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Now on with the show.

The first time Draco Malfoy pulled me behind the Quidditch shed, I must say I was more than a little surprised. After all, it's not everyday your 'worst enemy' sticks his tongue down your throat. But what could I do? I was cornered, trapped even, with absolutely no means of escape. So of course I had to kiss back… it would have been rude not to. Don't judge me, what would you have done? Fought? Tried to get away? Yeah, you say that now, but you have no idea what it was like, you weren't there. You don't know how wonderful - HORRIBLE, I meant how horrible it was to have that warm body pressed against you, to feel those soft lips moving across yours to - what? Oh, sorry got caught up in the moment there. Anyway like I was saying, it was one of the most horrific events of my life.

The next time it happened I was prepared. I was running late after potions and I heard someone coming up behind me; I was once again trapped. So I did the only thing I could think of - I turned quickly (using my super seeker reflexes) and pinned HIM against the wall. I knew that would show him. But you know what? He didn't even struggle, not one bit. He actually, seemed to melt into the kiss. He even had the nerve to put his hands behind my back and pull me closer, the hateful bastard. Then do you know what happened? Do you really want to know? Ok, I'll tell you, he moaned. Can you believe it? Honest to god 'hasn't had sex in years this is the best experience of my life' throaty groan. The nerve! I was supposed to be punishing him! Well, I just wasn't standing for that. So you want to know what I did next? I put a hand under his shirt - with the intention of scratching the shit out of him I assure you, when Snape came around the corner and pulled us apart. Screaming something about having to poke out his own eyes and ruining my good time - revenge, I meant revenge. I said revenge! Are you calling me a liar?

Whatever, am I the one telling this story or not? Just sit back and listen. Anyway, like I said, I was so infuriated by Snape's interrupting of my righteous vengeance I decided to stalk - I mean avoid - Malfoy at all cost. No being alone with him, no staying late after classes, no being alone in the halls. And it was working too, that is, until I thought it was safe for me to take a bath in the prefect's bathroom, alone. Big mistake, as Malfoy is, you know a prefect. So there I was relaxing, trying to enjoy some private 'me' time. And no I was not thinking about Malfoy naked at the time, nor was I thinking of licking chocolate syrup off his chiseled torso - pervert!

Anyway, I'm sitting there relaxing when he bursts in on me. I was, of course, infuriated by his mere presence, and I told him so, but do you want to know what he did? He smirked at me, and then started taking off his clothes! I asked him almost immediately what he thought he was doing (I was not staring at him or drooling you sick bastard!) but he didn't answer, he just slowly slid into the tub. On my end! I mean seriously, that tub is bigger than most swimming pools; there was plenty of room for him on the other side. There was need to invade my personal space! Especially when he wasn't doing anything. What do you mean? What are you trying to say? That is not what I meant. It isn't! I don't know, washing maybe? Certainly not just sitting there staring at me - which, was most unnerving by the way - before I decided to say something about it. It went something like this.


"What Malfoy?"

"What do you mean 'What' Harry?"

"What do you want? And don't call me Harry."

"I don't want anything Harry."

"Then stop staring at me and for god's sake would you give me some room! This tub is plenty big! You don't have to be practically on top of me you know."

"But what if I want to be on top of you?"

"Why would you - oh you really are disgusting Malfoy."

"You didn't seem to think so in the hall a few days ago."

"I was punishing you!"

"What about the Quidditch shed?"

"That wasn't my fault! You attacked me."

He slid closer, bringing his face mere inches from mine.

"You seemed to enjoy it at the time. If I didn't know better, I'd say you were enjoying this as well."

"Enjoying what exactly?"

"Me. Being this close to you."

"You're delusional Malfoy."

"You're hard Potter."

"That has nothing to do with you! If you must know, I was wanking before you came in! So there!"



"What where you thinking about then?"


He shifted closer and I felt his hand lightly graze my already hard cock. I tilted my head back - groaning slightly at the action. I felt his breath against my ear as his hand closed fully around me, stroking lazily.

"Where you thinking of me Harry?"

My breath caught as his pace quickened… I nodded. You should always tell the truth, no matter what.

"What was I doing to you Harry? Were we doing this?"

He tightened his grip and I began to whimper (rather pathetically), shaking my head. No, we were not doing this. This is not enough.

"No? What then Harry? You can tell me. Were you fucking me?"

All I managed is a weak nod.

"Was I screaming for you Harry? Was I begging for it? Did I call out your name? Ohh Harry… yes… fuck me… harder… yeah like that… uh huh… ohhh yessss… faster… please… more… yesyesyesyesyesyes. Something like that, perhaps?"

He flicks his tongue against my ear and I have to summon all the willpower I posses not to come right then. I wanted it to last a little longer. It didn't.

"Not just yet love."

The next thing I knew his hand was replaced by his mouth and I just couldn't hold it any more. The feeling of his lips sliding so perfectly over me is all it took and my vision exploded into brilliant white light.


