Title: Forever in our memories

Authors: Natalya & electricgurl

Email: see profile other email can be given out my request....

Disclaimer:I don't own anything to do with the Buffy or Angel shows…just like playing with them.

Timeline: Post-Chosen

Paring: Spuffy; Spike/Dawn; Xander/OC; Willow/Kennedy

Rating: PG-13 at the moment

Summary: A different take on Chosen. Buffy stayed with Spike until the end. Now the others have to coop. How will they take it when Spike comes back?

A/N:This is a joint story and also my first spawn fic so please be kind and review. Flames to help build on the write and plot of the story are welcome but please no put-downs of the authors and the story. Just constrictive help…Thanks and enjoy…Let's get the spuffy down and then we can move on with the spawn…