hair, and blackish brown eyes opened the door. "Hey Rinoa!" Hiroko said, letting her friend in. "Heya Koko!" Koko was Hirko's nickname. They couldn't call her Hiro, since that was her fathers name, so Rinoa invented Koko. Hiroko's door was still in, and a man with blond hair, and brown eyes walked in. "Hey Hiroko, I just wanted to a-ACK!" he tripped over the wire of his daughters phone, bumping into her.

There was a 'Poof!' noise, and once the smoke disappeared a brown monkey was seen. "Daddy!" she said, sighing. Hiro stood up. " I just wanted to ask you if you needed anything else for today.." Hiroko shook her head, and her father nodded, leaving the room. In a few minutes, Hiroko became her normal self, quickly putting her uniform on again. The two girls went downstairs as the doorbell wrang. Hiroko opened it. There stood a boy looking about eighteen with black hair. Well, on his neck it was white. His eyes were black. "Hey Aki!" Hiroko said, and Rinoa ran next to her. Aki nodded. "Hey Koko, Rinoa." Rinoa smiled. "Soo..should we go now?" she asked. The boy nodded, and led the two girls to his car in which he drove them to school.


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Name: Hiroko Sohma/
Parents: Kisa, and Hiro Sohma/
Age: Fourteen 1/2/
Birthday: April 17/
Gender: Female/
Nickname(s): Koko/
Zodiac: Monkey/
Appearance: Shoulder length brown hair, and brown eyes with flecks of black/
Extra Info: Hiroko's best friend is Rinoa. Though she is only fourteen 1/2 she is a freshman in highschool along with mostly everyone else. Something to do with her birthday, and skipping a grade./

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