A/N: This is the sequal to "Together Forever As One". It is the fourth in my series. I hope you will all like this as much as the first three. There is a list at the bottom of the desrciptions, with the main characters and their powers. For those the you who haven't read "Charmed At Last", "Family Affair", & "Together Forever As One"; I advise you to do so. Here is a short summary of the three.... (P.S. Remember, I came up with the idea of a coven based Magic School, way before "Charmed" came up with the other worldly type Magic School. I swear I didn't get the M. School idea from the show!)

"Charmed At Last" - Summary: Piper & Leo are married and have been trying to have children for a while now. Phoebe and Cole are dating but they still haven't figured a way around the whole bounty hunter situation; Cole never became The Source and is still Balthezor. The Source was never vanquished, either. Paige and Glenn are just beginning to date, as in, a serious relationship. Glenn goes away on another trip, when Paige finds out she's pregnant. She tells her sisters and then they are attacked by a demon. That's when their eldest sister, who had supposidly died, comes and saves their lives. The truth that Prue never died is revealed and that Paige's pregnancy has allowed her to return home. They must begin their real destiny, with the, Power of Four. When Glenn returns, Paige tells him that she is pregnant; they soon are married. A few months later Paige gives birth to a beautiful baby girl named, Pearlinda Melody Belland, Pearl for short. In the finale, Piper finds out that she is pregnant. By this time, Pearl is about 6 months old.

"Family Affair" - Summary: This takes place almost 2 years after the finale of "Charmed At Last". Paige's daughter, Pearl, is almost 3-years-old and Piper's daughter, Phiona, is almost 2-years-old. Paige and Glenn are happily married and so are Piper and Leo. The story starts off with Phoebe and Cole's wedding; Phoebe is also about 4 months pregnant with her and Cole's first child. Prue is still single and recieves a 3rd power during this time. The sisters and their husbands go through the traumatic time of yet a 3rd Halliwell pregnancy and soon Phoebe gives birth to a healthy baby girl named, Pamela Victoria Turner, Pam for short. Then the sisters must deal with all the trouble that normal toddlers get into, plus the added effect of magic from two little witch-whitelighter-mortals, while learning how to control a newborn witch-demoness-mortal.

"Together Forever As One" - Summary: This takes place about 1 year after Pam's first birthday. Pearl is now about 5-years-old and in Kindergarten, Phiona is about 4-years-old, & Pam is about 2-years-old. For Piper & Leo, Phoebe & Cole, and Paige & Glenn; things are going smoothly. Considering they have wild little magical children to look after. Prue is still single. The story starts off on Prue's 34th birthday. She is feeling kind of down since each of her sister's has a wonderful little girl and she is yet to have a child, but in the future, she saw that she had a daughter. Then as a surprise for her birthday, The Elders allow Andy Trudeau to return for 24 hours, to spend with Prue. He isn't a ghost/spirit during this 24 hour period, but just as alive as everyone else. Prue and Andy make up for lost time and then sleep together before Andy has to leave again. 1 month after Prue & Andy's night together, Prue finds out she is pregnant, with Andy's child! Now Prue must face going through a magical pregnancy and trying to be a single mom. Sure her sisters, brother-in-laws, and nieces will be there for her but nothing can replace a husband and a father for her child.

"The Blessed Ones" takes place 2 years after Pandora's first birthday. Pearl is 8-years-old, Phiona is 7-years-old, Pam is 5-years-old, & Pandora is 3-years-old. The Halliwell sisters have decided to take their children out of public school, starting this year. Pearl, Phiona, & Pam now go to a small school, taught by, The Star Coven. Not only do they learn what they would normally learn, but they also are taught how to use their powers, the history of magic, and they can interact with magical children their own age. Pearl, Phiona, Pam, and Pandora are the Blessed Ones; the most powerful good witches that exist, as of this time period.

Main Characters & Their Powers:

Prudence (Prue) Halliwell - Telekinesis, Astral Projection, Phasing

Piper Halliwell Wyatt - Temporal Stasis (Freezing), Molecular Acceleration (Exploding)

Phoebe Halliwell Turner - Premonitions, Levitation, Empathy

Paige Halliwell Belland - Orbing, Telekinetic Orbing, Partial Healing, Sensing Evil, Sensing, Shapeshifting

Leo Wyatt - Orbing, Healing, Sensing, Harmless Light Balls, Levi-orbing, Shapeshifting, Multi-lingual

Cole Turner - Shimmering, Energy Balls

Glenn Belland - Mortal

Pearlinda (Pearl) Melody Belland - Exploding Light Balls

Phiona Melinda Wyatt - Orb-telekinesis

Pamela (Pam) Victoria Turner - Shimmering

Pandora Angel Trudeau - Telepathy

The Blessed Ones
Chapter 1: Blessed You

A swirl of orbs appeared in the corner of a small room. Then Prue, Piper, Phoebe, & Paige appeared along with children Pearl, Phiona, Pam, & Pandora.

