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There was nothing like it in the world. It was like living and dieing and dreaming and waking up all in one.

"Not too bad!" Came a voice from in front of her, and Alix could just make out Peter's form in the darkness.

"It's amazing!" She called out, flying towards him, "It's just…amazing!"

He slowed down until they were level, and she could see him beaming. Next to him flew Tinkerbell, whose glow was increasing as they flew further up.

"You're not doing too badly." He told her, "Most people don't get the hang of it straight away."

"But I've flown before." She told him, a mischievous grin on her round face.

"When?" He asked, shocked.

"Every night, in my dreams, since I read the story of Peter Pan when I was five!" She laughed, and Peter laughed too. It felt so good to be in the sky again, and to be able to share it with another, even if she wasn't…

No, that wasn't fair. He couldn't compare Alix to Wendy, they were two different people.

"Come on!" He called, grabbing her hand, "Second to the right…"

"…and straight on till morning!" Alix finished, and they grinned.


The fairies chattered so loudly that the six lost boys asleep in the underground home had no choice but to wake up. Sparks swatted one out of the way angrily, but it just turned around and bit him, grinning mischievously.

"Be quiet you little bugs!" Rocky shouted.

"They're excited about something." Locks, who considered himself an expert in fairies, informed them, "More excited than they've been for a long time."

"What's so exciting?" Blink asked.

"No sure." Locks admitted, blushing.

Crash and Tuner, who had managed to stay asleep up until this point, sat up groggily, blinking at the fairies that zoomed around their home.

Suddenly they were joined by the last of their ranks. Fish liked to sleep by the lake, where the mermaids whispered secrets to him while he slept. He said he remembered all the secrets, but refused to tell any of the other lost boys any of them, so they didn't believe them. But today he was rushing to tell them a wonderful secret.

"Morning Fish!" Rocky shouted, "The little bugs have gone insane."

"As they should!" Fish crowed "Haven't you looked outside? Neverland is alive again!"

"Neverland is always alive." Locks pointed out.

"No, it's really alive now!" Fish insisted, "The mermaids are singing! The Indians are dancing, but they don't know why!"

"Fish…" Blink said slowly, "The mermaids haven't sung since…"

"I know." Fish grinned.

"But that mean's…" Crash mumbled, but Sparks cut him off.

"Peter's back!"


There feet touched the ground gently, and Alix stumbled slightly, as gravity took affect. But Peter was still holding her hand, and didn't let her fall.

"I'm home." He whispered, looking around, "And look, Neverland let me back!"

"I told you it would." Alix said, slightly smugly.

"Oh, I knew it would." Peter said lightly, and she frowned at him, "Well, in the back of my mind anyway."

"Sure you did." She muttered, and he laughed.

"Isn't this just the most beautiful place you've ever seen?" Peter asked, looking around the lush forest, "Oh, how I've missed it."

"Yeah, I guess it is." Alix agreed. Tinkerbell was chattering wildly, a huge smile on her tiny face and she buzzed around their heads.

"Can you hear that?" He asked, frowning and looking around, "Sounds like…"

Alix, who could hear nothing, tensed, but Peter just smiled, his frown vanishing.

"Sounds like footsteps." And suddenly she could hear it, and feel it. The ground shook, and the roaring sound of hundreds of running feet filled the air.

"The Indians have arrived!" Peter crowed, and the clearing was suddenly filled with bodies, so quickly that Alix yelped in surprise. Peter grabbed her hand, and they shot up into the trees, just above the masses.

"The Pan!" The hundred or so voices roared as one, "The Pan has returned!"

"Indeed I have!" Peter beamed down at them, "Are you ready to serve me once again?"

The 'Indians' bellowed their pledges, and Peter, grinning, turned to Alix.

"The Indians have served me since I saved their princess, you know that?" He asked.

"I read it in the book, yes." Alix replied, "But I didn't know that there where so many of them!"

"Any less and they would never have been a challenge when we fought." Peter explained, and Alix sighed at his conceitedness.


The Lost Boys didn't have to work hard to find Peter. They heard the sounds of the Indians cries far off, and followed that, and the chattering fairies that were swarming Neverland. They burst into the clearing, and looked around frantically.

