Resurrection Remixed

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Part one: Life after her

Life sucked and then you die. Inuyasha had learned that first hand. Sure there were the good moments like when you get your first car, when you get your first pay check or even when you get your first woman...but most of the time life was the pits. Inuyasha laid in bed staring at the ceiling thinking just that. he was breathing hard and covered in blood with his two favorite guns on his chest and the only thing he could think was how much life sucked.

It had been a year since Kagome died. A whole fucking year. Some days he thought he'd never get over her death and he wanted to die right along with her but she was dead and sooner or later he had to accept that fact...but that didn't mean he had to like it and he didn't. he hated it. He hated the fact that his mate was taken away from him before he got the chance to show her how good their life would be together. He didn't like it one bit. It made him angry. Fuck that he was pissed.

He was always a bad ass but since the death of his mate, Inuyasha Takahashi turned into a mean son of a bitch. He was easily angered and slow to cool down. He killed anything that looked at him wrong and was always itching for a fight. His family and friends didn't know what to think about the man. He was so hardened and colder now and it terrified some of them but it was better to have him angry all the time than to have him moping around like he used to do.

Finally catching his breath, he placed the guns beside him on the bed and stood. He pulled up his blood and sweat soaked clothing as he made his way towards the bathroom. He needed to wash off the day's shit. He stepped into the shower and turned the water on full blast. No matter how many showers he took, some days, he just didn't feel clean. His soul felt dirty and he had no idea how he was ever going to clean that. he growled as he thought about her again.

"No doubt she was the clean part of my soul," Inuyasha mumbled to himself. He leaned back against the cool tiles of the shower and sighed. He always got sad that she was gone from his life then angry at the fact that he wasn't able to protect her. if he was strong enough she would still be with them. With him. He spun around and slammed his fist into the tile. "God damn you Naraku. Even after your dead you're still fucking with my life."

Inuyasha stared down at his now bleeding fist unable to feel the pain. It didn't really matter. He was numb. He was numb inside ever since losing her. he didn't feel anymore. He couldn't feel anymore. The only emotion he ever really experienced lately was anger. Inuyasha allowed the water to run over his hands washing some of the blood away. He then shut off the water and stepped out of the shower. He wrapped a towel around himself and made his way back into his room.

He wrapped another towel around his fist and fell back on the bed. Great. Another lonely night spent in bed. It wasn't that he was lonely by circumstance but it was by choice. He didn't want to sleep with any other woman. After having what he thought was the perfect woman, none other could compare. Shit he was angry frustrated and now that his brain started to function, he was in pain. What a perfectly shitty ending to a perfectly shitty day.

"You can't be a bastard all the time," Sesshomaru said to his brother as they sat at the dinner table the next day.

"Why not? You've been one for years and no one has called you on it," Inuyasha said as he glared at the older man.

"Fuck you Inuyasha."

"No thanks. I think you're girlfriend there would prefer your limp dick more than I would."

"On the contrary. You'd be surprised how hard his dick could be," Rin said from the other end of the time.

Inuyasha snorted. "You're his bitch. You're obligated to say that."

Just as Sesshomaru lost his cool and lunged across the table for his brother, Sango stepped between them effectively stopping the would be fight. "Why don't you two stop acting like children and calm down."

Both men just glared at each other as they sat back in their seats. Sesshomaru was the first to regain his composure and brushed off his clothing as he righted himself. "You know what little brother I can understand you being angry and upset about the passing of your mate but there is really no reason for you to act like a little bitch."

Inuyasha only growled at Sesshomaru as he left the dining area with Rin running after him trying to calm him down. He could feel her eyes on him but he didn't want to look at her. he didn't want to see the look of sorrow and pity in her eyes. He had enough of it for the past year and wished everyone would just get over it and leave him the fuck alone.

"I know what you're thinking Inuyasha and it's not making anything better by cursing all of us," Sango said as she took a seat at the table and gave him a little smile. She reached over to the food laid out on trays and started to fill her plate. When she noticed the look he was giving her, she blushed and started eating. "So Inuyasha. How are you?"

Inuyasha snorted at his sister. "Cut the bullshit Sango. We both know how I am. The question is how are you?" Inuyasha asked as he looked his little sister over. Sango was a beautiful woman, he admitted, but no matter what she was still his little sister and right now he didn't too like the situation she was in.

"I'm fine Inuyasha. Why do you ask?" she asked him sweetly that he totally ignored.

"Sango, I'm a dog demon. You know that. You should know why I'm asking. Let's not play games here. I'm too tired."

Sango sighed as she looked down at her food. "I'm fine Inuyasha. You know that."

"Yeah you're fine physically but not emotionally. I can tell your sad Sango. And guess what I don't see an annoyingly happy or extremely depressed Houshi anywhere. So spill. What's going on?"