Paige stepped forward, holding her 8-year-old daughter's hand. She took a peek at her watch, it was 7:30 A.M. She scanned the room. It looked cozy. There were small desks throughout the room, a large desk at the head of the room, a whiteboard behind the large desk, windows, and such. The carpet was a thick, red carpet. The wall were painted purple with magical symbols in gold and silver. Wind chimes and crystals hung from the ceiling and the room had a nice, flowery smell. Paige eyed a woman at the whiteboard, she obviously hadn't noticed their arrival yet. "Hello?" Paige called.

The woman spun around and held out her hand. A small, blue deflection shield appeared infront of her.

Pearl started to giggle.

Paige sqeezed Pearl's hand. "Pearl..." Paige hissed, under her breath.

Pearl immediatly stopped giggling. "Yes mommy..." Pearl whispered.

"No, we don't mean any harm!" Paige said, in a cheerful tone. "We're here for the tour of the school." Paige explained.

"The Charmed Ones. I think we had a visit for today, right?" Phoebe asked.

The woman's mouth dropped open and her face turned a reddish-pink color. "Oh my! I feel so embarrased, I thought you were demons or warlocks!" The woman replied, as the deflection shield disappeared. She placed down a marker she was holding and walked over to the group. "I'm so honored to meet such legendary witches in person!" The woman added, as she held out her hand.

Paige reached out and shook the woman's hand. "Paige Halliwell Belland, youngest Charmed One, nice to meet you." Paige said.

Prue smiled. "Prudence Halliwell, Prue for short. I'm the oldest Charmed One. It's wonderful to meet you." Prue said.

Phoebe stepped forward. "Phoebe Halliwell Turner, former youngest to middle to middle-youngest Charmed One. It's great to be here." Phoebe said.

Piper rolled her eyes. "Hi. Piper Halliwell Wyatt, it's great to meet you. I love the place already. Oh and...former middle to oldest to middle-oldest Charmed One." Piper said, with a small laugh.

"I'm Kalista Green." The woman replied. She had long, honey blonde hair. Her eyes were hazel colored and she had a light tan. She wore a long, light orange dress with bell sleeves. "And who are these sweet little girls?" Kalista asked.

"My cousins and I are known as the Blessed Ones." Pearl answered.

Kalista laughed. "Oh, I see..." Kalista said, as she looked up at the Charmed Ones.

Paige rolled her eyes. "Pearl, I think she wants to know your names." Paige explained.

"Oh! My name is Pearlinda, but everyone calls me Pearl for short." Pearl said.

"Pearlinda? What a beautiful name, I've never heard it before, how'd you get that?" Kalista asked.

"My mommy says that I was named after a lady named Melinda Warren and a woman named Pearl." Pearl explained.

Paige smiled. "Melinda Warren was...." Paige began, but was cut off.

"Was the second know witch in your family's history." Kalista replied.

"Correct. And Pearl was another anscestor in our family line. I wanted to keep our 'P' tradition going, thus, Pearlinda." Paige explained.

Pearl nodded in agreement. "Yeah, what mommy said." Pearl said. "Then that is my cousin Phiona spelt P-h-i-o-n-a, my cousin Pamela but we call her Pam for short, and then my cousin Pandora." Pearl introduced, as she pointed to each of her cousins.

"Oh. I'm so honored to meet all of you! You all have such beautiful names." Kalista said, with a smile.

"So, shall we begin a tour of the school?" Piper asked.

"Oh, yes, of course. How silly of me." Kalista said.

"Oh, don't worry about it. I rather liked the meet and greet." Prue said, as she switched Pandora from one hip to the other.

"Well...This is my room. I teach third grade and I'm one of the main magical defence teachers. Since my power is deflection, after all." Kalista explained. "We spend the day on Mondays through Thursdays teaching regular school studies and the history of magic. Then on Fridays we teach the children how to use their powers and have magical fighting matches. But the magical battles we need parent permission first, of course. We encourage the children to use their powers. For example, if a child has telekinesis and they drop their pencil, we would rather them use their power to pick it up, instead of getting up to get it. We do have rules of course. No using powers or magic to disturb the class and we use spells to prevent the children from using powers that may help them cheat on a test or what not. We also have magical and non-magical P.E. After all, there are children with inactive powers and it would be unfair to place them in a class with children who can use active powers to help them win a game of say, kick ball." Kalista explained.

