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--Chapter 5 : Ai Shiteru--

Natsu walked back to her room. Though the redness of her face had gone done, she was still blushing. Daichi, who was just coming out of his own room, noticed this and blinked. "Hey Natsu, are you ok?" Natsu blinked, and looked at Daichi. She nodded a bit. "Weren't you on the roof with Riku..?" he asked, getting a bit suspecious. On his way to the kitchen, he had seen Riku go up and say her name.

Natsu nodded again. Daichi raised an eyebrow. "Your whole face is red..what did he do, kiss you?" He had meant the last part jokingly, but blinked at Natsu's straight face. Daichi's jaw dropped slightly. Natsu half smiled. "You ok..Daichi-chan..?" she asked, knowing that he wasn't. Daichi nodded slowly, then went back into his room, closing the door.

Natsu raised an eyebrow. "Guys can be so emotional at some times.." she mumbled very quietly before walking into her own room. Natsu sat on her bed, and started to think. She hadn't seen her dad in over a week..maybe now would be a good time to go visit him. After all, she thought, he was probably lonely without her. She stood up, and walked out of her room.

She knocked on Aki's door to tell him where she was going, then left. Thankfully, she still had the key. It would have to be a short visit, since it was already a little bit dark. She unlocked the door, and opened it. Her eyes widened at what she saw. He dad, Kyo Sohma, having dinner with some lady. The two adults stopped talking then looked at Natsu, who just stared back. Natsu raised an eyebrow. "Hello.." she said, looking at the other lady. "Err..Natsu-chan..this is Chou.."

Chou smiled at Natsu slightly, and Natsu gave her a small smile back. Kyo coughed a bit. "Excuse us for a moment.." he stood up, and started walking up the stairs, motioning for his daughter to follow. Natsu sighed, then walked up the stairs as well. She walked into Kyo's room, sitting on his bed with her arms folded. "I'm waiting.." she said, smiling. Kyo sighed. "Ok! Ok! Her name's Chou..and we've been going out for one week, and-" Natsu held up her hands in front of her face. "Woah, woah, woah. One week? Why didn't I know?"

Kyo shrugged. "I didn't know how to tell you.." Natsu blinked. "Daddy..I would have been estatic to find out you had a girlfriend..if you had told me sooner.." Kyo shrugged again, not saying anything. "Anywho, I just came by to say hi. So, hello. Goodbye!" she smiled, then walked out. She quickly said goodbye to Chou, then left. Kyo walked downstairs. "Hey, Chou-chan..sorry about that.." He said, sitting down again. "That's ok.." she said, smiling.


Natsu walked inside the house, humming a song. She was almost to her room, when Riku came out of his. "Hey Natsumi..why are you so happy..?" Natsu blinked slightly. No one called her Natsumi. Not even her dad! Well, unless she was in trouble but that's a diffrent story. "Wha-? Oh! I'm not happy..I just had a song stuck in my head.." she smiled a bit. Riku nodded. "I you're sad?" he said, jokingly. Natsu rolled her eyes. "I'm neither.." she said, then walked into her room.


Hiroko started walking into the kitchen. "Hey, there any food in here?" She wasn't paying attention, and blinked when she saw someone with Aki. "Seiji?" she said, blinked. "What are you doing her?" Seiji shrugged. "I the area?" Hiroko blinked. "Don't you live in the area..?" Aki slowly started to leave, but the other two didn't notice. " you want to go for a walk?" Hiroko nodded a bit, then followed him outside.

"So..what's up?" Hiroko asked. Her heart was beating fast, as she couldn't really believe she was walking with Seiji. "Nothing..I just wanted to take a walk with you.." Hiroko blushed a little bit then smiled.


Natsu was in her room looking around for something. "Argh..where'd I put it?!" she asked herself, looking under her bed. She smiled, the pulled out a shoe box. She opened it up, then started shuffling through the picture, dropping them in the process. "Crap.." she said quickly, before hastily picking up the pictures. She found what she was looking for in the process though. A key. Not just any key, oh no. A key to a brand new/old dirt bike that her father had promised her on her thirteenth birthday. She hadn't riden it yet, and she wasn't going to today, she just wanted to make sure she still had the key.

After completly cleaning up the pictures, Natsu put them in the box again, and pushed it under the bed. The key, however, went on her dresser. (A/N: That part may seem pretty pointless, but just remember this for later on..)


