By ChaosEternus

Chapter 25

Anyways, that takes us up to now. A small taskforce headed up by Mailman is on its way for Cylon controlled space under orders to search for more possible colonial survivors, any indications as to the fate of Seeker and for a recon of the old Twelve Colonies. Primary purpose, of course, was to try to determine the status of Seeker and Pegasus, both vessels which had been to the Sol system before and both of which were missing. We needed to know for definite if the Cylons already had a location for Earth or not, that little detail would make all the difference between us having months, maybe a year to prepare for the return of the Cylons or potentially having Years. In the end, we could never figure out exactly how long they knew about Earth, but we were given a few years which turned out to be just time enough.

Contact was made, by yours truly as you know, I had effective command of Hermes for that little operation, naturally I stuck my thumb out at the often arrogant Americans and said ‘Hi' to Queen and Country first... but hey, I'm British, I'm allowed to be biased in favour of my fellow countrymen.

Course, the shit well and truly hit the fan, predictably no-one liked a war of extermination being dropped in their laps and it caused more then a few riots, three of which were bad enough to effectively take cities off the map but as soon as people settled down and began thinking, they realised the inevitability of things and began pulling together to protect the Earth.

That minus a few whack jobs of course who seemed to think that extermination of the human race was a good thing but most of them lost heart after what we did to the leader of the Crimson dawn movement. I'll give you a hint, after what he did to that school, he was kicked into space without a suit and the results broadcast across the world.

Not that Earth could do much to help straight away of course, but we had a lot of people and a lot of industry and it really sprang into action. Finding volunteers to replace losses was easy of course, even if there training did have to be very much on the job. Making replacements for the simpler parts was next, followed by more advanced equipment such as complete Vipers and railguns.

Of course, we wouldn't last long without a Navy of our own and that required a spaceyards which took six years to build and was finished literally just in time. By then, the Colonials had colonised the Alpha Centauri system and we were both benefiting from an exchange of technologies, even if Computers and our entire ground warfare tech was the bulk of what we had to offer the Colonials seemed to fell it worthwhile.

The Cylons found us, naturally and whilst it was more then a little close for a few years, we eventually managed first to beat them off, and then force them into submission. We didn't destroy them, despite the Colonials demands for vengeance, after all, two wrongs don't make a right and extermination of an entire race is definitely a wrong.

But then, that's all another story and not one that mine to tell”

Fleet Admiral Nichol Foster
United Solar Navy, CNO
Address to Naval Academy , Six Days Prior to his assassination by Cylon Sympathisers.

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