"Wow, I wish I would have went to a school like this." Phoebe said.

"Are all the teachers witches?" Piper asked.

"Yes and there are male and female teachers." Kalista answered.

"How long has this school been around?" Phoebe asked.

"Well, the coven has been around for a while now. Twenty years. But the school wasn't constructed until about five years ago. We thought our children needed more than just regular school which also included the risk of exposure." Kalista explained.

"Wow. This is really nice. How long are the school hours? Is it the same for all grades?" Paige asked.

"No. Kindergarten, as in regular school, is only half day. School starts at eight A.M. and ends at two P.M. A full six hours. Kindergarten in the morning is either eight A.M. to eleven A.M. or twelve P.M. to two P.M. Only three hours." Kalista answered.

"Sounds reasonable." Piper said. She looked down at Phiona. "What do you think, Phiona?" Piper asked.

"I think I should have a half day too." Phiona grumbled.

Piper laughed. "You had half days, two years ago." Piper said.

Phiona frowned.

"Well, can we look at the rest of the school?" Prue asked.

"Of course. Follow me." Kalista said, as she walked to the door.

Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige followed closely behind Kalista, with their daughters; as she walked down the hall.

"There are various water fountains throughout the halls and a few bathrooms. The playground is out back. It is blocked off from view, so there is less of an exposure risk. There are always a few teachers outside watching while the children play, in case of demonic attacks and what not." Kalista explained.

Paige's watch began to beep. "Oh, that's me." Paige said. She looked down at her watch, which said 7:50 A.M. "I have it go off at ten minutes before the hour." Paige said. She clicked the button and the watched stopped beeping.

Kalista smiled. "It's fine. Do you have anywhere to be?" Kalista asked.

"No. I have the club running fine without me, right now." Piper said.

"No photo shoots today. I took it off for the school tour." Prue added.

"Elise let me take off work for this, too." Phoebe added.

"Workless." Paige said, rolling her eyes.

"Well. We could have you fill out the papers and we could have the girls start here today." Kalista offered.

The Charmed Ones looked at each other and exchanged glances. Then they turned back to Kalista. "Okay!" The four sisters said in unison.

"Perfect. Then everything is set. I just need to know a few things before I can place them. Their ages and powers. The rest can be filled on the papers." Kalista said.

"There will only be three of them going to school right now." Piper said.

"Well...." Paige said, looking at Pearl. "Answer Ms. Green's question." Paige probed.

"I'm eight and I have the power to make exploding light balls." Pearl said.

"'Exploding light balls'?" Kalista asked.

"Do you have something you don't mind being destroyed?" Paige asked.

Kalista thought for a second and pulled a clean marble from her pocket. "Is this okay?" Kalista asked.

"Yep." Paige answered. "Marble." Paige called. In a small swirl of orbs, the orbs vanished from Kalista's hand and orbed into Paige's hand.

Kalista looked slightly shocked. "I've heard of your power, but I'm still shocked at actually seeing it." Kalista said.

Paige smiled. "Thanks, I think." Paige said. "Prue, if you will?" Paige asked, as she held up the marble.

"Sure." Prue answered, as she telekinetically lifted the marble into the air and held it there, with a wave of her hand.

"Show her." Paige said, addressing Pearl.

Pearl nodded and opened her hand. A bright, white ball of light appeared in Pearl's hand. She tossed it at the little marble; on impact, the marble exploded and the light vanished.

"Impressive! Especially at such a young age!" Kalista said. "I've never seen anything like it, before!" Kalista added.

"I wouldn't think so. Her powers are like mine, in the sense that they are half whitelighter and half witch powers. She gets the exploding power from her witch side. You see, Piper can explode things. Then she gets her white light balls from my whitelighter heritage. Then combine them and abracadabra, you have her power." Paige explained.

"She is a very special little girl, to have such an extremely powerful ability at only eight." Kalista said.

"Ha...She was using that power when I was pregnant with her." Paige said. "They are just more powerful now." Paige added.

"I see. Is her father a whitelighter?" Kalista asked.

"No, mortal. She is half mortal, one-fourth whitelighter, and one-fourth witch." Paige said.

"I see. Well, I think I know what class I'll place her in." Kalista said. Then she turned to Piper and Phiona. "And you?" Kalista asked, looking at Phiona.