A few weeks or so later at school, Natsu was in a bad mood. Of course, there was something about Natsu that no one knew, since she was knew an all. Never get in her way when she's mad. She was by her locker, and after slamming it closed Amaya knew something was wrong. "Natsu-chan, what's wrong?" she asked, blinking. "You know how my dad had a girlfriend, right?" Amaya nodded slowly. "Well, he had to go and get that damn girl pregant!"

Amaya raised an eyebrow. "So..?" Natsu sighed. "Let me put it this way; I just met the girl, and now she's carrying my new sibling, and since that's happening..they're getting married soon..I mean..who does that?" she asked, blinking. "The usual process is you get a girlfriend, tell your child that you have one, marry, THEN have a kid..these people are weird.." Amaya shrugged. " why are you mad again?"

Natsu raised an eyebrow at the girl. "Let me make this easier for you, if there is a way. My dad's girlfriend who I just met like..last month is pregnant. They are getting married. Got it?" Amaya nodded a bit, as Natsu started walking. She bumped into Michiko Minagawa. She was the leader of the 'Prince Riku Fanclub' which had been brought back when she was looking through her mother, Motoko's, old yearbook. (A/N: Mitoko Minagawa was the president of the Prince Yuki Fan Club, remember? XD)

Natsu sighed and looked at the girl. Michiko smirked a bit. "Hey you little stole Prince Riku from us.." Natsu raised an eyebrow. "I..stole..him from you? What makes you think I even had him in the first place?" Michiko snorted. "Oh, don't make it sound like you don't know, or that nothing's going on! I know something's going on between you two. You're going out or something-"

Natsu sighed, as her thoughts covered Michiko's voice. 'Ok Natsu..don't do anything stupid. Just, count to ten. 1..2..'

"And he always talks to you in between classes-!"


"I'm sure he's at least kissed you or SOMETHING-!"


"Oh! And there was this one time when-" "Argh! Will you just shut up already!? You are annoying the crap out of me! Let me make this clear. We are not going out, there is nothing going on between us! So why don't you just mind your own damn buisiness, hmm? I'm having a really bad day, and it's probably worse then someone going out with your dear prince! I am so sorry that you are so self centered but there are other people with problems as well!" Natsu

She blinked looking around, noticing that everyone was staring at her but hey! You can't be the daughter of Kyo Sohma and not pick up his short temperness, now can you? She groaned lightly, then walked off the class. Riku, who had been nearby watching, watched as she walked away and ran to follow her. "Natsu-chan! Are you ok?" Natsu turned around. They were well into hall 4, which was pretty empty most of the time.

Natsu shrugged. "Yeah..I'm fine..she was just getting on my nerves.." She blinked at Riku, who looked like someone had just told him his favorite cat died or something. Riku sighed a bit, then looked at the floor. " really think there's absolutly nothing going on between us..?" Natsu coughed slightly. She had forgotten about that. "" she start folding her fingers together. "If you think about it..there really isn't anything going on..I mean.." she paused, not knowing what else to say. Riku half smiled at her, but it seemed rather sad. "It's ok. You should have told me from the start that you didn't like would have been easier on me, and a load easier on you.." he said, before walking off.

Natsu blinked. It was too late to say anything, as he had already walked off. She groaned rather loudly then sat down, banging her head lightly against one of the lockers. Daichi had walked in that moment. He sat down next to her. "Guess that would be concidered your breaking up?" Natsu stopped, then looked at Daichi. "Well, it would be if we had actually been going out.."

Daichi blinked. "Wait a you guys weren't even boyfriend and girlfriend?" Natsu nodded. "Nope.." Daichi pursed his lips, trying his hardest not to smile. "So..would you like to go out with me?" Natsu interupted him, not paying attention. "I mean, I don't know why he's so mad..I didn't really mean what I said in a bad-" She paused, then stared at Daichi, realizing what he had just said. "" she couldn't get the words to come out. Wait. What words? She didn't even know what she wanted to say!

Daichi smiled a bit. "It's a yes or no question. I wouldn't mind either answer." he said. "Well..I er.." lucky for her, the bell wrang. She stood up. "Whoops! Gotta get to class!" she said, running out of the hall and into her class. Daichi followed behind at a far range silently.


Somewhere in the middle of class, Natsu sent Rinoa, who sits next to her, a note. Rinoa blinked, then read it.