Needless to say I got out of there as soon as possible. After that, I thought it best to avoid Dra - Malfoy whenever I could. I didn't want him to molest me again. I have a reputation to live up to after all, and I couldn't have horny, sexy little Slytherins messing that up for me, now could I? I was doing a good job of it too, until I decided to go flying one night after dinner, alone - another big mistake. There wasn't anyone around to protect me when I went to take a shower in the changing rooms. No one except, Malfoy of course and I was positive protecting me was the last thing on his mind. It went something like this.


After a few hours of flying, I wanted nothing more than to enjoy a nice hot shower and crawl into bed. So even though I knew I shouldn't go to the changing rooms alone, and even though I knew I could take a shower in the dorms, I decided to risk it. Besides, Malfoy could have been in there waiting and some poor un-expecting soul could have wandered into the sordid sexscapades he seemed to be so fond of lately. I did not watch him go in there! I was focusing on improving my flying skills thank you very much! It could have been anyone sauntering into the Gryffindor changing rooms with blond hair and Slytherin robes… honestly!

Ok, so I saw him go in there! Stop interrogating me! And yeah alright, maybe I went in after him but for the sole purpose of telling him he needed to leave… I swear! Stop looking at me like that! Anyway, I walked through the door to find him sitting on one of the benches in front the showers. Looking very bored and picking imaginary dirt from under his finger nails. Not being one to waste time, I immediately asked him what he was doing.

"What are you doing in here Malfoy? Did you not notice the 'Gryffindor Changing Rooms' sign above the door?"

He stopped his movements - bringing his eyes up slowly to meet mine.

"You've been avoiding me Harry."

"I always avoid you Malfoy."

Without a word he stood and began to walk towards me. Not wanting a repeat of prior… activities, I started to back up slowly. Unfortunately, there was a wall behind me and before I knew it, I was trapped… again. He pressed me into the wall, placing a hand on the side of my head - bringing his face dangerously close to mine.

"Harry, Harry, Harry… I don't like being ignored."

"Uhhh, Malfoy? Think you could back up a bit?"

He tilted his head slightly as if pondering the question before pressing me even further into the wall… smiling widely at me.

"No, I don't think I can."

I wasn't really sure what to do at that point, I was far too exhausted to fight him (don't look at me like that, I was) and regrettably, I was never able to find out if I could have done anything. For at the very moment I was running over ways to get out, he brought a knee up between my legs and began to apply a very nice amount of pressure. I tried really hard to hold back the moan that threatened to escape at the action, but I couldn't. Nor was I able to prevent my head from falling back - leaving my neck very open to any and all of Draco's attentions.

I stayed like that for oh, five minutes or so. Humping Draco Malfoy's leg like some horny dog, while he did wonders on my neck - nipping, kissing and licking in all the right places.

I felt his hands go under my shirt and his lips left my skin, coming to rest somewhere close to my ear.

"Do you want this Harry?"

"Oh… gods yes."

"Do you want me Harry?"

"Yes… you always… wanted… please."

The next thing I knew, I lost that delicious pressure and Malfoy had dropped to his knees in front of me - hurriedly undoing and yanking down my trousers.

The moment I felt that perfect mouth slide over my cock, I thought it was the most wonderful feeling in the world. Nothing could have been better than that. He started out slow at first, licking around the head, taking only a little in at a time. Using only the slightest suction to drive me crazy but not enough to bring me to completion. He was teasing me, I knew it… but what was I supposed to do about it? Suddenly his movements turned urgent and he began bobbing his head up and down my length frantically… it didn't take long after that.

After it was all over, I collapsed against him - arms on either side of his shoulders, breathing heavily. He allowed me a second or two to catch my breath before standing me upright again - spinning me around to face the wall. Which was not as smooth as it sounds I assure you, being that my pants where down around my ankles, but thankfully, Draco kept me from falling.


You can imagine what happened after that. It was so horrible! I'll probably have nightmares for the rest of my life! Oh the pain and humiliation of it all! I am so mortified, I feel so violated, so ashamed, I - Oh, all right I enjoyed it! There, are you happy now? Do you get some kind of morbid satisfaction in knowing I took pleasure in it? That I screamed for him, that I begged and pleaded for him to go 'harderfasterdeeperyeahlikethatpleasedracomore'. That I slammed myself back against him, moaned and arched like a cat in heat. That I loved every single minute of it, that I don't regret it, that I'd be doing it right now if I could. Does that satisfy your sick, twisted little mind? Well? Does it?

Well, that's what happened. Can you believe it? I had sex with Draco Malfoy. Enjoyed it too, plan on doing it again even. Who'd of thought?

Finally done with my tangent I turn back to Ron who's looking at me with a mixture of shock and disgust.


"Remind me to NEVER ask you how your day was Ever. Again."

What'd I say?