"I haven't told him," Sango said softly as she bit into a piece of fruit. It was quiet and she knew her brother's eyes were on her. hell both of her brothers and her father had been watching her like a hawk for almost a month but neither had the heart or the guts to say anything. She should have known Inuyasha would be the courageous one.

"And why not?" he asked his little sister. He was a cold hearted bastard but it didn't mean that he didn't see what was going on around him. He still loved and cared for his family and pack and right now Sango looked like she could use all the love she could get.

"Because I don't know what his response will be."

"Only one way to find out," Inuyasha said as he fished in his pocket for a cigarette. When he looked at the girl across from him, he frowned and dropped his hand.

"Yeah but I don't think I can take rejection Inuyasha. Not now. Not about this. This is too important."

"Sango he's not going to reject you. he loves you. you know that. he's gonna love you no matter what."


"No buts. He's not gonna reject you. and if he does big brother will string him up by his balls."

Sango couldn't help but grin at the image. She leaned over and gave Inuyasha a hug. "Thank you. I love you Yash and I hope you be well," she said as she stood and left the kitchen with her stacked plate in her hand. Inuyasha only shook his head as she left. His family was changing so much and he felt like he was being pushed into a corner. Everyone was going on with their lives. Sure they missed her but they had to move on. Seems like he was the only one stuck in the past.

"We have got to stop meeting like this," the man said to Inuyasha as he held the gun to the back of his head. "I mean it weren't but two days ago that we had a fight and here we are again."

Inuyasha smirked. "Yeah but then the positions were reversed. I was actually holding the gun to your head."

"hmm.. should've pulled the trigger," the man said as he made Inuyasha walk forward.

"I'm starting to regret the fact that I didn't," he said as walked ahead as the man wanted him to. He sighed. He always got himself into problems. No matter what.

There he was, minding his own business as he walked down the street. Okay maybe he wasn't minding his business but following a lead on one of the jewel shards. He figured after he'd accidentally broken it, if he could put the pieces back together, he would be able to get Kagome back. He was heading to an exclusive club where he was told several pieces lie. He was hoping to go in and get out with jewel with little problem but problem seemed to be his middle name.

He'd been jumped. Oh he smelt them coming but it was plenty of them and he didn't have the time to escape. It was obvious he had been set up. There was no way they would know this was his destination. Hell no one knew this was his destination. He would make sure kill and torture his informant when he got out of this and he would get out of this.

He heard the man chuckle behind him. "Why didn't you? why didn't the great Inuyasha pull the trigger and kill me when he had the chance?"

"Because, unlike you...I do not shoot people in the back. I wait until they turn around so I can do it point blank."

"Hmm. Not a bad idea," the man said as he made Inuyasha face him. "Point blank. I like that. I'd like to see the look on your face when you realize I'm going to end your life. I'm going to end your pathetic existence."

"Hmmm," Inuyasha said with a small smirk. "That's what you think."

The guns appeared out of nowhere. One minute the hanyou was standing still with his hands to his sides and the next he was firing shots at the men surrounding him. Shit he was fast. The humans there had never seen anyone scale a wall the way he did. It was unnatural and unreal and yet it seemed to fit the monster that was now taking their lives. When his bullets ran out, Inuyasha decided he would finish the job with his bare hands. God knows they'd seen a lot of blood and it still hadn't been enough. There would be more bloodshed that night...and god how he reveled in such things.

He'd ripped through many men that night and his claws were dripping blood. He looked at their leader with a feral grin and eyes flickering red.

"Now...what was it you were saying about shooting me point blank?" he asked as he stared the man down. He saw how he was holding the gun at him still but his hands were shaking. "Yup. This is it now. This is when you realize how much power you have," Inuyasha said as he walked towards the man and the gun.

"Stay back. I'll shoot."

"This is what separates the men from the boys. My life is in your hands now. Let's see what you can do," Inuyasha said as he stood directly in front of the man with the gun pointing directly between his eyes. "Pull the trigger."

He watched as the man hesitated and grinned to himself. "Didn't think you could." He grabbed the gun from the man's hand slicing it to bits with his claws. He then looked up at him and scowled. "I know you're being sent by someone cause you don't have the balls to lead anyway. I want you to go back to your leader and let him know I'm ready for him anytime and anywhere."

The nervous man stood shaking and nodded his head at Inuyasha. He saw the demon turn to walk away and sighed in relief that he hadn't been injured or killed like the rest of the men. He let down his guard and leaned against the alley wall. He was surprised however when he felt himself being lifted into the air. He looked down to see the white haired demon holding him up with one hand.

"You didn't think I forgot about you did you?" Inuyasha asked with a smirk and with a flick of his wrist toss the man over his shoulder into another wall where he fell into a crumpled heap. He looked around himself at the bodies littering the floor and frowned. He then brushed off his suit and made his way out of the alley and went about his business.