The hundred or so Indians were dancing and hollering, and a young boy would have been impossible to spot amongst them. But they knew better, and looked up to the trees.

Peter stood there, in strange clothes, and a general strange look to him. He was older, if it was possible, and he looked less…innocent too. And next to him was a…well…lady. A young lady indeed, but older than them, and something deep within their minds said mother.

"Peter!" Sparks shouted above the noise "Peter! It is us! The Lost Boys!"

Whether Peter actually heard Sparks's cries, or whether he just looked over at the right time, could never be said, but the result either way was the same. The boy crowed in delight, and, pulling the lady by the hand, flew over.

"Boys!" He shouted gleefully, "I, Peter Pan, have returned."

"Hooray for Peter!" They chorused, and the lady burst out laughing.

"They're adorable!" She exclaimed, "Look at them, they're all so little! So sweet!"

"We're not sweet!" Fish insisted, feeling that 'sweet' was a bit too girly, "We're slimy!"

"And sickly!" Rocky chimed in, just for fun. Soon all the boys were insisting how horrible they were, and Alix was having to hold herself up from her laughter. Peter frowned slightly at this. Wendy would never have tolerated the Lost Boys speaking like that. She kept them in line. Alix just seemed to find them funny, and encouraged the bad behaviour. He was supposed to encourage the bad behaviour.

"Really Alix, that's no way for a Mother to act." He scolded, and Alix suddenly stopped laughing.

"I'm not their mum!" She cried, pointing and the boys.

"Please lady!" Blink said pitifully, "Please be our mother."

"Is that why you brought me here Peter, to mother these kids?" Alix asked, and Peter noted something dangerous in her voice.

"Well…yes." He said carefully.

"I expect you'll want me to put them to bed and read them stories." She said coldly.

"That is what Mother's do."

"And do the Spring Cleaning? Darn socks? Cook dinner? Stay at home while you have adventures?" She snapped, and Peter suddenly realised he'd got it horribly wrong.

"Well Wendy always used to…" He began, but that did not go down well.

"I am not Wendy!" She snarled, "I'm sick of it, ok? For the last few weeks I've just had to pretend I don't mind when I see you looking at me and wishing it was her! Well, I do mind. I can't be your Wendy!"

"Who's Wendy?" Locks whispered to Fish, who shrugged.

"I don't want you to be her." Peter declared stubbornly, "I want the real Wendy here, but I can't have her."

"That's bloody well it." Alix snapped, "You, Peter Pan, are an ungrateful, chauvinistic, brat of a boy. Do your own Spring Cleaning."

She summoned the memory of the day she got her GCSE results and with that happy thought, rose into the air and flew away.

"I'll do my own Spring Cleaning." Peter mumbled, watching her fly off, "I can clean just as good as anyone… Oh hell…Tink, go make sure she's ok, please?"

Tinkerbell nodded and zoomed off after the girl, and Peter turned back to the Lost Boys and the Indians.

"Well?" He asked, "Isn't this a celebration?"


It took Alix hardly any time at all to realise she was lost. Sighing in frustration she landed on a patch of clear ground that overlooked a lagoon. She sat down on the ground and buried her face in her hands, wishing she hadn't got so angry so quickly. It wasn't really in her nature anyway; she was normally slow to anger, and quick to forgive. But it was so infuriating! Peter Pan had taken her to a land of magic and fairies so she'd clean some little boy's socks? Read them to bed at night? That was not what Neverland was about. It was supposed to be about staying young and innocent forever.

Wendy had lost her innocence here. She had lost it to him, to Peter.

She was dimly aware of the darkening sky, but paid it no heed. Instead she sat in silence, thinking venomous thoughts towards Peter.

Corrupter of her innocence.

Vile boy.



Fool of a child.

She didn't notice the music at first, the eerie singing. She turned around, frowning as though trying to remember something. It was then that she saw the heads bobbing above the water, it was then she noticed the singing.

Don't go to the lagoon at night. The words floated in her mind, just out of reach of her understanding, To hear their song is to be lost.

One of the heads had reached the bank of the lagoon. A bluish grey face looked up at her, its long red hair slicked back with water, and its eyes pools of darkness. A webbed hand emerged from the water, the same bluish grey colour, and reached towards her. Without knowing why, Alix reached her own hand out, and felt the creature take a firm hold of it.