'Rinoa! Big problem! Daichi asked me out! I have absolutly no idea what to saaay! Heelp!'

Rinoa blinked then answered giving, it back to Natsu.

'Er..I dunno! Do you want to go out with him?'

'I'm not exactly sure..'

'Oooh! But what about Prince Riku?'

Natsu sighed, then started writting something else, but her teacher found the note. "Hmm? What's this? Passing notes? Well, I guess if you can share it with Rinoa, you can share it with the whole class.." the teacher smiled then walked up to the front of the room. "Oh..crap.." Natsu said, crossing her arms on her desk, and placing her head inside them. Rinoa blinked. The teacher opened her mouth to speak, but the bell wrang. Natsu looked up, said a quick thank you, then left the class as quick as she could.

On her way home, she realized that Riku had caught up with her. He smiled a bit. "Hey Natsu..I'm really sorry about what I said earlier.." Natsu shrugged, and kept walking. Riku blinked. "Are you made at me?" Natsu shook her head. She started to speed up, but Riku grabbed her hand. "Are you sure?" Natsu sighed. "Yes, I'm sure.." Riku smiled again. "Great. Now, how much Japanese do you know exactly?" Natsu, having come from the US, didn't know that much.

Well she knew enough to go to a Japanese school, obviously, but she didn't know..outside things. Natsu shrugged. "I know a..fair ammout.." she said, straight ahead. Riku kissed her on the cheek quickly. "Ai Shiteru, Natsumi-chan!" he said before running off. Natsu stared off at him. "And what does that mean?" she said, throwing her arms in the air, groaning.


"Chou-chan..I'm really reaaally sorry!" Kyo was talking over the phone with his fiancè. "It's alright Kyo! Maybe you can call Natsu over to help me?" Kyo sighed. "Er..She's not exactly speaking to me right now.." Just then, Natsu entered the house. "Hey daddy!" Kyo blinked. "On second thought..hold on a second.." he put the phone down. "Hey! Natsu-chan!" he yelled when she was halfway up the stairs. "Er..sorry I had to get something I left in the room.." She started walking again, but Kyo stopped her.

"Wait! Would you like to go help Chou pick out braidsmaid dresses?" Natsu snorted. "Are you nuts?" she said, before quickly running upstairs, grabbing something, then running back down. "Later!" she yelled, right before closing the door. Kyo sighed, and picked up the phone. "Sorry, she doesn't want to go.." Chou smiled. "That's ok..I'll get one of my friends. Bye!" she hung up, as did Kyo.


Hiroko some-what danced down the hall to Rinoa's room. "Rinoa-chan! Let me in! I have important news!" Rinoa opened the door. "What?" Hiroko ran inside the room, as Rinoa closed it. "I have a boyfriend!" Rinoa smiled. "Awesome. So, who is it?"


Natsu had been home for a while, as Daichi stuck his head in her room. " you have an answer to my question yet?" Natsu raised an eyebrow. "Question? What que-oooh..that question.." She looked at the floor. Daichi blinked. "You can say no if you want. It's an answer, after all.." Natsu fiddled with her fingers. She liked Daichi, but she sort of liked Riku more. Daichi stood, waiting for an answer. "Er.." she couldn't seem to get ' no' out, so she just shook her head. Daichi nodded. "Ok! See you!"

He walked out, as Amaya walked in. "Hey Natsu! Ok..I'm sorry..I'm a curious person. What did that note say?" Natsu smiled. "Nothing that you didn't know already.." She paused, then looked around room. "Hey Maya-chan..what does 'Ai Shiteru' mean..?" she said in a some-what whisper voice. Amaya was looking at the dirt bike model on Natsu's dresser before she answered..


Bwahahaaa! Cliff hanger! I also left a cliff hanger with Hiroko's boyfriend, but I think we all know who it is..XD It's Bio Time! The bio's here! Here's the bio it never fails it makes me wanna wag my tail when it comes I wanna yell Biooo! XD Anywho..

Name: Riku Sohma/
Parents: Ritsu, and Katomi Sohma/
Age: Fifteen/
Birthday: February 19/
Gender: Male/
Nickname(s): None/
Zodiac: Snake/
Appearance Dark green hair, and same color eyes/
Extra Info: Riku is the new prince of the high school. He is rather fond of Natsumi, but he has Daichi in the way./

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