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Last Time

353 was content to see that he was put in with Alec, Biggs, & CeCe. Along with a few other non-haters. Then as a last minute switch Loralee was swapped in for Alec. Everyone remained stone-faced for almost 2 hours. That was when everyone had been setup, two watched missions had already been conducted, and their add-on mission was being explained to them. They were being deployed to an Africa dessert close to Zimbabwe. They had four hours to conduct, and completely finish their newly taught strategies in a live field operation. This included not only Manticore obstacles, but forgotten mind fields, and road side bombs they could set off that had been places their during a war that had taken place 15 years before over discovered diamonds in the area.

Everyone had been given their proper equipment, instructions and a map for anyone who got separated during one of the freak-sand-storm that had a tendency to show up this time of the year in Africa.

The Winds Of Change

Biggs and Steve took to the front of their line as they ushered the rest of their dazed groups forward though another sand storm. The objective for the mission was almost complete. Steve moved his hood tighter around his face as he gripped the rope closer to his body with Solomon Vandy on the other side. The restraints firmly around his neck with his hands bound behind him with a sack covering his face. Hiding him from the elements & the destination. CeCe walked in the middle of the line with her captive walking a couple feet in front of her. Djimon Hounsou was the 2nd captive bound and tied up the same way as the 1st man. As everyone continued to trudge towards their pick-up point their adrenalin began to drop back to normal levels and bodies began to register their wounds.

**Flash Back**

Biggs & Steve had just finished dividing their already small group into two. One was in charge of the explosives- placing them evenly and everywhere over the perimeter. The other group would find a way into the buildings and get the person in question & themselves out before the countdown was finished. Everyone had six minutes after the explosives were in place & would be notified via headsets. Steve would go with CeCe to take Mr. Solomon Vandy. He was a close friend to Mr. Djimon Hounsou who was in the other building. Biggs was infrotrating the 2nd building with Lo. Both dark black built men in their mid 20ths. Everyone else was to set explosives. No one except the two men in question were to leave the area alive. No witnesses were needed. The message would get across to anyone else that crosses Manitcore without a word spoken.

3 minutes

Lo was quick to make it to the 2nd floor of the building. Though that's not what she would call this grungy, rat infested meth-lab. Everything smelled horrible, Lo kept holding her breath every time she had to squat behind a mold covered crate. She kept watching the 2 boys by the back door. Her & Biggs had already gotten past them but she wonder what would have become of them had they not been here this day.

Biggs nudged Lo with his knee to her back urging her to hurry up and go. They climbed up the side of the stairs like it was a jungle gym and ducked under the last bar so they were now both crouched on flat ground again. Biggs ducked under a pillar and motions for Lo to hide behind a dingy looking desk. They scanned the room intensely, each looking for the same man. They had already gotten a three minute warning from Seth outside. Steve & CeCe had found their target but hadn't been to sly. Everyone in their building now knew something wasn't right so were all tense for Biggs & Los arrival. "You take half, I'll take half" Lo whispered as she eyed everyone around her. Biggs gave her a black stare in return & continued looking. "Fine, I'll take them all" She hissed back as his lack of communication. Finally Lo spotted Solomon Vandy. He was a tall man at 6'7, 26 years of age, built like a Greek God, and black as coal. He had a shaved head, tattoos down his arm, with a large one on his left shoulder going down his back. With no shirt it showed off his tattoos all down his beautiful sculpted body. His baggy pants held a gun in the back of them, with a blade handle pocking out from his side. Lo thought she would have found him much more attractive had he not had a scar across his cheek that ran down to his neck… and wasn't 11 years her senior.

1 minutes.

Panic began to set inside both their minds as time ticked away. Lo decided to rush him. She leapt from her spot on the floor and was beside Vandy within seconds. Knocking 2 people out- each getting a foot to the head. Her young age caused pause for everyone in the room. There was no way this young child – female no less, was anything to fret over. More bodies were turning towards her, guns in hand ready to shoot. This pause for question that everyone had shot would be an unforgivable mistake. Three shots rung out and three men fell. Biggs stepped out from his holding position, and let loose 2 more shots. This now eliminated everyone within ranges on the 2nd floor for the moment, and the tall black man was pushed towards the 14 year old boy with a be-wild look.

45 seconds.

Voices began filling the warehouse and orders echoed off the walls. No one thought to cut off the stairs, instead everyone came from both directions, hoping to force the intruders to a stand still. Lo signaled Biggs with her eyes, he was to take Solomon Vandy off the property while she held everyone off. Roundhouse kicks and gun shots were spread all around. Smoke was kicked up from the ground and more shots fired. In all the blind panic both lost sense of where the other one was. People screamed, while windows crashed and the distinctive smell of blood filled the air.

A fireball took the place of where both building had once stood. The explosion cracked the sky like thunder as the ground shook and black smoked blinded everyone's vision. The sound of the buildings crashing upon themselves stayed constraint for almost a whole minute as every last bit gave away under the weight of itself. The smell of burning bodies was so strong that even as everyones backs faced the wind they still tried to hold their breath. Nothing but sand, ruble & scattered body parts remained.


Steve & Cece waited for Biggs and his charges to re-group & head out. As everyone gathered it was clear that out of the 14 transgenic there were 2 unaccounted for. "Lo & Seth sill MIA" Biggs reported angrily as he scanned the area in front of him a good 5 minutes after everyone else had made it back. Their first wind-storm began to pick up and it was clear that the 2 missing unit mates would remain so until after the rest had been picked up. An uncomfortable feeling washed over everyone at the very real possibility that both might not have made it clear before the blast.

"Move out!" Ordered Steve as he took command of everyone and began walking, knowing his orders would not be ignored. They couldn't afford to waist anymore time, if they were alive they would be found. Or if Lady Luck had decided to abandon them, it certainly wouldn't be for the last time.

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