She vaguely noticed a whirring sound.

An arrow embedded itself into the ground, right next to where Alix and the creatures hands where linked. It hissed, looking around wildly, and dived back into the water. A mistiness that seemed to have settled over her mind lifted, and it suddenly dawned on Alix how much danger she had been in.

"Oh God!" She gasped, withdrawing her hand backwards, her eyes darting between the still rippling water and the still shuddering arrow.

"Nasty creatures." A voice came from behind her. Alix whipped around and saw a young girl, a few years younger than her, with a bow resting in her hand. She was Native American, her eyes were so dark that they looked black in the moonlight, and her hair was arranged in two plaits that fell over each shoulder. Her chin was tilted slightly upwards, but whether in arrogance or just pride, Alix could not tell. But she did not need to guess who this was.

"Tiger Lily." She gasped.

"Princess Tiger Lily." The girl corrected, a slight sneer on her face.

"I'm sorry." Alix said quickly, "Was that a-"

"A Mermaid? Yes. Cheap enchantresses, they'll snatch anything foolish enough to sit by their banks after dark."

"I didn't know."

"Now you do." Princess Tiger Lily looked her over, and nodded slightly, "So you are the new mother?"

"No, I'm no one's mother." Alix snapped defiantly, and a look of what might have been respect flashed across the younger girl's face.

"So you do have a spine?" She noted, "The last one did too, Wendy. Not always. Mostly she just did what Pan said, but occasionally she would tell him off. I never could."

"Wait, what do you mean, 'the last one'?" Alix asked, confused.

"Oh, there were others before her of course." Tiger Lily told her, "A few girls. They never lasted long, they didn't interest him enough, and he'd take them home and forget about them straight away. Wendy was the only one he didn't want to leave, the only one he asked to return."

"I shouldn't have come." Alix muttered.

"Indeed not." The Princess agreed, "You are too old, you're life as an adult has already started. Neverland will never be your home, you'll always wear it like a piece of clothing slightly too small."

"What about Peter?" The older girl asked.

"He is still more child than you, and if the clothes no longer fit then he just won't notice." Tiger Lily looked out at her from under think lashes, "You are angry with him because he wishes you to be nothing more than a mother. But what else can you be to a child?"

"Sister…" Alix said weakly, but Tiger Lily just laughed.

"You would be no happier as his sister then his mother!" She shook her head, "The boy you want does not exist Woman Child, stop seeking him, it will just cause you both pain. For now, and only now, he has space in his heart for a friend. Approach him as one, as an equal, and maybe you'll find some of the peace you're looking for."

"It would take me a week to come up with that, it took you all of two seconds…how do you know these things?" Alix asked, looking out over the water.

"I've made my life watching him, knowing him." She Heard Tiger Lily say, "If you'd known him for all the years I've known him, and met any of the girls he brought before Wendy, you'd know this all too."

"So I'm no more than those first girls, the ones he took back." Tiger Lily didn't answer, and when Alix looked back to where the girl had been standing she saw that the Princess was gone.


Tinkerbell had found Alix speaking to Princess Tiger Lily, and had waited for the other girl to leave before revealing herself to Alix. Then the fairy had led Alix back to Peter and the Lost Boy's lair, and shown her the entrance.

"Thanks Tink." Alix whispered, and went inside.

The boys were dancing around the little burrow inside, and Alix couldn't hear anything above their hollering. Peter was sat on what looked like a throne. His clothes were already almost ripped to shreds by whatever he had been doing while she had been by the lagoon.

"Tinkerbell found you then." He said calmly when she had made her way past the dancing boys.

"Tiger Lily found me first." Alix corrected.

"The Princess?" Peter looked quite pleased, "What did she say about me."

"How do you know we talked about you?" She asked, frowning at him.

"What else would you talk about?"

"We also talked about me, thank you very much." Alix snapped, but tried to calm herself down.

"So you did talk about me." Peter grinned mischievously, "Oh go on, what did she say about me?"

"That you're a little kid." Alix laughed at the expression on his face "We weren't gossiping about how great you are Peter."