Inuyasha sat in his second story office three o'clock one morning looking down at the party goers. After Kagome's death he had tried to drown himself in nightclubs and parties and in the end just opened a chain of nightclubs himself. This one was his absolute favorite and his most lucrative. He called it "Kag" and when people heard the story of its name they all just wanted to check the place out themselves and in the end he ended up making money for something he knew how to

His second floor office over looked the entire club and he could see anything that was going on including some of the things the clubbers didn't want anyone to see. Inuyasha shook his head as he turned away from a particularly hot scene and back to those dancing. Most nights there would be girls down there trying their hardest to entice him from his office onto the dance floor. He knew this was what they were doing because as he stood at the glass wall of his office, looking down, they would be looking up at him dancing in the most seductive way they could touching themselves. It kinda reminded him of the time Kagome and her friend danced together when she teased him but they could never compare. He just shook his head at them and looked on.

"Bitches," he murmured to himself.

He noticed an argument at the bar but didn't lose his cool. Within a minute it was stopped by two of his toughest security guards. That was another reason so many people came to his clubs. They knew that they would always be safe there. A voice behind him was going on and on in a dry tone about figures and productivity and other shit he pretty much didn't care to hear at the point. He spun around and looked at the person sitting in his chair. He smirked thinking that only she could get away with something like that.

"Will you relax Rin? We're at a club. You don't have to talk business all the time."

"In case you haven't noticed Inuyasha but this club is our business."

As he went for a drink Inuyasha grinned to himself. Rin was his accountant and his financial advisor. He hated math and refused to deal with it. When he realized Rin was somewhat of a genius when it came to that subject she was immediately hired. That and the fact that he could trust her. He didn't hire anyone he couldn't trust and if he couldn't trust them he would just end up killing them in the end and then that would be just too messy.

"Would you like something to drink?" he asked from the bar that was across the room.

"And have Sesshy kill me? I don't think so," she said.

Inuyasha smirked. Sesshy. The two of them were still going strong and he was happy to see his brother finally find someone for himself. He could understand Sesshomaru falling for the tough but sweet little Rin but he had no idea how Rin could love such a cold hearted bastard.

"You know Inuyasha he was really upset about what you said the other morning," Rin began as she looked at the older man. She and Inuyasha had developed a bond of friendship as they worked together and she felt they could talk about anything.

Inuyasha sighed as he looked out over the club again. Okay so maybe he was wrong for what he had said to Sesshomaru but he would never admit least not out loud. He was just so fucking pissed some days. He hated the way people would try to 'council' him about losing Kagome and just wished they would all go to hell.

"I know how you're feeling Inuyasha. You want to be left alone. But you've got to realize in a family as big as yours that's damn near impossible. He cares about you Inuyasha. We all do. I mean I know Sesshy won't ever tell you this or probably anyone else but he's worried about your state of mind."

"My state of mind is perfectly fine Rin. Don't worry about me. I've always taken care of myself. You know that."

"I know," Rin said as she looked down at the reports in front of her. "I just want you to know you can come to whenever you feel the need to okay?"

Inuyasha turned and smiled at her. sometimes Rin acted just like a little girl and he thought it was sweet. "Okay little sister. I'll do that."

"Good. Now about the sales figures..."

Inuyasha moaned and trudged over to sit down.

Sango rolled over in bed and flung her arm out reaching for Miroku. But instead she just got cool sheets. she opened her eyes and looked around to see he was no where in the room. With a frown she wondered where he could possibly be. The bathroom door was wide open so he wasn't in there. She slipped from the bed and finding her robe, she pulled it on. She stepped out of their room and went to find her missing lover.

She didn't know how long she searched but she cursed whoever had the brilliant idea to make the house so damn big. Hungry, she made her way to the kitchen for a snack. It was there that she saw him. Miroku. He was sitting in a chair drinking a beer. He looked all alone and Sango wanted to go over to him and talk to him. To see what was wrong. She was stopped however when she saw him turn his head and his lips moved as if he was talking to someone.

The girl came into view then. She was wearing a skimpy outfit and she was grinning as she moved over to the table to talk to Miroku. Sango stood in the shadows watching as the two talked to each other. She wasn't close enough to hear what they were saying but she could read body language very well. And the fact that Miroku was sitting with his legs spread before him and the girl's hand was traveling up his thigh as he grinned at her, meant it was a bad story.

Sango wanted to go in there and kick both of their asses but it wouldn't do any good. Sure she would work off her anger but she could never work off her pain. She thought Miroku loved her but it was obvious that wasn't true. She turned on her heel and made her way up to the bedroom. She locked the door behind her. that bastard could find someplace else to sleep. She threw herself down on the bed and started crying. She hated him. God how she hated him.