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One year later….

"I can't believe you're marrying Granger." Draco drawled to his father as he straightened out his black robes. "I refuse to call her mother."

"No one expects you to, Draco." Lucius smirked at him through the mirror. He checked his appearance once more before facing his son. "But you will treat her with respect." He warned the younger Malfoy.

"You've already threatened me with that one." Draco taunted. Lucius gave him a swift clip round the head with the back of his hand. "Let's go before you're late for your own wedding."

Hermione was at Harry's, stood before a mirror watching her reflection. Ginny had helped her with getting ready and the result was amazing. Her dress was simple and elegant; an ivory strapless outfit that had tight bodice and an A-line skirt. She had a pattern of clear beads across the top of the bodice and the hem of her skirt. Her hair was tied up in curls with a few wisps hanging down.

Ginny herself was looking stunning in her wine coloured bridesmaid dress. It hugged her figure, showing everyone that she was no longer a little girl anymore. Her hair in a simple, lose plait with red rose buds dotted through it.

Harry and Ron walked into the room and gasped.

"You look beautiful." Harry managed to get his compliment out to Hermione. She was still staring at her reflection; she could barely recognise herself. "It's time to go." She felt tears prick at her eyes as Ron led her downstairs. Mrs Weasley burst into tears when she saw her. The rest of the Weasley clan were speechless.

Hermione arrived at the church where her parents were waiting for her. Her mother cried and was taken into the church by Mr Weasley. Her father proudly held his arm out for her. He led his only daughter down the aisle behind her two bridesmaids; Ginny and Luna, who were being led by Harry and Ron.

Lucius turned round as the music started to see Hermione come through the doors. He smiled broadly when he saw her. He felt his heart swell with pride, knowing that he was going to spend the rest of his life with her. He felt honoured that she would want to be with him, past and all.

The ceremony went smoothly and beautifully. Mrs Weasley and Mrs Granger sobbed all the way through it. Even family members and friends on Lucius' side couldn't help but be moved. Harry, Ron and Draco kept their arguments to themselves for the day and spoke civilly for the better part of the day.

The day was peaceful and filled with people having fun and not worrying about anything. Hermione and Lucius getting married was a symbol to them. A symbol that things were changing for the better and that prejudices shouldn't get in the way of living.

At the end of the night, Hermione threw her bouquet and it landed on Harry's lap thus causing him to blush as red as Ron's hair. A quick goodbye was said to everyone before they went on their honeymoon and embarked on married life together.

"I love you more than anything on this earth." Lucius whispered into her ear as they arrived at their hotel in Florida.

"I doubt you love me more than I love you." She teased him. He growled as he picked her up and carried her to the reception. "The Malfoys, honeymoon." She managed to laugh out to the smiling receptionist.