"Well that's not nice!" Peter cried, looking offended, and Alix laughed even harder. The boys, who had finished dancing, finally noticed her return, and crowded around her, begging forgiveness for what had happened before, and asking her, once again, to be their mother.

"Sorry kids but no." Alix said firmly, "I'm no ones mum. I could be a…big sister or something? Or a cousin, or a…friend."

"What's a sister?" Fish asked, excited.

"Um, well…you're all brothers, right?"

"Yes, that's right!" Said Rocky

"What's a brother?" Blink asked.

"Oh for God's sa… Ok, you all have the same mother, right?" Alix asked.

"Yes, you!" Cried Locks.

"No, no, no." She shook her head, "I'm not your mother. But you all have the same mother. And that's what makes you brothers. And a sister is a girl who has the same mother as you."

"So you're mother….is our mother?" Sparks asked, and Alix almost cheered.

"Yes! Yes, that's just right, that's perfect." She grinned, "I'm your sister."

"Well, will you tell us stories anyway sister?" Fish asked, looking at her pleadingly.

"Um…" Alix thought desperately of the many stories she made up, and realised that none of them we're quite appropriate, "Er…I have a better idea! Peter will tell you a story."

"I will?" Asked Peter

"He will!" Cheered the Lost Boys.

"Alix, no!" He pleaded, "Girls tell stories!"

"Come on Peter, you went to school, you know about the suffragette's movement, equal rites for all." Alix scorned.

"Stupid women, making men do all the hard work." Peter muttered, "And they were nasty about it too."

"Who were the suffragettes, Peter?" Rocky asked.

"Blood thirsty women!" Peter declared, "Their task was to enslave boys, and make them their workers! They chucked things at the men who walked through the streets, ambushed them!"

"Oh, let's play Suffragettes and men!" Tuner cried out.

"I want to be a Suffragette!" Crash joined in, and the other boys chorused their agreement. Alix was laughing hysterically at the idea of these little boys wanting to be grown women, and Peter once again frowned.

"I'm sure big sisters are supposed to enforce discipline." He told her.

"Only when their parents pay them to do it." She told him, but decided to be helpful, "Ok kiddies, you can play in the morning. For now you listen to Peter's warped chauvinistic version of the women's rightful revolution, then it's to dream land, where you'll get the wrong end of the stick completely, and dream of raving lunatic women."

There was a moment of silence, bafflement on all their faces, even Peter's and she sighed.

"Peter's story, then bed." She simplified, and they all grinned and nodded.

After Peter had finished, and all the Lost Boys where away in their dens, and Fish had left for the lagoon, Alix sat down next to Peter's thrown, and he joined her on the floor.

"I'm sorry I got angry earlier." She told him, "It's just…frustrating. You're hard to deal with."

"Susan, the woman I lived with, said the same." He grinned, the frowned, "Or used to anyway."

"You didn't tell them you were leaving, did you?" Alix asked.

"No, but I don't suppose they'll miss me." He told her truthfully, "Children came in and out of the home all the time, they were never missed, not for long anyway."

"I thought you had some close friends there."

"Shem, sometimes Finn when he wasn't being a pain." Peter admitted, "And Jolie, she was really nice, except she was always with this girl called Karla, who scared me. Apart from that there was only Nathan, who sometimes visited, and this cute little girl called Abbey, but some people where coming to be her parents anyway, and I don't think they would have let me see her. Shem won't miss me too much, and Jolie never misses anyone."

"You're not just anyone though." Alix reminded him, "You're Peter Pan, you make more of an impact on people's lives then anyone."

"As far as they know I came from nowhere." He told her, "I never told them where I came from. They'll just think I've gone back to nowhere."

"When I go back, they'll ask me questions. I mean, they knew we were friends, and we disappeared on the same day, so when I go back they'll ask questions."

"Go back?" He asked, puzzled.

"I'm not staying forever." Alix said sharply, "Not even long."

"Why not?" He asked. There was no shock, or anger, or hurt in his face, just genuine confusion as to why she would ever want to leave Neverland.

"Because I want to leave before you become bored with me." She told him, standing up, "Goodnight Peter."

He stayed up; even after he could hear that Alix was asleep, staring into the darkness.


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