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Dr Jake Westman slowly stood up and walked a few steps to rest against the windowsill. His eyes turned outside for a moment, glinting behind their spectacles. A small grin lingered on his lips, as he thought of his last interaction with a patient a few minutes ago.

It didn't come as a real surprise when the door to his office clicked and soft footsteps echoed in the room. Westman didn't even feel the need to turn around- he already knew it was his best friend, Carl. The chubby doctor's grin widened even more at his friend's next words.

"So...I saw Marik Ishtar just a sec ago. He was with Bakura and looked completely sane to me...care to explain?" Carl asked, as he came to stand in his customary position beside his friend.

Westman turned to his friend "I guess a certain someone convinced me Bakura would truly help Marik find his sanity faster..."

Carl smiled knowingly, and somewhat smugly. "Now who could that be?"

Westman smiled back "I dunno. Who could that be, Carl?"

Carl snorted pointedly "Maybe it was the all-knowing, super psychic shrink you will never be!"

Westman sighed and shrugged "Whatever Carl...Whatever..."

Both men forgot their conversation as they watched two figures enter the institute garden, their walking pace slow and comfortable. One of the figures- the tall blonde one, had an electric guitar hanging from his shoulder in its case. As for the silver angel beside him...he had his pale hands shoved in his pockets, as usual.

"Just look at them, Carl...I don't think anyone is as lucky at them in our times..." the doctor commented somewhat wistfully.

Carl didn't speak, he just nodded. Both doctors sported gleeful expressions when they saw the boys outside laugh and the albino push his best friend playfully.

The chain reaction came, as Marik Ishtar dropped his guitar and pounced on Bakura, landing them both on the ground and rolling on the grass. The two doctors could see the boys' beaming faces even from the window they were behind.

But when Marik's glowing, bright face became a bit dazed, and when the Egyptian's eyelids drooped slightly with shrouded passion, the doctors chose it was better to close the curtains. They only got a glimpse of what was a heated kiss in a deserted garden, before they rushed to leave the lovers in their privacy.

"So...I was right then. You owe me. That was a case you couldn't have possibly solved on your own." Carl boasted.

Jake smirked "Look Carl, just because you made a correct assumption doesn't mean you can rant about it for a month, already..."

"Right, you just say that only coz your jealous..." came the answer full of certainty.

Jake decidedly rolled his eyes. "Yeah, whatever."

"So" probed Westman's friend, turning serious for once "Did he come for his weekly visit?"

Westman smiled "I believe it was his last visit, Carl. He doesn't need us any more..."

"Really? Do tell..." came the interested reply.

Westman smiled fondly "You should have seen him while he was speaking...So different...so enlightened...His eyes were different, kind of cloudy...And he is reticent, doesn't talk too much to anyone except Bakura. He told me of his true memories, and I realized he's back to sanity. He just seemed so...logical. Maybe Bakura was right...maybe I really never knew him except when he was insane...But now he looks so different- changed. It's like he's at peace with himself and the world around him- totally in sync with the environment...And permanently enraptured by Bakura, of course..."

A slow smile spread over Carl's lips as he watched his friend's excited speech. Slowly, Carl patted the other man's shoulder.

"Well, in that case, I think you know what to do, pal..."

And with these words, Carl sent a pointed glance to a single folder that rested on Westman's large desk.

"I'll leave you to your thoughts..." Carl left the meaningful statement linger, as he left his friend's presence at last.

Westman took the few, hesitant steps to his desktop. He took the file in his hands and slowly opened it. The picture of a familiar blonde boy greeted him at the top of the first page.

Doctor Responsible: Dr.J.Westman

Patient Full Name: Marik Ishtar

Current Residence: Fresno, California

Place of origin: Cairo, Egypt

Age: 20

Blood type: AB positive

Eye color: blue/amethyst

Hair color: blond

Father's Name: Sahre Ishtar Status: DISEASED

Mother's Name: Nalli Ishtar Status: DISEASED

Living relatives: sister- Isis Ishtar, guardian- Rishid Ishtar

Close Friends: Bakura (first name unknown)

Patient's Status: Formerly dangerous. Suffered from unknown underage abuse from his father. A case of mild schizophrenia combined with pseudo memory and hallucinations. He is to be kept away from all other patients, for he can be extremely unpredictable at times. Seems to be obsessed with an Egyptian king. Seems to develop a fugitive tense...

Westman skimmed through the rest of the medical report, comments and medication transcriptions filling the next pages. Finally, Westman came to his last comments.

Marik seems to have stabilized. His medication is progressing quite well. Maybe the help of an outside factor can improve his sociality, since his tenses have placated...

And then, even lower, at the end of the report.

We have great reasons to believe that this patient is – at least periodically- cured. Medication will continue at a normal rate, to keep hallucinations away. With much effort from his part, the patient can finally recover, since he now has his memory restored.

Signed, J.Westman

Westman grinned lazily, as he took hold of his favorite, red, ball-point pen.


"What would you do without me, Bakura? Would you even care if I was gone...? My father didn't even care...When he raped her..."


The doctor bent down and hovered over the long report, all the while a content smile gracing his features.


"...Mariku...If I lose you...I'm going to die...I will kill myself...with your favorite shaving razor..."


And then, Doctor Jake Westman brought his hand down, and wrote the final words, in striking, capital letters.



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