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The day of the wedding was bright, and warm for the middle of November. Aragorn found it quite fun to watch Faramir pace as nervously as the king had before his own wedding. As for Faramir, he thought the hour of the ceremony would never come, the minutes slowly rolling by. Of course, the twins took it upon themselves to try and distract the anxious groom. Disaster was barely averted, mostly by the intervention of the father of the groom who seemed to be the only sane one in the family that day. Even Arwen had been convinced to help her older brothers. And Faramir was positive that Lord Arendur's son, the new lord of Lossarnach, knew something about the wine incident that he swore took 10 years off of his life.

Finally it was time for the wedding ceremony. Elrond managed to get Faramir to the alter alive and in one piece, no thanks to Aragorn who told his foster brother that the flowers hadn't arrived and waited until the Steward was a deathly pale white before admitting that he was joking. The twins had managed to save Aragorn from strangulation and the groom was able to make it to his wedding without worrying about being charged with murdering the king.

At the altar, Faramir was all nerves. That is, he was all nerves until the moment Éowyn walked in. Then his entire world was calmly focused on his bride who was resplendent in her elvish-silk dress. As for Éowyn, she didn't think anyone could look as handsome as her intended. The ceremony was over before they knew it and the couple beamed as the guests showered them with congratulations.

At the reception, Faramir found himself looking around the table at his family, old and new. Prince Imrahil and Lady Freyaniel sat across from him with their grown children, three boys and two girls. Though Faramir's thoughts went to Denethor and Boromir, he forced himself not to think of them. Now was the time for the present and the future, not the past.

Next to Imrahil sat King Éomer of Rohan, Faramir's new brother by law. Éomer seemed to be the only one not broadly smiling, though that was to be expected of a man who had just lost his only family to a new country. Elrond and the elves of Imladris sat to Faramir's right, the twins trying to get at Glorfindel who in turn was using his wife to shield him from the dark-haired terrors. Aragorn and Arwen sat on Éowyn's left and they were happily chatting with each other, remembering their own wedding.

Finally Faramir looked beside him. Éowyn was talking to his cousin, Lothiriel, who sat in front of her. Faramir couldn't take his eyes off of his bride. 'It is real. We are truly married, together forever.' Éowyn caught his eye and smiled, a smile he knew would only ever be for him. Faramir smiled back, his eyes filled with love and speaking a language of their own. 'I love you, Éowyn. Forever and always.'

Outside the palace walls, a dark man stood by the wall of the Seventh Circle. Red eyed gleamed like blood and a low growl escaped his throat. He couldn't believe that his plans had been thwarted again! 'Curse you, Faramir! You escaped this trap too easily, like you escaped the poisoned sword in Tumbar. Mark my words, little Steward: Next time, you will not be so lucky. Next time, I come after you myself.' The dark man laughed. 'Enjoy your life while you can. It will end soon enough.'

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