"What you up to Hank?" Logan walked through the lab.

"I am trying to replicate Kitties phasing ability." Beast explained, pointing at a large piece of equipment on the table, "I hope, that by sending matter out of phase with this reality, I will be able to pass it through solid matter."

"And the reason for this is?"

"To see if I can."

"Famous last words." Logan muttered, "When you going to test it?"

"Right now as a matter of fact." Beast pulled down on a lever, and the lights dimmed as his latest invention started to hum. There was a loud shower of sparks, and the machine exploded, leaving behind a glowing yellow rectangle, about the size of a standard doorway, "Fascinating." Beast exclaimed.

"I take it you didn't intend to do that?" Logan asked, picking himself up off the floor.

"No: it was entirely by accident." Beast looked pleased with himself, "I believe it to be an inter-dimensional portal of some kind."

"Shouldn't you shut it down?"

"Oh yes, of cause." Beast cut the power, and the portal winked out of existence.

A second later, a second portal opened, and a tall blond woman in a white suit and Union Jack t-shirt stepped through.

"Which one of you two just opened a door here?" She asked, her thick London accent dripping with sarcasm.

"I believe you are looking for me." Beast raised his hand, "Could you please tell me where I went wrong?"

"No." The woman shook her head, "Just don't do it again, or there will be trouble."

"What kind of trouble?" Logan asked, extending his claws: he didn't like the condescending way woman had spoken to his friend.

"The kind you can't deal with sunbeam." The woman smiled as a man dressed entirely in black, complete with mask, stepped through, "We catch you messing about with this sort of stuff again, and there'll be trouble."

"Be seeing you." The man in black smiled as he stepped through the door after the woman, the portal closing behind them.

"Beast, do me a favour will you." Logan looked at the spot where the two stranger had been standing, "Don't do that again."

The End