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The Meeting

At 6:45 they all came in the house with five big bags in hand. Filled with toys, blankets, an outfit or two. Craig was so happy that he was finally meeting his son. He had been waiting ever since she left for this one moment. They went into the kitchen, surprised her stopped and said.

Craig: Emma? Where's Joey?

Emma: Hey Craig.. umm.. Joey went with Caitlin to a last party at the station. He couldn't get ahold of you so he called me to watch Angie.

Macala stepped in to find out what was taking him so long and to ask where she should put the bag she was carrying.

Craig saw her and quicky introduced Macala to Emma.

Craig: Macala this is Emma, Angie's babysitter, Emma this is Macala she just moved here.

Macala quickly put down her bag and went to shake hands with Emma.

Macala: Nice to meet you Emma.

Emma: What's in the bags?

Craig: (Smiling like a lunatic) Stuff for my son. (emphasizing the word son)

Emma: (very confused) huh?

Craig: Manny's back!

Emma: (Backing into the counter) Wow, I can't beleive it, really?

Craig and Macala nodded and Craig looked at his watch.

Craig: She's going to be here any minute.

Emma: Double wow, (quickly) well you're here now, Angie is upstairs playing. So I should go. Very nice to meet Macala.

Craig: (cutting her off) why won't you stay?

Emma: (shaking her head) No I can't, I have this.. this.. essay for Kawn that I have to write.

She gathered her things from the kitchen table and headed for the door but Paige stopped her in mid stride.

Paige: Hun, why don't you want to stay she was your best friend.

Emma: We weren't the best of friends when she left. But I did try to talk to her before she left but she didn't want to listen and left. So why should I try?

Paige: I still think you should stay.

Emma: (Silent for a few seconds looking from face to face) Well ok... (she put down her stuff) what did you guys get?

Craig got all happy again and began pulling out blue blankets and musical blocks. You could tell that Craig was truly happy now. Few minutes later Manny showed up with James. Craig couldn't wait to hold him. After Paige, Spinner, Dylan, Marco, and Emma had seen James they left to leave Craig, Manny, and James alone they left. Macala got up to leave but Craig looked up with pleading eyes and asked her to stay.

Macala couldn't believe this he was begging her to stay. She sat down again but across the room. She stared at Craig holding James. James looked alot like Craig. James had the same dark curly hair, that was sticking out at odd angles, that made Macala laugh. He had Manny's dark eyes but Craig's light skin. He was wearing a baby blue onesie, he was a sleep and looked so peaceful. Craig stood up and gave him to Manny.

Craig: Going to get my camera, be right back.

As soon as Craig let go of James he began to cry. Craig reached to take him back but Manny told him to go. So Craig ran quickly to his room. Manny began pacing with James gently rocking him. But he wouldn't stop crying. Macala got up.

Macala: Is there anything I can do?

Manny: No!

Manny shot back with such a response that it startled Macala.

Macala: (defeated) Ok, I'll go look for Craig to see what's taking him so long.

As soon as she said this Craig came running back.

Macala: (under her breath) thank you craig!

Craig: Still crying? (Manny nodded) I know why, he wants to be with his Daddy!

He said in a baby voice, Macala and Manny began to laugh. But Manny shot her a dirty look and made Macala stop laughing right away. Manny handed James to Craig and James stopped crying and went back to sleep.

Craig: (whispering) I got the power!

Manny laughed but Macala was quiet. Craig looked disapointed that Macala didn't laugh.

Craig: Macala come over..

Manny assuming that he was going to ask her to take a picture of them began to smooth her hair.

Craig: Come take a picture with James and I. (To Manny) You remember how to use it right?

He nodded towards the camera. Manny nodded and stood up quietly while Craig scooted over ever so gently on the couch to make room for Macala. Macala reluctnly sat down. Craig looked up at the camera and pulled Macala closer to him and Macala looked up into the camera.

Manny: Say cheese (trying to hold back a tear)

Craig & Macala: (Smiling) Cheese!

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