Summery: What if Alec saw Max when they were still at Manticore? But what happened to the rest of the soldiers after the year 2009? And what did Alec have to do with it? MA

Disclaimer: I don't own anything! This ALL belongs to...someone that's not me.

Pairing : M/A

When We First Met

"452!" Hollered a guard from the door. Looking around he saw a 6 year old girl raise her hand. When she did he continued. "You are needed in the water facility" He told her. After she'd nodded he turned around before walking out.

"Uhh!" Max exhaled out after the man had left their chambers. "I don't want to do it again, I was there yesterday." She complained as she tied up her second boot.

"Hey relaxed" Piped up Zack who'd been standing behind her talking. "Ben, Seth and me are all going down that way too. We're probably doing the same thing." He calmed her. Max didn't answer she was already standing beside Seth who was holding the door open for her. He just gave her a simple shrug.

As all three of them walked in a single file towards the water facility, they only dared a few words here and there. Max was starting to realize that maybe this wasn't going to be so bad. She was with some of her unit mates, so at least they'd be together.

"Um, 452 we go here." Ben told her pointing to the doors right beside the doors she was to go in. When he saw her face fall slightly he gave her a quick hug before dashing into his designated room.

The young solider took a deep breath before entering the very big, white room. She calmed down when she notices that Lydecker wasn't in the room, but still took note of the small brown haired woman across the room from her.

The young woman was standing beside a man with a stop-watch, while holding a clipboard. Max couldn't help but listen to what they were saying. "Oh my! He's been down there for 6.16 minutes. That's very impressive." She smiled obviously happing for someone.

Max dared to look down into the pool of water, only to see a little boy, about a year older sitting at the bottom. But unlike her unit when down there, he was not bound down by restraints. He was just sitting there cross legged. 'Stupid kid!' Max though darkly, giving him an evil glare even though his back was to her. She slightly jumped when she heard a door slam behind her, figuring it was the others she spun around only to be faced with Lydecker. As fast as 452 could she snapped to attention.

"Stand down" He ordered her walking right by her to greet the other woman. "Hello Shirley" he smiled to her in a completely different tone then what he'd used with her. Max took a few moments to look her over. She wasn't that tall, about 5'2 maybe, dark brown wavy hair to match her green eyes along with a flawless completion. She looked to be about in her very early thirties. Max looked closely at her clothes only to realize that she was a colonel as well. Surprisingly she hadn't ordered Max to salute. 'Odd' 452 thought, but was distracted by another opening door. Finally Seth, Zack and Ben all walked out. Max quickly turned around again when she heard someone talking to her. Looking down, only to find Ben looking back up at her in the water tank.