Chapter 13
Back to Earth

Two weeks after they had arrived on Anubis's ship, Hiei, Andrea, Vegeta, Trunks, and Goten walked through a Stargate. Their destination was Stargate Command.

As soon as they appeared in the Gateroom, they were assaulted with questions.

"Where were you?" asked Jack.

"What happened?" asked Sam.

"What took so long?" asked Hammond.

"How come I can't find any reliable information on the Millennium Items that you mentioned?" asked Daniel.

Andrea took a deep breathe before responding to the many questions. "First we were ambushed and ended up on Anubis's ship. Killing him and Freiza only took a couple days, but it did take a while to figure out how to get the ship turned around and headed in the right direction, then we ran into Selmak who got us through the gate on some planet and here. Though we did get in some time for martial arts training, And Daniel the reason you probably can't find good information on the Millennium Items is because most Egyptologists consider them to be myths and those that don't have been sworn to secrecy and the only information that they would tell you is what I have told you and what is in the myths and legends surrounding the Items."

Suddenly an Egyptian lady no one had noticed spoke up. "Which is why I am amazed that you have any knowledge of them at all."

"And just who are you?" asked Andrea.

"My name is Isis Ishtar."

"So you're Malik's sister! I learned of the Millennium Items when I accidentally summoned one of my creatures at a small party after a tournament. Seto had invited me after I won second place in that tournament's Winner's Cup. No one had expected me to win that last duel, anyway. It takes a damned good duelist to come close to holding their own against Yami and I wasn't that good. Oh, and by the way, my name's Andrea."

Isis was interested now. "What creature did you summon?"

"The Dark Magician, but not the purple one. The one I can summon is dressed in red. Want to see?" asked Andrea.

Daniel spoke as Andrea summoned her deck to her hand; somehow also bringing her Fire Sorceress card through the Shadow Realm.

"But I thought summoned creatures were myths."

Everyone ignored Daniel.

"Don't bother," said Isis as she left the room.

Six hours later Hiei, Andrea, Vegeta, Trunks, and Goten were flying towards Japan at a slow pace. Vegeta was carrying Hiei because he didn't know how to fly. The slow pace was because Andrea had wanted to fly as far as she could on her own before accepting help. Trunks and Goten were keeping a careful eye on her flying because she hadn't done it in several years.

She actually made it about halfway before her flying began to falter. Trunks grabbed her and they continued at a much faster pace. It wasn't long before they arrived at Kurama's house.

Kurama had been expecting them and met them outside with Yusuke and Genkai.

"So she's the new addition to the team," said Genkai. "She'll be difficult to train."

It was said before the group landed but the Saiyans and Hiei had heard

As soon as they landed Vegeta spoke. "You need not concern yourself with Andrea's training. I will see to that."

"As if you could train a fly. I don't sense the slightest bit of power in you," said Genkai.

Andrea immediately put herself between Genkai and Vegeta.

"I thought you were smarter then that Genkai. You shouldn't antagonize him. Despite what your senses tell you he is the most powerful person on this planet maybe even the most powerful being in this entire dimension. Vegeta is not a man to be messed with, so quit while your still alive."

"Is he really that powerful?" asked Yusuke.

"Yes, he really is that powerful, Yusuke," said Andrea, twirling a piece of hair around her finger.

"Would he be interested in the Dark Tournament?" This time Yusuke's voice was hopeful.

"I don't know. But if he did go he would be extremely bored. Maybe you can talk Trunks or Goten into going there damned powerful too. Even if they are children, they might find it amusing." Then she turned to Vegeta. "Whaddya say Vegeta; let the kids have a chance to fight the demons. It shouldn't be difficult and Yusuke does need two new people other then me?"

"Sure, I'll let them. When's the tournament anyway?" asked Vegeta.

"Ten years," answered Yusuke.

"We'll fight. It should be better then the opening of the World Martial Arts Tournaments in our dimension," said Trunks. "We'll make sure to come back by then and until the automatic recall that my mom put into the Inter-dimensional transporter kicks in about two months from now we can fit in a lot of training."

Suddenly Vegeta nudged Andrea foreword from behind. Yusuke noticed it and glanced at Vegeta but his attention was soon drawn to Andrea.

Andrea stepped foreword, pausing as she noted a delighted gleam in Kurama's green eyes and said, "Hiei and I have become mates."

"Congratulations," said Kurama as he turned a seed into a perfect and thorn-less red rose and handed it to Andrea. "I just know you two will be happy together."

Andrea accepts it and hugs Kurama before saying, "Thanks."

A few moments later Andrea went inside and to her room…she had a lot of people to tell the good news.