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Genre: Romance-Humor-Drama-Action/Adventure

Summary: Alex Keller is a rebellious young woman with a heart for freedom…and Will Turner. She wants both, but can't have them. But what happens when the obvious love interest in Will's life, Elizabeth Swann, is kidnapped by pirates? Alex comes along to help get her back and while doing so, she meets a pirate who is none other than the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow himself, and between trying to rescue Elizabeth and get his beloved ship back, he shows Alex what the freedom she wants really is. Follows the original PotC plot with hopefully some originality on the side.


CHAPTER ONE – The Beginning

The once warm and brilliant sun was no longer in the clear blue sky and reflecting it's rays off the waters below, but now was blocked out by a thick, heavy fog that now depressingly drifted atop of the deep water. It was quite the opposite of the previous days aboard the Dauntless, or even a few hours before this one moment in time. It was bright, sunny, and hot, just like any regular summer day was supposed to be, but that changed instantly as the large British ship slowly and quietly drifted through the grey waters on route to Port Royal, a town in the Caribbean.

Alexis Keller hugged herself as she leaned against the rail of the ship and watched the wake that the hull of the ship created as it glided through the water. Under her breath, she quietly sang a song that she had picked up from a sailor she befriended on the ship.

"We're rascals, scoundrels, villains and knaves, drink up me hearties yo-ho…we're devils and blacksheep and really bad eggs, drink up me hearties yo-ho…yo-ho, yo-ho, a pirates life for me…"

"You've been visiting with Philippe too often." A man, a veteran sailor onboard the Dauntless, walked up to her with a hint of a smile.

"So?" She chuckled. "He has such wonderful stories about pirates." Alexis continued, her dark brown eyes shimmering. "He knows about Blackbeard and Francis Drake, and taught me the pirate's code!" Peter Keller chuckled at her sudden enthusiastic attitude, and playfully ruffled his young twelve-year-old daughter's hair. Alexis looked up with admiration.

"Watch yourself, Alex. I don't want the Lieutenant overhearing my daughter talking about pirates and thinking I'm not raising a proper lady, like Auntie Carol. Why don't you go visit with Miss Swann? Maybe she'll show you how." He joked.

Alexis, or Alex, as she was called by her father and preferred to be called, looked over at the other young girl that was aboard on this journey, Elizabeth Swann, the daughter of the soon-to-be Governor of Port Royal, the girl that Alex had become acquainted with at the beginning of this voyage.

"But I don't want to be a proper lady like Auntie Carol, she's boring." Alex frowned, returning her focus on the water. Peter laughed.

"I know. I still love you for being just the hellcat way you are." He joked again, placing an arm around her shoulder and hugging her. "That Swann lass likes you, you know. Go talk with her." And with that, Peter gave his daughter a small nudge in that direction, and when Alex looked back with a frown, he just nodded her on. With a sigh, Alex turned and headed towards Elizabeth. It was reassuring to hear that Elizabeth liked her, because Alex liked her too, even if she was all proper and well-mannered. But that came with being a Governor's daughter…she just wouldn't be feeling as much freedom as Alex had and desired, if any at all.

Approaching quietly, Alex heard Elizabeth singing the song she had taught her the day before, but stopped mid-step when she saw a man, who was called Gibbs by his peers, got to Elizabeth first and placed a hand on her shoulder, causing the girl to turn around in surprise.

"Quiet, Missy! Cursed pirates sail these waters. You don't want to bring them down on us, now, do ya?" Gibbs scorned, obviously frightening Elizabeth. Alex saw Lieutenant Norrington walk up behind them, followed by Governor Swann himself.

"Mr. Gibbs, that will do." Norrington sternly said.

"She was singing 'bout pirates! Bad luck to be singin' about pirates with us mired in this unnatural fog, mark my words." Gibbs replied.

"Consider them marked," Norrington carelessly said. "On your way."

"Aye, Lieutenant. Its bad luck to have women on board, too…even miniature ones." Gibbs muttered, glancing over at Alexis as he pulled out a small flask from his vest and drank from it.

"I think it'd be rather exciting to meet a pirate." Elizabeth told Norrington, who was now standing beside her with hands clasped behind his back.

Me too! Alex silently agreed.

"Think again, Miss Swann. Vile and dissolute creatures, the lot of them. I intend to see to it that any man who sails under a pirate flag or wears a pirate brand gets what he deserves…" He looked down at Elizabeth and grinned. "…a short drop and a sudden stop." Alex looked over at Gibbs, and she saw that he was miming a hanging. Her eyes widened and Elizabeth gasped.

"Lieutenant Norrington," Governor Swann interrupted, looking frantic. "I appreciate your fervor, but I'm concerned about the effect this subject will have upon my daughter." He looked down at Elizabeth with a loving smile.

"My apologies, Governor Swann." Norrington murmured, departing from their presence. When he passed by Alex, he gave her a small polite smile, which she half-heartily returned.

"Actually, I find it all fascinating." Elizabeth explained to her father.