"She is seven and has what we call, orb-telekinesis." Piper explained.

"Ah yes. You were the first witch to ever marry her whitelighter, Leo Wyatt, right?" Kalista asked.

"Mhmm." Piper confirmed.

"And what exactly is 'orb-telekinesis'? I mean, I know what telekinesis is and I know what telekinetic orbing is, but I've never heard of orb-telekinesis." Kalista said.

"It's like a mix of telekinetic orbing and telekinesis. Phiona, why don't you show Ms. Green?" Piper asked.

Phiona sighed and held out her hands. Little blue and white orbs shot from her palms and surrounded Kalista, then made her float into the air.

"Phiona!" Piper scolded. "Put her down!" Piper said.

Phiona took a step back and slowly floated Kalista to the ground, then the orbs vanished.

"I'm so sorry about that!" Piper apologized. "I didn't mean for her to pull that." Piper said.

Kalista laughed. "Oh, don't worry about it. So, she's a little trickster. I think I have the perfect class for her." Kalista said. Kalista then looked at Pam. "And what about you? Pamela, right?" Kalista asked.

"Pam." Pam corrected.

Kalista blushed. "Oh, I'm sorry. Pam, that's right." Kalista said.

"I'm five...And I can do...this!" Pam said, as she shimmered out and shimmered back in, behind Kalista. "Back here!" Pam called.

Kalista swirled around. "Shimmering? Isn't that a demonic power?" Kalista asked, as she turned back to Phoebe.

"Her father is half Turner, a.k.a, Balthezor." Phoebe answered.

Kalista looked slightly surprised. "I had wondered if the myth about a Charmed One and an upper level demon was true." Kalista said.

"It is and don't get the wrong idea. Cole has changed. He uses demonic powers, yes, but for good deeds." Phoebe explained. "Our daughter is also good. She has just the same amount of demon as witch in her. It evens everything out." Phoebe added.

Pam was skipping around the hall when she looked up to see an energy ball flying over her head, straight towards Kalista. Pam shimmered out and shimmered in, grabbing Kalista's hand, and shimmering out again. The energy ball went flying at Piper, now.

Piper raised her hands and flicked her wrists, freezing the energy ball in mid air.

Pam shimmered back in with Kalista. "Demon...at the end of the hall." Pam said.

Prue flicked her wrist and telekinetically sent the energy ball hurling back down the hall.

"Demon!" Paige yelled. In a swirl of orbs the demon at the end of the hall orbed out and orbed in, right in the energy ball's path.

The energy ball hit the demon and he burst into flames and was vanquished.

Kalista kneeled down next to Pam. "Thank you. You may have saved my life." Kalista said. "I'm so sorry I doubted you, because of your powers...and father." Kalista apologized.

Pam nodded. "It's okay....Lotsa peoples do it." Pam answered.

Suddenly there was a loud bell and children ran through the doors. Each child went running to their classroom.

"Must be eight. Follow me into the office and I'll explain what is going on." Kalista said, as she walked into the door a few feet away. She waited for a moment until everyone had come in behind her. "Andrea, we have some new students...The Charmed Ones' children..." Kalista said.

A woman with long, wavy dark red hair spun around. "The Charmed Ones' children?" The woman asked.

Piper waved. "Hi, yeah, our kids." Piper said.

The red haired woman gasped. "It's an honor to meet you. I'm Andrea Rice, the school Principle." Andrea said.

"Piper Halliwell Wyatt. My sisters Prue, Phoebe, and Paige. My daughter and nieces Phiona, Pearl, Pam, and Pandora." Piper introduced, pointing to each person.

"Pearl, Phiona, and Pam will be joining the school today. I request that Pearl be placed in my class, Phiona in Christine Shilo's class, and Pam in Robin Rain's class; morning I think." Kalista said.

Andrea nodded. "Will do. I'll show Phiona and Pam to their classes. I think it'd be okay if you take Pearl back with you." Andrea announced.

Kalista nodded. "Pearl? Would you come with me?" Kalista asked.

Pearl looked up at Paige for approval.

Paige nodded. "I'll be here at two sharp, I promise." Paige said, as hugged her daughter.

Pearl nodded. "I love you mom." Pearl said, as she followed Kalista ou the door.

"I love you too, baby!" Paige called, as the door was shutting.

Kalista walked down the hall and into her classroom. "Good morning class. We have a new student today." Kalista announced, as Pearl walked into the classroom.

All eyes fell onto Pearl and she blushed a little.

