CBB's Note: Hey peoples. Don't read this if you don't like random stories. This is a random thing written like a play. Please note that I was hyper when I wrote this. Hope you other hyper people enjoy.

Disclaimer: In case you were wondering, I am not JKROWLING and unfortunately, I never will be. This plot is mine and was inspired by 'La Cucaracha' and Shoe Frogs Fly. I own the cockroach and the box of sugar cubes. Yes, I know. I am brilliant.


Random Stories forHyper People

Chapter One: Toothpaste

In Herbology, Ron sits bored, tweedling his toes.

Ron: 'I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts…'

Hermione: Ronald, would you please stop singing?!

Ron: I don't have anything better to do!

(Someone offstage): Oh no Ron!!! Look out!!!!

Ron jumps up quickly and screams like a little girl because he has just seen the most gruesome of all creatures…THE MEXICAN COCKROACH!


Strange Mexican cockroach wearing a bandana and heels: Haha! I've got you now! Muh-hahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

Off somewhere in the distance, 'La Cucaracha' begins to play menacingly.

Harry: Don't worry Ron, I'll save you!!! I love saving people from overly large cross-dressing menicing Mexican cockroaches!!!!!

Random box of sugar cubes: AHHH I'M MELTING!!!!!

Snape: Don't touch me, I'm sterile.

Cross-Dressing Evil Manic Cockroach: You've eaten your last lifesavor, buddy. You'll cry when I show you my… SPARKLING GRAPEFRUIT CAN!!!!!!

They all gasp in horror at the sight. Snape runs away singing 'My Little Pony' theme song.

McGonagall: What's going on here? She stops and gasps, clutching her heart. Not… THE SPARKLING GRAPEFRUIT CAN!!!!!

Ron: Look, I found a piece of gum.

Hermione: I am having a sudden craving for cookie dough.

Harry: I think my water just broke.

Cockroach who is evil: Don't you like my shiny sparkly gel shoes? I got them last night at 'Claire's.'

Back to the Grapefruit Can of evilnesses.

The Cockroach pops open the lid and laughs evily.

Cockroach with the grapefruit can: Heehee

He then pours the grapefruit juice onto the ground which burns a hole into it and falls to the next floor below burning Dumbledore who was taking a nice steamy bath.

Dumbledore: Ow.

Cockroach: Oops… I did it again!

Ron: Look, a piñata!!! Lets hit it with a sock!

Cockroach: That's not a piñata, that's my dog!!!!

The cockroach runs away.

Hermione: I like colgate toothpaste.

Hee hee. I honestly don't care if you review or not, because this was simply for fun. If you enjoyed it, however, please do, and let me know if you have read any good random ones lately. TTFN.


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