"Yes, that's what concerns me." Governor Swann smiled, and then he too took his leave and left her. Elizabeth just sighed, and when she saw Alex standing nearby, she approached quickly.

"Alexis!" Young Elizabeth excitedly greeted.

"Alex," She corrected. She liked that nickname almost hated it when people used her full name. Elizabeth nodded.

"Are you excited about reaching Port Royal soon?" Elizabeth asked, clearly excited herself. "Father bought a nice home that overlooks most of Port Royal. My room looks over the harbor…"

They both began walking down the starboard side as Elizabeth described what Port Royal would be like according to her father. The more she listened, the more Alex grew eager to see her new home for herself. It sounded completely different than dull England. The Caribbean held warm weather and more excitement, for pirates sailed the waters.

As Elizabeth continued talking about their new home, Alex suddenly noticed something in the water. Narrowing her eyes, she focused her attention on what seemed to be a parasol floating towards them. She stopped walking and leaned over as much as she could over the rail to get a better look. Elizabeth followed.

"I wonder how that got there." Elizabeth voiced the thoughts of the two young girls. Alex shrugged and was about to walk away, thinking it fell from the Dauntless, but another object lying on top of a piece of wreckage floating in the water caught her attention.

It was a boy.

"Look! A boy, there's a boy in the water!" Elizabeth cried out, apparently spotting him at the same time too. Immediately after they heard her cry, Norrington, Gibbs, Peter Keller, and many of the other sailors looked over the side.

"Man overboard! Man the ropes, fetch a hook! Haul him aboard!" Norrington ordered. Alex and Elizabeth watched as they hurried to bring him on board. Peter and a few other men pulled him up and carefully set him down on deck. His head limply rolled to the side and Norrington quickly knelt by him.

"He's still breathing." He announced with relief.

"Mary, Mother of God!" Alex heard Gibbs say behind her. Quickly, she turned around and hurried next to him, as the rest of the ship did, and saw the last thing anyone expected – a burning ship that was slowly sinking, with flames reaching high up into the grey sky.

"What happened here?" Governor Swann asked in horror.

"It's most likely the powder magazine. Merchant vessels run heavily armed." Norrington explained, though he still appeared disturbed. Gibbs shook his head.

"A lot of good it did them. Everyone's thinkin' it, I'm just sayin' it…" Gibbs looked out towards the wreckage. "Pirates."
Alex felt a course of excitement at the possibility of pirates, suddenly followed by alarm when she gazed once again at the burning merchant ship.

"There's no proof of that." Governor Swann scoffed, but still seemed nervous all the same at the idea. "It was probably an accident." He reasoned.

"Rouse the Captain immediately!" Norrington ordered. "Heave to and take in sail. Launch the boats!"

"Elizabeth, Miss Keller," Governor Swann started, taking them both aside. "I want you two to accompany the boy. He'll be in your charge. Take care of him?" Elizabeth nodded and hurried over to where they lay the boy. When Alex caught her father's gaze, he nodded for her to go on.

As Alex approached, she got a better look at the new boy. He had short brown hair and freckles over his pale skin. Even in this distressed state he appeared in, thoroughly wet and cold, Alex was instantly fascinated.

Elizabeth stared down at him too, and her hand pulled back a few strand hairs on his face. The sudden warmth of another's touch immediately brought him to a conscious state, causing him to suddenly reach and grab her wrist, startling the both of them, Elizabeth more than Alex.

"It's okay," Elizabeth gasped, regaining her posture. "My name's Elizabeth Swann."

"I'm Alex Keller." Alex added, staring back into his frightened wide eyed stare.

"W-Will Turner." He gasped.

"We're watching over you, Will." Elizabeth gently stated, giving him a reassuring smile. Will gave a small nod, and then fainted. Elizabeth then noticed something on him, and pulled back the neck of his shirt to reveal a gold necklace around his neck, carrying a gold medallion. A coin, with a skull in the middle as the design. Alex watched Elizabeth pick it up and examine it. She quickly looked back down at Will. "Y-You're a pirate!"

"Has he said anything?" Norrington suddenly asked from behind them, and Alex and Elizabeth quickly turned around.

"His name is William Turner, that's all we found out." Alex answered.

Norrington gave a small nod and motioned for a few men nearby. "Take him below."

They did as ordered, leaving Elizabeth and Alex by themselves. Alex noticed that Elizabeth had hid the medallion behind her back when Norrington came, but realized that she herself didn't mention anything about it as well. All for the same reason, she gathered. As Elizabeth studied the coin, Alex thought about the boy – Will Turner. She prayed to the heavens that he would be all right. She couldn't wait to start talking to him once he was well enough to ask him what happened.

Looking back out towards the water with a sigh, she was about to continue her thoughts on him until something again caught her eye. At first she thought it was the fog and mist playing tricks on her young eyes, but it was not so. She had seen another ship with ragged black sails, retreating into the fog. It sported the black flag with a white skull at its mast. A pirate's flag.

She wouldn't see that ship for another eight years, and when she did, it would cause a drastic change in her life.

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