"This is Pearlinda Belland, Pearl for short." Kalista introduced.

"Hi.." Pearl said, shyly.

"We are very lucky to have Pearl in our class. She is the daughter of a very, very rare witch." Kalista said.

A little orange haired boy rolled his eyes. "Oh sure! She's probably like the daughter of a Charmed One or something!" The boy said, in an extremely sarcastic tone.

"Hey! Are you making fun of my mom and aunts?!" Pearl snapped.

The orange haired boy's eyes became wide for a second and then her rolled his eyes again. "You're lying! You aren't the daughter of a Charmed One and you probably have a whimpy power too!" The orange haired boy mocked.

Pearl's clenched her fist and then held up her hand, slowly opening it. A glowing ball of white light appeared in her hand.

"Oh, see, just a ball of light!" The orange haired boy mocked.

"Oh really!" Pearl said, in a sly tone. She hurled the ball of light at the chair that the boy was sitting in; on impact, the chair exploded, causing the boy to fall to the ground.

The boy gasped. "What the heck?!"

"Well, Marvin, are you happy now?" Kalista chuckled. "She is, in fact, the daughter of Paige Halliwell." Kalista said. "I'll give a piece of candy to the first person who can tell me who that is." Kalista said.

A little blonde boy's hand shot up.

"Steven?" Kalista asked.

"A Charmed One?" Steven answered.

"You need to be more specific." Kalista said.

A blonde girl raised her hand.

"Sharleen?" Kalista questioned.

"Paige Halliwell is the youngest of the four Charmed Ones. She is only a half sister and the first ever half witch half whitelighter. She wasn't raised with her sisters and wasn't discovered until the supposed death of the eldest Charmed One, Prudence Halliwell. Her adoptive parents were the Matthews and so she was known as Paige Matthews." Sharleen answered.

"Very, very, very well done! I'll give you two star bursts!" Kalista said. She walked over to her desk, pulled out two star bursts, and tossed them to Sharleen.

With lightning quick speed, Sharleen caught the star bursts in mid air.

Pearl looked at Marvin, who was still on the floor, and snickered. "And I advise you to not mess with me, insult my aunts or mother, and you better not mess with my cousins." Pearl warned.

Marvin stood up and glared at Pearl. "I don't care if you're a Charmed One's kid or not. You suck and don't threaten me!" Marvin hissed. He held out his hand and sent a puff of ice at Pearl.

Pearl spun out of the way. "My mom really hates it when boys bug me." Pearl said, as she glared at Marvin.

Kalista noticed the growing tension between the two children. "Pearl, why don't you go sit by Brandon." Kalista said, as she pointed to an empty seat by a little brown haired boy.

Pearl nodded and went to sit down by Brandon.

Brandon looked over and smiled. "Hi...I'm Brandon." Brandon said.

Pearl smiled back, feeling a little tingle in her stomach. "I'm Pearl." Pearl answered.

"So, you're mom is really Paige Halliwell?" Brandon asked.

"Yep!" Pearl answered.

"Can you do any whitelighter powers?" Brandon asked. "Like orbing or stuff?" Brandon asked.

"No..Well, yes, sort of. Ya know, harmless white light balls is a whitelighter power. But mine explode like my Aunt Piper's exploding power." Pearl said.

"That is so cool! Like, way cooler than my power." Brandon said.

"What's your power?" Pearl asked.

"Teleportation." Brandon answered.

"Hey, that sounds cool. I've always wished I could orb or teleport or something like my mom, cousin, or uncles." Pearl said.

"All of them can orb or teleport?" Brandon asked.

"No. My mom and Uncle Leo can orb, cause my mom is half whitelighter and my Uncle Leo is full whitelighter. Then my Uncle Cole is half demon, a.k.a Balthezor, so he can shimmer and my cousin Pam can shimmer too, 'cause she got it from Uncle Cole." Pearl explained.

"Whoa! One of your uncles is Balthezor?! He's the demon that betrayed The Source and turned good! That is wicked cool!" Brandon exclaimed. Without warning Brandon sneezed. "Oh...Sorry..." Brandon said, as his face turned slightly red.

Pearl laughed. "Bless you." Pearl said, as she pulled a clean tissue from her pocket and handed it to Brandon.


A/N: I also highly recommend 3 very wonderful fanfics. "Her Destiny" by LeoPiperAndyPrue, "A Charming Alias" by sweetsouthernbell07, and "Charmed, season 4" by Piper xox Leo. (In no specific order. I like them all equally.)